Networks In The Philippines - Part 5

I still wrap up and continue the "Networks in the Philippines" segment. The three previous posts I've posted was intentionally to think about the other local channels. It's not easy to discuss them simultaneously but it seems I'll have to rant about them this time.

Q (Quality Television Network)
Launched in late 2005, like in the previous post I've discussed Q replaced by ZOE-TV under the agreement of two key personnels from GMA Network and ZOE-TV. Q became the current sister channel of GMA Network much like ABS-CBN's sister channel Studio 23. At the first early years of the network, Q was first called QTV or Quality Television Network and originally intended to show programs mostly for women. In their later years, that network is now available for general viewers. Then last year, QTV later changed into Q for some sort of reasons.

Q is best known for showing lifestyle and foreign-produced programs. Of course, shows for children are intended to. There is a current block called "Funbox" where Q shows cartoons every weekday and weekend mornings. They show some good children's programs from their own like Care Bears, Tom and Jerry Kids, Prince Mackaroo, and Poochini. Some shows like Make Way for Noddy, Cardcaptor Sakura, Battle B-Daman, Dragon Tales and Anne and Green Gables are all borrowed from GMA Network. They also got good programming schedules in the weekend afternoons and evenings. I've relly enjoyed the anime shows they aired like Hakugei: The Legend of Moby Dick (I've posted a review about that). Whatever does Q have, at least they got good shows as Q means "quality".

Studio 23
There's something really enjoying about this network. Studio 23 launched around 1996 as ABS-CBN's sister channel. Studio 23 notch the great shows for everyone including young adults because of their imported and new episodes from North American shows and English programming like Oprah and Charmed. Not only they air English-language programs, they also air Filipino-demographic shows. In the later years, Studio 23 also targeted shows for teenagers like the Pinoy Dream Academy and Pinoy Big Brother. Sports events like UAAP and NCAA really targeted among high school and college students. Studio 23 is also the home of other ABS-CBN cable channels like Myx.

Judging from their cartoon and anime shows they air, like in Q they also borrowed shows from ABS-CBN mostly anime like Samurai X and Yu-Gi-Oh. They also aired good classic shows like Superman: The Animated Series and the 1987 version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Studio 23 was also known to air the Pinoy-anime series Barkada Trip. Well, at least that's the station I catch up anime shows unlike when they're in ABS-CBN before.

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