Pokemon Plushies

Although this year's Christmas is over and almost start of brand new year, I just want to post about these cute and adorable Pokemon plushies I've seen in the 'net. I wish I could have much plushies but they're pretty expensive. They're not really mine thou (even the images) but would you imagine you have these set of Pokemon toys like these? It would be really fascinating to "Gotta collect them all!" instead of "Gotta catch them all!".

All Pokemon plushies ranging from Kanto to Sinnoh Pokemon species. They're available in toy stores near in the shopping malls everywhere I tell you.

Below, you can see a quick guide in Pokemon plushies like this page. It's in Japanese language.

Source: eBay, http://www.pokemonfigure.blogspot.com , http://www.entertainmentearth.com/, http://www.kidsfunreviewed.com/


Anak TV Seal Awards 2008 Winners / 1st Nickelodeon KCA Philippines 2008 (late)

Anak TV Seal Awards Winners 2008

The Anak TV Seal is given every year by the Southeast Asian Foundation for Children and Television and is given to kid-friendly TV programs and personalities who are considered to be good influence on children.

Here are the winners:

Most Admired Female TV Personalities:

Korina Sanchez
Sharon Cuneta
Angel Locsin
Sarah Geronimo
Karen Davila
Christine Bersola-Babao
Bernadette Sembrano
Toni Gonzaga
Judy Ann Santos
KC Concepcion
Anne Curtis
Kim Chiu
Jessica Soho
Mel Tiangco
Vicky Morales

Most Admired Male TV Personalities:

Julius Babao
Piolo Pascual
Edu Manzano
John Lloyd Cruz
Ted Failon
Gary Valenciano
Kim Atienza
Aga Muhlach
Cesar Montano
Gerald Anderson
Mike Enriquez
Arnold Clavio
Richard Gomez
Robin Padilla

Programs awarded with the 2008 Anak TV Seal

Busog Lusog
Cedie, Ang Munting Prinsipe
Julio at Julia
Kabuhayang Swak na Swak
Maayong Buntag Kapamilya
Northern Catch
Pilipinas, Game Ka Na Ba
Rated K
Salamat, Dok
Swiss Family Robinsons
5 1/2
28th National Quiz Bee
Y Speak
Art Angel
Batang Bibo
Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho
Kay Susan Tayo
Wish Ko Lang
Lovely Day
Ang Pinaka
Kids on Q
Go Negosyo
Planet’s Funniest Animals
Make Way for Noddy
Little Pony

Most Well-Liked TV Programs

TV Patrol World
Pilipinas Game KNB?
Rated K
MMK Ang Tahanan Mo
Umagang Kay Ganda
24 Oras
Art Angel
Wish Ko Lang

source: Mukamo Philippines - Filipino Community


Winners of 1st Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards Philippines

The winners of the 2008 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards (KCA) Philippines were announced Saturday night at the Aliw Theater in Pasay City.

Dingdong Dantes bested Piolo Pascual and Richard Gutierrez in the Favorite Actor category while Kim Chiu emerged as the kids’ favorite actress among Angel Locsin, Marian Rivera, Iza Calzado and Sarah Geronimo.

“Marimar” was the kids’ favorite television show, beating “Bubble Gang,” “Goin’ Bulilit,” “The Singing Bee” and “Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan.”

KC Concepcion, meanwhile, won the Pinoy Wannabe 2008 category. Other nominees were Charice, Lea Salonga, Marc Nelson and Vhong Navarro.

KCA Philippines was hosted by comedian and television host Michael V.

The complete list of nominees and winners of the 1st Kids Choice Awards:

Pinoy Wannabe 2008 - KC Concepcion
Other nominees:
Charice Pempengco
Lea Salonga
Marc Nelson
Vhong Navarro

Favorite Actor - Dingdong Dantes
Other nominees:
Gerald Anderson
John Lloyd Cruz
Piolo Pascual
Richard Gutierrez

Favorite Actress
- Kim Chiu
Other nominees:
Angel Locsin
Iza Calzado
Marian Rivera
Sarah Geronimo

Favorite Musical Act
- Christian Bautista
Other nominees:
Gary Valenciano
Parokya ni Edgar
Yeng Constantino

Favorite TV Show - Marimar
Other nominees:
Bubble Gang
Goin’ Bulilit
The Singing Bee
Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan

Favorite Cartoon Show - SpongeBob SquarePants
Other nominees:
Avatar, The Legend of Aang
Ben 10
Dora The Explorer
Tom & Jerry

Favorite Athlete - Chris Tiu
Other nominees:
Miguel Molina
Efren Bata Reyes
Japoy Lizardo
Manny Pacquiao

The Big Green Help Award – Ms. Chin Chin Gutierez

source: www.starmometer.com


Merry Christmas!

I just wanna say "Merry Christmas" and "Happy Holidays" to all!
For Filipinos, "Maligayang Pasko sa inyong lahat!" :)

Naruto © Musashi Kishimoto and Shueisha


Networks In The Philippines - Part 6

Another continuing bump in the last part of Networks In The Philippines segment...I may not know other small networks so I'm trying to figure out their distributions and their progress.

Before TV5, it was known as the Association Broadcasting Company or ABC back in 1960. A fine and well-made success had improved of the station since 1994. ABC was known to show many local programs, foreign shows and cartoons. One of the success in that station was the popular Sailor Moon franchise which ran about late 90's to 2002. Then in 1996, Wow Mali was created and it is still considered as the longest running comedy show in the Philippines including it's successors and alternate versions: Wow Maling Mali (2003), Wow Mali Bytes (2005) and Wow Mali Express (2008). In 2003, ABC made it's renovation including the broadcast of Philippine Basketball Association or PBA and WWE.

