Anime Lyrics...in Tagalog!

Something caught me attention about anime - lyrics in Tagalog version! Yes, back in few years ago few anime series which aired on the local networks in the Philippines gave change the songs from the Japanese version. They weren't too bad I tell you.

Here's some of the few anime series titles with Tagalog version theme songs. There are also few Pinoy websites which contain Tagalog version of some anime series (check below this post).

Cyborg Kuro-chan
Performed by Salbakuta

Yo! Kamusta na mga kaibigan!
Andito na si Kurochan ang ating bagong bida!
Come follow me!
Si Kuro ang cybercat na superhero!
Here We Go!

Si Kuro ang ating Hero
Ang galing nya, ang galing nya!
Mga salbahe lagot kay Kuro
Ang galing nya, ang galing nya

Hey Yo! Nandito na ang bida si Kuro(Kuro)
Ang cyborg cat na ating super Hero
Hey Yo! Syang tatalo sa kalaban
Ngayong alam nyo na kung sino sya

Kung handa kang sumabay Say Ho!
Si Kuro ay matindi Say Ho!
Mga bata are you ready?
Pow! Alright!
Talbog lahat ng mga kalaban baby
Pow! Alright

Mga kontrabida humanda kayo
Nandito na si Kuro lagot lahat kayo
Ating isigaw ang ating super hero
Kuro the cyborg cat ang ating idolo

Kuro-chan ang ating Hero
Kuro-chan, Kuro-chan
Mga salbahe lagot kay Kuro
Kuro-chan, Kuro-chan
Wakakusa no Charlotte
performed by: -----

Opening Theme:
Ika'y sinag ng araw, Charlotte
Labi mong singpula ng rosas
Kahit niyebe sa gubat ay natutunaw
Ika'y tanglaw ng pag-asa, Charlotte.
Bituing kumikinang ang kulay,
Inaawit ang himig ng tag-sibol.

Tanod kang bituin
Tanglaw kang maningning
Ngayon at bukas man
Sa agos ng panahon
Pinag-aalab mo aming panaginip.
Closing Theme:
La La La Beautiful May May Flower
Ang buwan ng Mayo ay kay gandang tunay
Dahil may bungang umuusbong
At sa buhok ko ito'y ipinutong
Ako'y nagiging diyosa ng tag-sibol
Kaya't sa gubat ating ipunin
Mga pipit at maya
Ang mga burol ating balutin
Ng luntiang damo at dahon
La La La Beautiful May May Flower
La La La Beautiful May May Flower.
performed by: -----

Opening Theme:
Maglalakbay ako patungo sa kawalan
Upang habulin ko pangarap sa buhay
At lilipulin ko itong kadiliman
Makita ko lang ang liwanag
Ng katarungan.
Closing Theme:
Alab ng Katarungan
ang pagmamahal sa ating kapwa
ang pag-ibig sa ating bayan
Handang ibuwis ang aking buhay.

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Feel free to sing good ol' Tagalog-dub anime version songs.


Anime Reruns: The Good and the Bad Side

Being a kid, teen or adult Filipino most of us like to turn on our TV's to check out good programs. Also, most of us are aware that we also like watching anime these days. We know that we watch and like anime so much. Many networks promotes many anime shows every week in free-TV's or 24/7 in cables. Some (or mostly) of us remember the story and the title of that anime until we get sick of it every time goes back on TV. That's a problem in networks these days....reruns of anime in the Philippines. Before you get a negative reaction after you read this, first we'll have to understand behind "Why most networks replay the anime shows they air before?".

If your a teenager or an adult, think of it, do you remember the anime shows aired in that station? Do you know/what the title, characters or plot on that show? Do you want them to return back on TV? If you say yes, you definitely understood the reminiscence in your childhood - classic anime shows that needs to come back on TV stations. But sometimes, some anime shows we think of tend us to get sick or grudge hoping they will never air again. You're not the only one who tends to believe that way, in fact many Filipino people do or even Filipino anime fans known as "otakus".

I'm not much being an "otaku" as myself, but I see the way of how they re-air or appear on television either by local or cable networks. I notice some of the popular local networks like GMA 7 and ABS-CBN 2 got a habit of returning of old anime shows they air before since few years ago. As I got the internet, I found out the buzz that ABS-CBN and GMA had planned to release new anime shows. In reality, as time goes on ABS-CBN and GMA tend to delay releasing new shows and instead put spaces for the foreign and live-action programs. But they at least air new shows but unfortunately they only ran in short episodes. Many Filipino people especially youth tend to get frustrated for those two big stations especially they compete for the higher ratings.

Many said especially in news that competition of two large networks is the reason. According to this user's blog here, ABS-CBN accused GMA 7 for cheating in higher ratings to AGB Nielsen Ratings and while GMA 7 accuse ABS-CBN vice versa (sigh). Sure it all happened around 2007 but the two station's ratings is the main problem. Of course, when it comes to competition we almost get sick of them and deciding to quit watching their programs. Thanks to the internet, I never watch too much shows from ABS-CBN or GMA because I'm too busy to work. But not at all people who tend to do that as much as I did, many of us still have an interest watching their programs to see and hear the latest scoop.

