The Three Stooges Cartoons

The Three Stooges has been known the famous 20th century comedy act because of their slapstick comedy and humorous short-films ever made. The Three Stooges has been very popular in the past and part as a classic show. Cartoons can be popular too so what if The Three Stooges jumped into cartoons as well?

The New Three Stooges

Is there something "new" like the show's title? Classic. This cartoon version was based on the popular 20th century comedy show The Three Stooges. It's an old cartoon that was shown around mid-60's in the US and generally for children especially adults who like the trio. Produced by Cambrian Studios,the main characters were also based on the live-action like Larry Fine, "Curly Joe" Del Rita and Moe Howard. They also provided the voice acting for the cartoon.

When I looked down the character designs, they have the staggering yet humorist style or more like caricatures just like the show's short-films.Of course, the comedy of the Three Stooges added some slapstick comedy act. The show had also a mix of live action segments during the start and the end of the show in some episodes.Unlike the live-action Three Stooges films, the story of the cartoon puts up light elements rather than being outrageous because of parent's concern about the show's violence. Also, many fans who watched The Three Stooges were disappointed because of the cartoon. Sometimes, they thought they are gonna show reruns but that's because there were live-action scenes from the beginning. But that's just a classic cult and it made the popularity of Three Stooges more alive.

More "The New Three Stooges" screen shots? Here are some:

Luckily, some Youtube users uploaded The New Three Stooges episodes here.

The Robonic Stooges

Another Three Stooges cartoon-based appeared and it's called The Bionic Stooges. This show was a part of Saturday-morning cartoon block produced by Hanna-Barbera productions from 1978. The main characters are Larry,Moe and Curly act as the clumsy superheroes with their bionic powers and assigned their missions from Agent 000.

(from left to right) Larry,Curly and Moe.
The Three Stooges in superhero mode.

In this modern-looking classic cartoon, The Robonic Stooges shows how to deal with it's fresh new look as a part of Saturday morning cartoons. Larry,Curly and Moe appeared to be younger and manlier than The New Three Stooges. As having the action and comedy genre cartoon, the Stooges slapstick act had been lessened and give more new comedy flavor instead. The series didn't add the live-action segments but rather focus on a cartoon dedicated to the original Three Stooges. The show has also familiar fictional stuff from few mythology to movies. The voices of the Robonic Stooges doesn't provide the original voices of the Three Stooges which makes it very unlikely dissapointing and crude. Just like in the original Three Stooges, a dose of comedy improves the popularity of the famous comedy act. There are also bunch of the Robonic Stooges episodes on Youtube where you can watch them.

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