In August 2008, the name ABC was changed into TV5. The changed was showed by it's final sign-off featuring previous local programs that ABC succeed. After the sign-off, a timer countdown was showed until TV5 was launched one day later. A lot of fresh and new programs are shown in this station. TV5 operates 24 hours a day provided with the music-video show All Hot Music.

At first I wonder myself when it comes to available children's shows, I jump into TV5 first. Well for one thing, TV5 put up many schedules mostly for children and teens. Some shows from Nick on TV5 (previously Nick on ABC), and new anime shows success them. Not only for children, many new-local programs are also available too like Lokomoko (formerly Wow Mali), Ogags, Shock Attack, etc. At the early months since the launch of the new station, TV5 became the third station to received higher ratings from the AGB Nielsen survey. TV5 turned into good-start moment in televisions today.

Launched in February 1999, Net-25 is owned by Eagle Broadcasting Network which contains local and foreign programs though not as much as Studio 23 or QTV have. That network is best known for for having detailed coverage of EDSA III and receive seven Anak TV Seal Awards in 2002. It also air shows about information technology like Conevrgence which considred as the number one I.T. show in the Philippines.

Net-25 also aired few television programs for children mostly from PBS like Zooboomafoo, Between the Lions and Lil' Horrors. They also aired Cyber Dodo which is the 5-minute animated show that features a "dodo" as a main character and promotes how to save the environment from extinction. Currently, the network aired a children's show made from Japan which airs every Saturday mornings.

(reads the article in Wikipedia)
It doesn't really mean that there is no children's programming there. UNTV 37 is a 24-hour operating network that provides shows for public service like Checkpoint and D'X-Man. I guess Ang Dating Daan returns it's company which made UNTV 37 into a top-notch show. There is only one religion show (and current) that fits for children, The KNC Show or "Kawad ng Cordero".

This network was dedicated and operated by the college and university students back in 2006. UniversiTV was first started as a free-network. There are few good shows that air which the hosts are the students like the Chopsuey segments, Kabataan News Network, U-Turn and others. In April 2008, UniversiTV moved as a cable TV network. No wonder why they decided to turn the network in cable TV, then?

ACQ-Kingdom Broadcasting Network
It is a channel mostly promote religious programs via broadcast, satellite or cable. ACQ is under the name "Sonshine Media Network International". Since it's released in year 2003, ACQ produced religion-theme programs under the supervision of Kingdoms Programs which includes Tagalog and English. Like in UNTV 37 there are also religion-theme children's programs like Batang Kaharian and the special program Christmas from the Heart.

I guess that's all. If I have any networks that I never wrap here you can search others in Wikipedia. In the meantime, airing foreign or local children shows seems to be minimized or shown for the sake of the ratings. But then, they really progress the prime time or scheduled block for showing children and teen programs. There are lot of network stations which usually lined-up a lot of cartoons like Cartoon Network, Disney and Nickelodeon. By observing and remembering the year's progress, it's like in the blink of the eye there's a part of something to be watch and later turned ourselves into nostalgic.


Christmas-Special Cartoons to Watch

Feeling plump and excited this Christmas? For me, not but these cartoons would at least feel what's in the jolly side this season. I've seen a lot of cartoons which contains Christmas-theme specials and these samples can be a good recommendation.

A Charlie Brown Christmas
'Tis the season to be jolly, but Charlie Brown, feeling that the Christmas message is lost amid all the seasonal glitter, has the blues. The scraggly tree that thrives on a "little love" and a timely assist by Linus make the message of the season come shining through.

Kim Possible: A Very Possible Christmas
The biggest events near the end of the year - let's see if Kim & Ron can enjoy the Christmas day peacefully ? Well, not at all, but hey, since December 25th is for everyone, even the villains, so...

Dr. Seuss How the Grinch Stole Christmas?
Not to be confused with the movie version. How the Grinch Stole Christmas was created under the supervision of Looney Tunes cartoons and the director Chuck Jones back in 1966.

Well, I guess that would be all then. You can also search Cartoon-special cartoons in Youtube for more. Advanced Happy Holidays everyone!


Bakugan Battle Brawlers

"Bakugan brawl!"

Here's something that you want to give or receive this Christmas. Bakugan Battle Brawlers are in the core-hit strategy game this time aside from TCG collectibles like Yu-Gi-Oh! and Duel Masters. Bakugan Battle Brawlers is not a TCG though but it uses magnetic cards and miniature ball figures called "Bakugan".

I don't know much about the game but the anime shows how. Bakugan Battle Brawlers is another anime show produced bt TMS Entertainment and released in 2007. In the anime version, the story of Bakugan Battle Brawlers tells about the monsters who are called "Bakugan" and the masters who wield them. Daniel Kuso (or nicknamed "Dan") is a typical 12-year old boy who dreams to become the master of Bakugan Brawlers. Together with his friends like Runo, Marucho and Shun they must face the fate from the Vestorians by playing Bakugan and save the world.

This current franchise seems to be hit. Sometimes when I went to the market, I saw some spring-loaded Bakugan figures in different sizes from small to large but the original ones are small that fits in the palm of a hand. The players are up to 6.The objective of the game is to capture three of the opponent's gate cards or defeat his/her Bakugan. Sega Toys and Spin Master released the game in 2007 along with the anime version to support the franchise. Buying Bakugan figures are quite expensive especially rare ones but it'll be better to buy a big box of starter sets. At the start when you try the game, it really much complicated at first but with a lot of strategic experiences (and collecting cool figures), you'll see how monsters summoned by popping on their shells like they're real.


Azumanga Daioh

What would friends for without crazy moments?....I suppose this anime could do reasons to make you laugh. Azumanga Daioh is a manga that was created by Kiyohiko Azuma. Judging from the title of the manga, the creator's surname "Azuma" was used and combined it with the word "manga".While the word "Daioh" was named after the the original publisher of the manga, Dengeki Daioh or the word "king" I suppose. The manga was originally published between 1998 to 2001 then turned out as anime in the year 2002.