Anyway, back to the anime topic. We know that both stations have a habit of reruns of old anime shows but ever wonder why they always do that? No, it's not because the higher ratings but sometimes yes. In fact, many adults especially middle-age isn't familiar into anime. Ever wonder when you're a kid or teen before and your parent saw you watching anime, he or she'll tell you like "Nanonood ka nanaman ng cartoons?" or "Puro cartoons!" or even change the channel without knowing it. It's kinda disappointing but it hurts too. I guess it's on the time gap - adults tend to watch shows that fits for them rather than shows for young audience but that's normal.
When we were in childhood, we're fascinated to the anime shows that are popular because of their great characters, plot and scenes but as time goes on they were gone on TV's. Sometimes, we suffer nostalgia a bit and then if there's a chance your favorite show returned on TV screen.

But what if your favorite anime show turns out to be a bore because it replays more than two times? I guess you're feeling like your listening to your favorite music all and all over again but suddenly you get bored because you knew the lyrics. That's the problem in many stations when it comes to schedules. I have seen anime shows which mostly replays many times. Here's the verdict:

One of the anime shows I knew that re-airs most is that Dragon Ball Z. Who could forget the adventures that Son Goku made together with his allies and also defeating enemies from faraway planets? Almost, most of us knows that show even for middle-aged adults. Dragon Ball Z was first aired on RPN9 back in the late 90's in English-dub and became popular among Pinoys. When it moved to GMA back around 1999 or 2000, it turned out to be in Tagalog-dub. It was usually aired every weekend afternoons then around 2008, aired in weekend afternoons. Yeah right, we tend to knew the characters and the story because GMA responsible for replays until we get bored. Some instances that DBZ reached in short episodes which make us think "Bitin!" (remember the Cell-saga?). Thank goodness it went gone this year.

Anybody knows Eugene, Alfred, Dennis, Vincent and other characters in Ghost Fighter series? If you remember the plot then you really knew it. Ghost Fighter was first aired in the Philippines around mid-90's in IBC13 in Tagalog-dub. Then, thanks to GMA Ghost Fighter was borrowed from IBC13 and made reruns every weekday evenings or afternoons. Not much replayed but the last time Ghost Fighter aired was January 2009.

Flame of Recca seem to have a similar battling competition scenes as Ghost Fighter except when it comes to ghost. It all about ninjas and good and evil. Flame of Recca first aired on GMA around 2000 in weekday afternoons.

Slamdunk seem makes you think you rather not to watch that show because you knew it before. It was first aired in ABC 5 (now TV5) every weekdays around 90's then took by GMA Network around early 2000. It tells about the adventures of Hanamichi Sakuragi and his basketball career. At first and second season, Sakuragi usually misunderstood the rules of the game until later on he was accepted with Team Shohoku as tough team member and later steepped-up to win Haruko's heart.

Daimos and Voltes V were popular among Filipino kids back in 1975. The two titles were both part as "Robot Romance Trilogy" in mid-70's. Who could forget the giant robots battling enemies that are giant too while battling in a wide field faraway from the city? Both robot titles were aired in IBC13, NBN 4, RPN 9 and GMA 7 which dubbed in Tagalog and Cebuano. Merchandises were famed to many people. Thou, as of this time I put them on a list of re-aired anime shows, but thanks to their popularity, many Filipino people still like those characters.

Naruto and it's continuing sequel Naruto Shipuuden both aired in ABS-CBN since 2004. They're also one of the greatest anime ans manga this time and considered favorites among anime fans and otakus. In the Philippines, Naruto is really exciting show but unfortunately it ran in short episodes and disappears. Later on, it reappears again for new season and episodes....then disappears and reappears again (whew). Same does the Naruto Shipuuden ep's. As of now, the season 2 of Naruto and replays of Naruto Shipuuden still ongoing.

The popular video game turned out to be an anime. Pokemon first aired in the Philippines around 1999 in English-dub until around 2001 which covers Ash Ketchum together with his friends in whole Kanto region. The in 2007, Pokemon turned in Tagalog-dub with new episodes.Even if there's currently Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl series, how come GMA is too slow for airing new episodes especially fans are waiting for airing Advanced Generation saga?

....and more anime series that I can't remember.

See? Have you wonder these titles can be actually familiar to you. Some instances they just pop-up then disappears, then return. This anime reruns tradition still continues today in both ABS-CBN and GMA. As a viewer like me and you, we would rather suggest these major networks to air new anime shows and release new episodes instead of re-airing old anime shows the aired many times (Why not even try to re-air shows that rarely appear like Lupin III, Mojacko,Trigun or Hunter x Hunter?). Let's hope both stations realize their needs of their viewers attention especially when it comes to anime. If you can't help being annoyed to reruns, why not try to watch anime shows from TV5. Many people especially fans, TV5 become a top-notch show when it comes to anime because of new anime shows and they also release classic anime that longer never air until this time.


