Networks In The Philippines - Part 4

I'll still wrap up and short summarize some of the networks that are still active here in the Philippines. The other minor and major networks will be discussed in the next entry.

RPN 9-
Launched in 1960, before RPN the network was originally called Kanlaon Braodcasting Network after the name of a volcano located in Negros. It later changes into Radio Philippine Network in 1975 with it's official red logo that still use today. In that network, there are plenty of good cartoons during those times. Also,RPN 9 became the first Philippine network station to introduce anime including Macross, Astroboy and Voltron. In that network were first introduced Dragon Ball series before GMA Network and IBC 13. There are also cartoons from the US that aired such as Defenders of the Earth, Popeye, and Garfield & Friends. Although not exactly for what I remember then but it got lot's of cartoons and anime for the weekend block. Around 2003, I watched cartoons from Nickelodeon in that station such as Spongebob Squarepants, Invader Zim, Hey Arnold! and As Told By Ginger which aired until around 2005. Then around 2006 to 2007, RPN 9 aired cartoons from Cartoon Network like Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Ben 10, Puffy AmiYumi, etc. But as of present time the name of RPN changed into C/S 9 which airs reality shows from US and sports events. They don't air shows for children then. : (

SBN 21-
It seems they only or never show any programs for children. Southern Broadcasting Network may be provide any reasonable excuse for not airing children show's. I don't know if my thoughts about here is true but I remembered there is a cartoon in that channel and that is Sonic Adventures aired around 90's. As of 2008, SBN has been partnership with Solar Entertainment Network for incorporating the channel ETC Entertainment Central. At least they air good teen shows like Friends and One Tree Hill.

NBN 4-
I've never notice any animation nor anime shows in that channel but rather educational shows. NBN 4 was first called GTV Network from 1974-1979 but the later changed into PTV 4 after the following the People Power Revolution in 1986. In 2001, the network later changed into National Broadcasting Network and for showing new programs on that station. They are also known to broadcast sports events. Although, I've never seen any cartoon or anime shows in that station I became fascinated to that network when they aired Eskwela ng Bayan series. The top-notch children shows they aired was Batibot before moving to other netwrok.

RJTV 29-
Known as Rajah Broadcasting Network Inc..During the 90's, I've seen good children's programs in that station especially classics like Felix the Cat,Betty Boop and Mighty Mouse. Also, I saw good cartoon shows out there like Dinosaucers, Madelline and Biker Mice from Mars. I don't know what's the the status now of that station. Probably they turn in with 2nd Avenue channel.

ZOE Broadcasting Network-
Launched in 1998, ZOE Broadcasting Network or Zoe TV was used to air a lot of religious programs and they're in channel 11 before GMA Network's sister channel Q. In the old days, I've seen few shows for children mostly the theme's about religion like Colby's Club House, Kids Againsts Crime, Psalty the Bible Show, and Kids on the Move. The network also showed anime programs that have religion themes like Superbook and Flying House. As of now, ZOE Tv move to channel 33 and currently active with their religious programs.

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