The story of Azumanga Daioh is all about high school life in Tokyo. A mix of trials and triumphs features six high school girls with their own personality. The youngest girl in the class, Chiyo Minama or Chiyo was considered very cute among the rest of the girls because of being short. Surprisingly enough in the early episodes, Chiyo is an intelligent girl passing to high school from fifth grade. She is also a rich girl that some other girls targeted Chiyo being jealous because of her intelligence and cuteness (you can describe her cuteness because of her ponytails). Tomo Takino, is surely energetic and competitive girl who likes sports and athletics. Unfortunately, because of being an energetic classmate some of the classmates thought Tomo is unpredictable and a slacker. Koyomi Mizuhara on the other hand, is a serious and most-matured among girls despite of telling advice to her friends. Sometimes, she can be a stubborn gal especially when Tomo annoys her. Like Chiyo, Koyomi is also an intelligent girl but only second to Chiyo. Sakaki, is a soft-spoken girl who likes cats. She is also naturally talented in athletics but she doesn't have interest of it. Kagura, is the athletic in swimming competitions. Last one is Ayumu Kasugu, or known as "Osaka" because she is a transfer student from Osaka. Tomo is the first person who called Ayumu "Osaka" is because of Ayumu's behavior is similar to the "Osakans". She is absentminded or daydreaming girl but she's good when it comes to riddles.

Those six girls are merely friends with their different personality. Every episodes contain a lot of witty and funny scenes. It really brought out what life means in Japanese high school. Another thing was, Azumanga Daioh is a good show to watch because not only it contains humor, but it also gives charm and very represented stories. It's a recommended anime to watch if you want the female protagonists being free from strange monster-battles or being abducted with too much boys. First stop, watch the anime's opening theme here.


Ben 10

Wasn't bit tense? Well now who's here in this latest installment from Cartoon Network-Ben 10. Ben 10 was created by "Man of Action" (a group of it's creators). Ben 10 might be a smashing hit for the televiewers with this action and adventure series. This tells about a 10-year old boy named Benjamin Tennyson or called "Ben" who was possesed alien powers from finding a mysterious gear known as "Omnitrix". As the new owner of the Onmitrix, he's able to transform into 10 different aliens at the start only temporarily in order to defeat extraterrestrials and criminals. Of course, his camping trip together with his cousin Gwen and his grandfather Max Tennyson helps explore different places from far away.

In the first episode, Ben found out a mysterious device on the ground and it suddenly attatched to Ben's right arm. No matter he tried, he still can't get rid of Ominitrix. So he tells to Gwen and Max about his incident rather keeping it as a secret. Since then, even though Ben has Ominitrix stuck in his arm he possesed powers from the Ominitrix' DNA. There are 10 aliens inside the Ominitrix - Diamondhead, Fourams, Ghostfreak, Grey Matter, Heat Blast, Ripjaws, Stinkfly, Upgrade, Wild Mutt and XLR8. I don't know if Ben invanted his alien's names but whatever names the alien have seems to be cool. Each of the aliens come from the DNA of the original aliens from different planets.

In the Season 1, Ben encountered a powerful alien named Vilgax who wants the Omnitrix and conquer the whole galaxy. With Ben's strategy together with his cousin and grandfather Ben defeated Vilgax. At the end, Max told Ben that he need to grown-up as taking the responsibility as Ben 10. Then in Season 2, Ben has new rival named Kevin. Kevin has also possesed powers as Ben but only he has 11 aliens. Kevin called himself as Kevin 11. Something is happening when one of Ben's aliens had escaped from the Ominitrix-Ghostfreak. Ghostfreak tried to control Ben's body but unfortunately, he was fried in the sunlight. In the season 3, Ben unlocks few new aliens. Then.... aw heck, I had to explain spoilers all of the sudden? By the way, here's the opening theme of the original series.

Ben 10 gives a lot of great and extraterrestrial characters and also the stories in each episodes. It really gained demand ratings from the young viewers and adults.Ben 10 contains a lot of action and also cool aliens. It also hit in merchandises like video games and action figures. Then last year with it's sucessful moment, Ben 10 made into it's live action called "Ben 10: Race Againsts Time" and later a current sequel entitled "Ben 10: Alien Force". In the sequel, Ben is now 15-years old and developed maturely compared five years ago. Also, Ben unlocks many aliens more than ten from his experiences.


Rocko's Modern Life

It's very lucky to see a classic Nicktoon like Rocko's Modern Life. Premiered in 1993, Rocko's Modern Life is the fourth Nicktoon that air on Nickelodeon and created by Joe Murray. The show tells about the anthropomorphic wallaby named Rocko and his life around O-Town. Rocko's life does go into different situations and mishaps in living in the modern life in a cartoon way.

The plot centers or follows the life of Rocko from Australia and moved to America after graduated in high school. Together with his pet dog named Spunky, Rocko encounters different situations and various problems along the way. What else the solution without his big best friend Heffer Wolfe the cow and other characters who are Rocko's neighbors like Mr. and Mrs. Bighead, Filburt the turtle and others.

I started watch this series since few months ago in TV5 and I notice something about this show. The drawing style seems to be bent but with a feel too. There are also many parallel lines in building designs and also it's environment. According to the staff especially Joe Murray, they did those designs including the characters because it shows it's "twisted version in real life" in portraying the modern life in many people. As living in the fictional city in O-Town, Rocko is related to a person who lives in the city and also who encountered different problems around him. What really surprises me that each of their episodes there are some few adult-themes were present such as sexual innuendos, social commentaries and others that I could not explain. I guess the writers during those years of producing that cartoon were allowed to do them unlike today's Nicktoons. Maybe it was really intended for entertaining children and even adults who later enjoyed the show. Rocko's Modern Life maybe still reair on Nickelodeon Network but unlike before, some episodes we're re-edited just for the sake of the viewers. I've seen some character designs that portray gross humor but it shows to be funny. Some episodes like "Love Spanked" showed to be proven that Rocko is single that ended up with Heffer as his love partner in a game show. I thought it messages something wrong about that episode though but ended up to be a funny one. Another one is this video in Youtube which explains well... a message you will find out if you watch that one. In the old days,Nickelodeon allowed to show scenes that are potty or gross but later continued it's tradition to Ren and Stimpy which was another old Nicktoon.

