Networks In The Philippines - Part 2

ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation-
Launched in June 13 1946, this channel proves to be the first channel in Asia and also one of the top-rating channels in the Philippines. The term ABS-CBN literally means Alto Broadcasting System-Chronicle Broadcasting Network. This channel had a lot of programming shows for all audience and got it's long improvement dates since during the Martial Law area. In the old days of ABS-CBN, there were lot of shows that became popular and turns out in other networks such as Eat Bulaga! and Mel & Jay. Since then, the network produced a lot of shows and receive positive impacts among the viewers.

But enough from the history, instead about the network's children's programming. I considered ABS-CBN had a better teen and children shows in the past even today. They released anime shows for the weekend morning and afternoon schedules since early 80's and 90's like the classic Akazaukin Chaha, BTX, InuYasha, Magic Knight Rayearth OVA, and among others. ABS-CBN offered a lot of children shows such as Bananas In Pajamas, Maggie and the Ferocious Beast, Madelline and others. During the 90's, there are few live-action shows that aired every Friday evenings like Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog. I wouldn't exactly tell how much I'm impressed about the network's performance before.It's just that they have a philosophy that "children has more population than adults". ABS-CBN offered a lot of local educational shows like Bayani, Sineskwela, Epol Apple ,etc. Those educational shows reached into the network's another terrestrial channel E-TV and Knowledge Channel. The expansion of the network comes with it's sister channel called Studio 23 launched in the year 1996.

In their 50th anniversary back in the year 2003, ABS-CBN launched the current slogan called "The Kapamilya Network" or simply called "Kapamilya". In that anniversary, the network showed the classic shows that made them success especially classic teledrama series. Also at the same year, a lot of viewers became fascinated to the phenomenal hit Taiwanese drama "Meteor Garden" which helps ABS-CBN gain higher ratings. Since then, dramas in Asia such as from Taiwan and Korea are used to span viewer's attention. Although many viewers watch their favorite new and classic shows which seems fresh, many of them though it was the start of competition against the network's rival, GMA Network. I can't really explain about the competition between two networks because I'm a viewer and a viewer only make constructive criticisms.

As of now, ABS-CBN airs anime cartoon and anime shows in the weekday and weekend mornings left. They also promote the afternoon schedule for anime programming but not the same as before. Just like in GMA, ABS-CBN showed it also jumped the shark. At least, the network shows better programs like before in order to get the viewers serving.

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