I've been searching in the internet for Rocko's Modern Life fan sites or any fandom stuff like this one here and until there is a fansite dedicated to Joe Murray here. I guess many people probably quite or still recognize that classic Nicktoon show until Youtube suddenly showed up it's old clips. You can hear the old opening theme song here. As of this year, Rocko's Modern Life was chosen to set and release in DVD's in Amazon. com entitled "The Best of Rocko's Modern Life" which it has two DVD volumes available. Rocko's Modern Life is an awesome cartoon from Nickelodeon show, that is.


Networks In The Philippines - Part 5

I still wrap up and continue the "Networks in the Philippines" segment. The three previous posts I've posted was intentionally to think about the other local channels. It's not easy to discuss them simultaneously but it seems I'll have to rant about them this time.

Q (Quality Television Network)
Launched in late 2005, like in the previous post I've discussed Q replaced by ZOE-TV under the agreement of two key personnels from GMA Network and ZOE-TV. Q became the current sister channel of GMA Network much like ABS-CBN's sister channel Studio 23. At the first early years of the network, Q was first called QTV or Quality Television Network and originally intended to show programs mostly for women. In their later years, that network is now available for general viewers. Then last year, QTV later changed into Q for some sort of reasons.

Q is best known for showing lifestyle and foreign-produced programs. Of course, shows for children are intended to. There is a current block called "Funbox" where Q shows cartoons every weekday and weekend mornings. They show some good children's programs from their own like Care Bears, Tom and Jerry Kids, Prince Mackaroo, and Poochini. Some shows like Make Way for Noddy, Cardcaptor Sakura, Battle B-Daman, Dragon Tales and Anne and Green Gables are all borrowed from GMA Network. They also got good programming schedules in the weekend afternoons and evenings. I've relly enjoyed the anime shows they aired like Hakugei: The Legend of Moby Dick (I've posted a review about that). Whatever does Q have, at least they got good shows as Q means "quality".

Studio 23
There's something really enjoying about this network. Studio 23 launched around 1996 as ABS-CBN's sister channel. Studio 23 notch the great shows for everyone including young adults because of their imported and new episodes from North American shows and English programming like Oprah and Charmed. Not only they air English-language programs, they also air Filipino-demographic shows. In the later years, Studio 23 also targeted shows for teenagers like the Pinoy Dream Academy and Pinoy Big Brother. Sports events like UAAP and NCAA really targeted among high school and college students. Studio 23 is also the home of other ABS-CBN cable channels like Myx.

Judging from their cartoon and anime shows they air, like in Q they also borrowed shows from ABS-CBN mostly anime like Samurai X and Yu-Gi-Oh. They also aired good classic shows like Superman: The Animated Series and the 1987 version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Studio 23 was also known to air the Pinoy-anime series Barkada Trip. Well, at least that's the station I catch up anime shows unlike when they're in ABS-CBN before.


A Kim Possible Stuff

It's just a wallpaper I got from toon-wallpapers.com. Man, I really like this Kim Possible wallpaper. (from left to right) Rufus, Wade, Kim, and Ron made a peace sign. Maybe it symbolizes no more criminal habits all over the world. It's really funny and adorable to see those four main characters much. Oh yeah, yesterday I felt like I went to Kim Possible fandom again after watching few episodes from season 2 to season 4 (I already watch season 1 before). Should any local networks air Kim Possible episodes again here? I watch few of those in ABS-CBN every weekday mornings around 2 years ago but they got only one season. There's a bunch of Kim Possible episodes on Youtube available this time but since our headphone's here is broken, it makes me fuzz watching those on silent mode. At least there's something surprise in season four.


Me Bought A Funny Komiks Issue!

Funny Komiks Blg. 1407

I just bought the latest issue of Funny Komiks since last Friday. I saw this issue in a newspaper stand somewhere in Cainta and I decided to buy this one. It's in issue #1407 and the last time I read old Funny Komiks issue was when I was in first year high school. Funny Komiks still use their traditional ink-coloring like in their past issues but it's very cool to see something entertaining stuff for kids and kids-at-heart like me. I caught the picture with my digital camera because I don't have computer scanner. Guess what, one of the classic Funny Komiks characters return in this issue-Superdog!

I don't know if I'll have to start collecting new Funny Komiks but a one issue wouldn't mind. It's not really embarrassing for an adult or a teenager to buy comics that seems fit only for kids like FK but as long as the reader appreciate the drawings. Maybe I'll have to buy more as long as their comics are interesting to read.


Monster Allergy

Are you a person who thinks getting hallucinations by seeing monsters around you? If you are, you and a young boy in that picture have in common. Monster Allergy proves to be another adventures by dealing other monsters. Monster Allergy is based on a comic book series created by Disney Italy (same does as W.I.T.C.H.) around year 2003. Then around 2006, it's series turned out to be animated series produced and directed by Iginio Straffiti under Rainbow S.p.A Productions, and ironically the creator of Winx Club.

The story of this series started when a young girl named Elena Potato moved to Old Mill Village together with her family. There, he met a young boy named Ezekiel Zick or"Zick" as his nickname who later showed that he possessed powers by controlling monsters. Unfortunately, Zick suffers from all sorts of allergies which it also helps seeing the monsters around. Together as best friends, they embark different sorts of adventures which deals the secret of the world of monsters, which they usually overcome them. They are aided by a cat named Timothy-Moth, Zick's cat,"tutor" and the guardian of imprisoned monsters who has unusual powers and ability to speak human language.

I swear I really miss this series despite that I never complete it's collection. The comic book series was released in September 2004 here in the Philippines by the Summit Media. It's issues contain great storyline and art created by some artists and writers from W.I.T.C.H. . What cool about it's comic series is that they have a guide about the world of monsters known as "Monster Tamer's Manual" and "Monster Keeper's Manual" which included every issue. Unfortunately, they stop publishing at #14. I didn't complete or buy it's past issues but instead, I donate my incomplete collection for my English project when I was in high school around early 2006. Few months later after that, while checking some random stuff in the internet I decided to search Monster Allergy until I found out that there was animated series about it. It really surprises me that they produced it for TV's. It bummed me later on that I won't be able to watch that animated because it only air in cable's only. Around 2007, Disney Channel Asia announced that Monster Allergy will premiere in the Philippines. Although I got nostalgic about the comic series, it's fine for me never to watch that because I've seen few episodes on Monster Allergy in Youtube but they got rid of it later on.

I was saying about the animated series not only the storyline much follows it comic series, it also emphasizes the look and design of the characters much like in their comic counterparts. You picture different monsters in the way through the Detention Oasis, Bibur-si through the world of evil monsters. Speaking of monsters, there are good and bad monsters that are invisible. Good monsters in the series like the bumbling Bombos, energetic Snyakutz and other monsters I couldn't remember. Bad or evil monsters like the Black Phantoms and Magnacats are the examples. There's a lot of mystery inside the world of Monster Allergy, including Zick's heritage and his own destiny to become a "Tamer". In the comics and animated series, "Tamers" are actually humans gifted with special powers to control and trap monsters with the use of canisters known as "Taming Box" and their Dom powers (gestures). Tamers aren't much consider as monsters however. Zick together with Elena expected more of their adventures to investigate the relation between monsters and humans. I don't know how many episodes that Monster Allergy produce but they got an opening theme in a different language. Even this series got their official site but it seems to be still under construction for one and a half years. Merchandises of it's series would be hit too like getting their official Monster Allergy TCG. Aside from their official site and stuff, fans made a dedication to it's comic and animated series called "The Unofficial Monster Allergy Forum". With it's good series, Monster Allergy really shows it's really, let's say "fantastically addicting" to watch. Getting ready to deal with monsters now....

Luckily, some staff from Monster Allergy show their original artworks and few strips on DeviantArt as a part of Italian artists project. You can view samples here, here, and here.


Networks In The Philippines - Part 4

I'll still wrap up and short summarize some of the networks that are still active here in the Philippines. The other minor and major networks will be discussed in the next entry.

RPN 9-
Launched in 1960, before RPN the network was originally called Kanlaon Braodcasting Network after the name of a volcano located in Negros. It later changes into Radio Philippine Network in 1975 with it's official red logo that still use today. In that network, there are plenty of good cartoons during those times. Also,RPN 9 became the first Philippine network station to introduce anime including Macross, Astroboy and Voltron. In that network were first introduced Dragon Ball series before GMA Network and IBC 13. There are also cartoons from the US that aired such as Defenders of the Earth, Popeye, and Garfield & Friends. Although not exactly for what I remember then but it got lot's of cartoons and anime for the weekend block. Around 2003, I watched cartoons from Nickelodeon in that station such as Spongebob Squarepants, Invader Zim, Hey Arnold! and As Told By Ginger which aired until around 2005. Then around 2006 to 2007, RPN 9 aired cartoons from Cartoon Network like Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Ben 10, Puffy AmiYumi, etc. But as of present time the name of RPN changed into C/S 9 which airs reality shows from US and sports events. They don't air shows for children then. : (

SBN 21-
It seems they only or never show any programs for children. Southern Broadcasting Network may be provide any reasonable excuse for not airing children show's. I don't know if my thoughts about here is true but I remembered there is a cartoon in that channel and that is Sonic Adventures aired around 90's. As of 2008, SBN has been partnership with Solar Entertainment Network for incorporating the channel ETC Entertainment Central. At least they air good teen shows like Friends and One Tree Hill.

NBN 4-
I've never notice any animation nor anime shows in that channel but rather educational shows. NBN 4 was first called GTV Network from 1974-1979 but the later changed into PTV 4 after the following the People Power Revolution in 1986. In 2001, the network later changed into National Broadcasting Network and for showing new programs on that station. They are also known to broadcast sports events. Although, I've never seen any cartoon or anime shows in that station I became fascinated to that network when they aired Eskwela ng Bayan series. The top-notch children shows they aired was Batibot before moving to other netwrok.

RJTV 29-
Known as Rajah Broadcasting Network Inc..During the 90's, I've seen good children's programs in that station especially classics like Felix the Cat,Betty Boop and Mighty Mouse. Also, I saw good cartoon shows out there like Dinosaucers, Madelline and Biker Mice from Mars. I don't know what's the the status now of that station. Probably they turn in with 2nd Avenue channel.

ZOE Broadcasting Network-
Launched in 1998, ZOE Broadcasting Network or Zoe TV was used to air a lot of religious programs and they're in channel 11 before GMA Network's sister channel Q. In the old days, I've seen few shows for children mostly the theme's about religion like Colby's Club House, Kids Againsts Crime, Psalty the Bible Show, and Kids on the Move. The network also showed anime programs that have religion themes like Superbook and Flying House. As of now, ZOE Tv move to channel 33 and currently active with their religious programs.

Networks In The Philippines - Part 3

IBC 13-
Premiered in Febuary 1,1975 IBC 13 or Intercontinental Broadcasting Network 13 would probably tell how much changes the network made. In this present time, I've never seen any children's programming stuff around that network but by looking the history of that network here, it has up's and down's in history of their improvement. IBC 13 was known also to get good shows on TV since 80's and during those times they are the one's who got higher ratings than the rest of the networks. During the year 1988 to 1993, IBC 13 started to lose the support from advertisers because of the network's problems but the shows they aired were remain still. In 1994, IBC reached it's demanded ratings because of their new shows in the past. Also during those times, a lot of good shows aired including anime, cartoons, and tokukatsu shows. Those were IBC 13's glory days. I still reach that time although I have a little broad mind about them. I've seen a lot of good cartoons especially anime like Ghost Fighter and Super Pig. They also show tokukatsu shows that were merely popular like Bioman, Maskman, and Turboranger. IBC 13 continued to improve ratings until about 2003. The network show last few children's programming such as Y2K: Yes to Kids and Retro TV. The last anime shows I've seen was Cyborg Kurochan and Crayon Shin-chan that aired every weekday evenings back in the year 2002.

Like I said, there are changes in that station. For now, I've seen only few entertaining stuff about that network because they neither show children's shows nor getting reruns unlike GMA and ABS-CBN did. They seem just show shows for adults. At least, reruns of Japan Video Topics entertain me.


Networks In The Philippines - Part 2

ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation-
Launched in June 13 1946, this channel proves to be the first channel in Asia and also one of the top-rating channels in the Philippines. The term ABS-CBN literally means Alto Broadcasting System-Chronicle Broadcasting Network. This channel had a lot of programming shows for all audience and got it's long improvement dates since during the Martial Law area. In the old days of ABS-CBN, there were lot of shows that became popular and turns out in other networks such as Eat Bulaga! and Mel & Jay. Since then, the network produced a lot of shows and receive positive impacts among the viewers.

But enough from the history, instead about the network's children's programming. I considered ABS-CBN had a better teen and children shows in the past even today. They released anime shows for the weekend morning and afternoon schedules since early 80's and 90's like the classic Akazaukin Chaha, BTX, InuYasha, Magic Knight Rayearth OVA, and among others. ABS-CBN offered a lot of children shows such as Bananas In Pajamas, Maggie and the Ferocious Beast, Madelline and others. During the 90's, there are few live-action shows that aired every Friday evenings like Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog. I wouldn't exactly tell how much I'm impressed about the network's performance before.It's just that they have a philosophy that "children has more population than adults". ABS-CBN offered a lot of local educational shows like Bayani, Sineskwela, Epol Apple ,etc. Those educational shows reached into the network's another terrestrial channel E-TV and Knowledge Channel. The expansion of the network comes with it's sister channel called Studio 23 launched in the year 1996.

In their 50th anniversary back in the year 2003, ABS-CBN launched the current slogan called "The Kapamilya Network" or simply called "Kapamilya". In that anniversary, the network showed the classic shows that made them success especially classic teledrama series. Also at the same year, a lot of viewers became fascinated to the phenomenal hit Taiwanese drama "Meteor Garden" which helps ABS-CBN gain higher ratings. Since then, dramas in Asia such as from Taiwan and Korea are used to span viewer's attention. Although many viewers watch their favorite new and classic shows which seems fresh, many of them though it was the start of competition against the network's rival, GMA Network. I can't really explain about the competition between two networks because I'm a viewer and a viewer only make constructive criticisms.

As of now, ABS-CBN airs anime cartoon and anime shows in the weekday and weekend mornings left. They also promote the afternoon schedule for anime programming but not the same as before. Just like in GMA, ABS-CBN showed it also jumped the shark. At least, the network shows better programs like before in order to get the viewers serving.

Networks In The Philippines - Part 1

I admit I can also say about the networks are available in the Philippines today. Just as I thought aside reviews from cartoon shows and anime. While living here in the Philippines, these days I watch TV for some time now not always because I'm very busy in my college studies. But I still have at least few good knowledge about the networks. I rather focus about the animation than the local programs in discussing each networks.

While getting back drops about the children's programs and teen shows air today, I'm not really informed when it comes to big channels especially networks that operate in cables. I would admit I don't have any cables or satellite dishes but I still know at least few channels out there from magazines and commercials.I even have an entry here discussed about anime shows in the past but I rather decide to discuss more about them including cartoons. If you want broad and more information about the network channels, you can search them in Wikipedia.So, I'll try to discuss about the networks in the Philippines as much as I remember.

GMA Network-
Formally known as Global Media Arts or GMA. Launched in March 1,1950, GMA is one of the highest rating networks in the Philippines today ever since late 90's. During the past years, GMA pinched up a lot schedules for animated programs and anime. Compare today, GMA seems that cartoon shows and anime mostly fit in the weekends only. GMA has a lot of good cartoon shows borrowed from Disney Channel in the late 90's such as Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers, Mighty Ducks, Aladdin, Recess, Timon and Pumba, etc. and all aired in Saturday mornings. The network also aired cartoons shows from Cartoon Network such as Powerpuff Girls and Johnny Bravo after the defunct of airing Disney Channel cartoons from the year 2001 to 2002.

GMA offered a lot of teen and children's programming than the rest of other networks. Sure, they offered a mix of American-produced cartoons in the past but the network became popular when they aired anime shows in evenings and afternoons back then. I'm not really sure when exactly the year the anime for evening block started but I rest assured they made a block for them. Back in the year 2000, GMA made a primetime schedule for airing anime shows in the evening that became popular such as Hunter x Hunter,Ghost Fighter, Lupin III,Voltes V,Daimos and others. I think the schedule began for about 7:00 'till 9:00 PM which you can probably tell the network believe the children's population gained more than the adults in the country. Not only evenings but they also aired anime shows in the afternoons in the past. Good examples are Slamdunk,One Piece,Bleach,etc.

In the past,GMA Network is the first channel I learned about anime. With it's good logo with the rainbow called the Rainbow Network and the "Where you belong!" slogan, it's pretty ironic that the network gained demand ratings. I still remember my childhood days that after answering my school assignment I sit on our old family couch, get the remote control, wait and watch anime shows in the afternoons until evenings. There are also a lot of previous shows that you can remember by looking at the Wikipedia article about GMA old shows.

While many children's programming fits in the network in the past, today they seem only lined up in weekend mornings. Probably believe that many kids are not in school during Saturdays. Yes, I even notice that there are a lot of changes today. The evening schedules of anime got cut-off when the GMA Telebabad shows and Asianovelas rise it's popularity. At the same time, GMA Network got it's new logo and the new slogan "Kapuso, Anumang Kulay ng Buhay". The term Kapuso was used during the time the new logo showed even today. Even fans and people are called "Kapuso" when they watch GMA shows.

Has GMA Network jumped the shark? Yes, you can really notice that after the popularity of GMA Network. The network seems to get a lot of upcoming projects and a short run of GMA Telebabad shows. Currently, the old anime and cartoon shows in the mornings are in reruns which might gives senseless taste for viewers. The various productions all lined up against their rival network ABS-CBN. GMA turns out to get more ratings in Mega Manila when they launch telefantasya shows then later adaptations from the Filipino comics. What result about the network is very side-by-side fact with it's competition today than their previous network years. You can't tell GMA Network cares only about their business and ratings, but rather being a shadow of a conflict.


Mickey Mouse - In The Beginning

Ever thought how Mickey Mouse was born?We all know the fact that Mickey Mouse was created by Walt Disney but there's a lot of information aside from that. There's a video in Youtube where you can watch a short history about Mickey Mouse. Click the title below.

It All Started With A Mouse


New Anime Shows On TV5

Enjoy these new anime shows that will air on TV5 starting tomorrow. They are now four and replacing the time schedule of Shakugan No Shana and Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (sniff). The anime block will start about 6:00-8:00 P.M PST. Hmm, those anime shows seems to be fresh which is more likely be exciting to watch. :D

Maihime (6:30-7:00 P.M )

Code Geass (7:30-8:00 P.M)

Noein (7:00-7:30 P.M)

This may be the good news out beside these new anime shows. For those who want more dibs in Shakugan no Shana, the season 2 will be open in 6:00-6:30 P.M tomorrow! It was really confirmed in the TV5 ad.In Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge on the other hand, will probably run in Saturdays and Sundays only in the respective schedule as replays or never air. Now how's that? Galing talaga ng TV5 na mamili ng anime.Go TV5!


You may notice something after the end of the commercial break in an animation program with some drawing illustrations and pictures. They're are called "eyecatch". Eyecatch are very common in cartoons especially in anime and tokukatsu shows and considered as commercial bumpers instead of showing manufactured advertisements. Eyecatches shows for about 2 to 5 seconds long depending for the audience. I may notice that eyecatches children's shows are much longer than the shows for adults.

There are two purposes in eyecatches in cartoons. One, is to show the development of a cartoon,anime or tokukatsu program and two, part of the merchandise. The first purpose is that some characters are showing themselves or with other of their supporting characters in order to identify them. Examples of those eyecatches are from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX which shows the main characters with their main monster cards, and another Shakugan no Shana which also shows different main characters of that show. The second purpose in the other hand, is only support the merchandise of the show by knowing many characters on a eyecatch. Example of that is Pokemon where each eyecatch in all episode show's the "Who's That Pokemon?" where the children guess a Pokemon who's in the silhouette in order to be familiar in the anime's video games. There are also anime or cartoon shows which there are no eyecatches in every episode.Examples are FullMetal Alchemist and the Big O.

Some examples of eyecatches in anime....

An eyecatch from the Japanese version of Pokemon Advanced featuring May,Max,Brock and Ash with the legendary Pokemon at the background.

Another eyecatch from the another anime entitled "Moetan" featuring Ink.

Kai, his beyblase and his legendary beast named Dranzer in Beyblade Revolution.


Madagascar 2: Escape 2 Africa

The main characters of Madagascar are back with it's sequel. Alex the lion, Marty the zebra, Melman the giraffe,Gloria the hippopotamus, King Julien and the four penguins are set to the new journey...by going to Africa. In Madagascar 2:Escape 2 Africa, the main characters discovers the wildest place that the four animals from the Central Perk zoo belongs-Africa. While discovering their roots, their family and culture in the continent there's a trouble that will encounter. Can Africa be a greater place to them than the Central Park Zoo?

Madagascar 2:Escape 2 Africa set to release on November 7th this year worldwide. So get ready to watch this new journey of a sequel from DreamWorks Pictures.

(Source: Wikipedia)


Donald Duck - Trick or Treat

A Disney short featuring Donald Duck together with his nephews Dewey,Louie,and Hewey and this cartoon has a Halloween theme. "Trick or Treat" tells about the three nephews who visited their uncle Donald Duck for "trick or treat". With Donald Duck's arrogance, he made a ridiculous trick that would hurt his nephews. Dewey,Louie and Hewey became sad until they meet someone who will help them to make Donald Duck in a good side for Halloween.

Is Donald Duck realize his lesson in this cartoon? You will find out in this video here. Hey, this cartoon is recommended to you (so does the other Halloween-special cartoons) and for everyone who's sick of horror movie marathon if you want to.

Happy Halloween to you and everyone out there. =)


Lambert the Sheepish Lion

I really like this classic cartoon from Walt Disney shorts. I watch that cartoon last week but when our headphone's broken after that week,I won't be able to hear the audio(bummer!).Oh well.Lambert the Sheepish Lion tells about a young lion cub who mistakenly adopted to the mother sheep by the delivery stork. Because of his different appearance, the other calf makes fun of him but Lambert proves his courage when he save his mother from a hungry wolf.

I caught these pictures from Youtube just to share.

Title card

Vegetarian lion? probably yes.

Okay, enough screenshots but I assure it's quite a spoiler if I had to fill them up here. If you want to watch "Lambert the Sheepish Lion" online, click the video here.


Super Inggo at Ang Super Tropa

I just recently found an article somewhere in a forum:

Walden Sadiri
Manila Bulletin

After the success of the superserye "Super Inggo" comes the first Pinoy-Anime series from ABS-CBN TV Production and ABS-CBN Animation entitled "Super Inggo at ang Super Tropa." ("Super Inggo and the Super Troup")

And if it’s called a Pinoy Anime it’s because it’s done and stylized from the popular Japanese animation format called anime, but is very Pinoy in content, story and drama.

We were privileged to watch an episode from the said Pinoy Anime series. "Super Inggo at ang Super Tropa" looked like a Tagalized imported anime series. But it is not. It is not only very Pinoy in terms of story but the background itself contains Pinoy culture like "fiesta and the food served during fiestas" in the said episode. Problems that Super Inggo would have to face were also situations that young televiewers could relate to. Like problems about the environment, toxic wastes and corruption. Balancing such dilemmas were the Pinoy drama in terms of father and daughter relationships and dream of leaving poverty for greener pastures.

"When international viewers watch ‘Super Inggo’ they would know it’s from the Philippines and made in the Philippines because of what they will see in it like the fiestas, butiki and more. This is a groundbreaking project from ABS-CBN which all of us Filipinos can be proud of," exclaimed Enrico Santos, Business Unit Head and Vice President for TV Production.

The "Super Inggo and the Super Tropa" project started after the finale of "Super Inggo" series. But the ABS-CBN Animation Department was put up in 2005 according to Guia Jose, the ABS-CBN Animation Department Business Unit Head. She shared that ABS-CBN already dreamed of an animated series way back in 1995 when they formed Star Animation but didn’t push through because of the Asian Economic Crisis.

Leading 85 people in her animation department, their target is to produce 26 weeks worth of episodes which would also be sold to ready markets abroad. But for the Philippines, they would have episodes ready for one season or 13 weeks. And making a 22-minute episode costs more than a million pesos according to both business unit heads.

Hmm, as far as I could think about this planned project "Super Inggo at ang Super Tropa" will provide the voices based on the live-action series such as Makisig Morales as Budong, Jarius Aquino as Jomar,Kathryn Barnardo as Maya, Joshua Dionisio as Ken and Andrew Muhlach as Teg. For the contrary "Super Inggo at ang Super Tropa" is'nt the first Pinoy Anime ever produced but being the first Pinoy Anime produced by ABS-CBN. But the question is, will this upcoming Pinoy Anime series will produce at least 20+ episodes than BIDA- Batang Iwas Droga? Super Inggo at ang Super Tropa will air on ABS-CBN soon. For the meantime, the characters for the upcoming cartoon take as a part of ABS-CBN Funtaserye Day last October 19th in SM San Lazaro and October 26 on SM North Edsa.

To view the teaser trailer of "Super Inggo at ang Super Tropa", check out here.


The Three Stooges Cartoons

The Three Stooges has been known the famous 20th century comedy act because of their slapstick comedy and humorous short-films ever made. The Three Stooges has been very popular in the past and part as a classic show. Cartoons can be popular too so what if The Three Stooges jumped into cartoons as well?

The New Three Stooges

Is there something "new" like the show's title? Classic. This cartoon version was based on the popular 20th century comedy show The Three Stooges. It's an old cartoon that was shown around mid-60's in the US and generally for children especially adults who like the trio. Produced by Cambrian Studios,the main characters were also based on the live-action like Larry Fine, "Curly Joe" Del Rita and Moe Howard. They also provided the voice acting for the cartoon.

When I looked down the character designs, they have the staggering yet humorist style or more like caricatures just like the show's short-films.Of course, the comedy of the Three Stooges added some slapstick comedy act. The show had also a mix of live action segments during the start and the end of the show in some episodes.Unlike the live-action Three Stooges films, the story of the cartoon puts up light elements rather than being outrageous because of parent's concern about the show's violence. Also, many fans who watched The Three Stooges were disappointed because of the cartoon. Sometimes, they thought they are gonna show reruns but that's because there were live-action scenes from the beginning. But that's just a classic cult and it made the popularity of Three Stooges more alive.

More "The New Three Stooges" screen shots? Here are some:

Luckily, some Youtube users uploaded The New Three Stooges episodes here.

The Robonic Stooges

Another Three Stooges cartoon-based appeared and it's called The Bionic Stooges. This show was a part of Saturday-morning cartoon block produced by Hanna-Barbera productions from 1978. The main characters are Larry,Moe and Curly act as the clumsy superheroes with their bionic powers and assigned their missions from Agent 000.

(from left to right) Larry,Curly and Moe.
The Three Stooges in superhero mode.

In this modern-looking classic cartoon, The Robonic Stooges shows how to deal with it's fresh new look as a part of Saturday morning cartoons. Larry,Curly and Moe appeared to be younger and manlier than The New Three Stooges. As having the action and comedy genre cartoon, the Stooges slapstick act had been lessened and give more new comedy flavor instead. The series didn't add the live-action segments but rather focus on a cartoon dedicated to the original Three Stooges. The show has also familiar fictional stuff from few mythology to movies. The voices of the Robonic Stooges doesn't provide the original voices of the Three Stooges which makes it very unlikely dissapointing and crude. Just like in the original Three Stooges, a dose of comedy improves the popularity of the famous comedy act. There are also bunch of the Robonic Stooges episodes on Youtube where you can watch them.