Dalawang Bayani Illustration

Brought to you by the publishers of Adarna House, a Filipino history and children's book entitled Dalawang Bayani ng Bansa ("Two Heroes of the Country") features the stories of Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio's life, side-by side. Every page shows the different illustrations about them. It also have both Filipino and English translation as well.

I saw Dalawang Bayani book in Expressions in Cainta Branch last December. Too bad I didn't bought them up but looking few pages especially illustrations truly remarkable. The illustrations of the children's book created by Joel Chua, while the writer by Rene Villanueva.

For more details of the painting click here.

Don't forget to check-out Joel Chua's weblog Rusty Banana Forge.

Dalawang Bayani wallpaper / illustration © Joel Chua and Adarna House.


Transportmers: Pinoy Transformers


I first laughed then amazed when I saw these robot characters in the Internet. Sure, they're look like Transformers in the 2007 movie version but what amuses me is that they're the Pinoy version which they are called Transportmers. While we're waiting for the upcoming Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen in June this year, let's us see what's behind these cool robots.

So, how these Transportmers guys appeared on the Internet? It all began during the appearance of the 2007 movie of Transformers, the creator konserns (a college student in the Philippines) came out the idea creating the spoof of Transformers movie characters based on the vehicles in the Philippines called Transportmers. Soon, konsern's Transportmer characters posted in his DeviantArt account and became wildly popular among Transformer fans especially Filipinos who have DA accounts. Unfortunately, Transportmers was flagged from copyright infringement and konserns' creations suddenly deleted but the account still active. Few moments later, even though konserns' Transportmers were gone on DeviantArt, many blogs and websites from the Philippines (including mine) posted images of Transportmers from receiving their friend's e-mail messages and spread to another e-mail. And thus, the Transportmers became an Internet meme for Filipinos and still popular. Konserns, meanwhile, post a journal entry in his DA account announcing that he will no longer make any spoofs of Transformers or parodies in other movies. He leave his account around late 2007 after posting his first and last journal entry.

Auto-Toda and Decepti-Toda.

In the Transportmers world, they're basically the parody/spoof of Transformers 2007 movie version and they're modeled after vehicles that can be found in the Philippines. Like in Transformers, Transportmers have two sides battling each other for the universe - the Auto-Toda and Dicepti-Toda. Auto-Toda (based on Autobots) are, well we know they're good guys while Dicepti-Toda (based on Dicepticons) are the evil guys.

Let's introduce these guys from Transportmers universe. I admit konserns' creations are fantastically great and very artistic. Let's clap hands for his creation....okay, that's enough.

The Auto-Toda Association

If you look closely to the utility jeepney, there's a signboard in front "U.P. IKOT" which the jeepney drives around the campus. My guess is that konserns went or studied in University of the Philippines.

I wouldn't be surprised that Miriam College was mentioned.

The Dicepti-Toda Association

There's no more. After Transportmers creations disappeared in DeviantArt, there are few (or many) Transformers spoofs similar to Transportmers. This another user's blog entry here showed some few another creations but not from the original Transportmers. If it wasn't enough,there's a Youtube video about a jeepney actually transformed in camera motion. You can view that video here.Whatever intention why Transportmers made, well at least Filipinos have artistic sides too.


Tuldok Animation's Pasintabi (2009)

After the success of Philippine cartoons of 2008 like Urduja, Dayo and Libingan, a known animation studio in the Philippines Tuldok Animation Studios Inc comes to reveal another upcoming cartoon for this year. According to their blog, the next entry will be entitled Pasintabi and will be released in July 2009.

As of this time, Tuldok Animation Studios revealed the teaser trailer of Pasintabi here although there aren't enough characters introduced.

Watch out for their updates and more information in their weblog here. Let us not forget to support our country's animation industry!

"Pasintabi" image title © Tuldok Animation Studios Inc.


"Habulan" - A Quake Overload Commercial feat. Pugad Baboy

Before they made an appearance of one of Sugarfree's music video, the round, wobbly and known cast of popular Pugad Baboy series made an appearance of a Quake Overload commercial back in 2007. As I say, the characters are modeled in 3D as they popped-out from the comics.

Do you think Pugad Baboy will be made into animated series? Perhaps someday...

Polgas first moved out...

The main cast of Pugad Baboy.

If you want to watch the commercial featuring them, one Youtube user uploaded the Quake Overload commercial here. Ay, don't forget to try the creamy and tasty Quake Overload...they're absolutely good.

Commercial Information
Project: HABULAN "The Chase"
Client: URC
Product: Quake Overload
Agency: Harrison Communications

ECD: Alex Arellano
DECD: Budjette Tan
ACD: Mervin Ignacio
AD: Mark Pahate
Accounts: Maricel Pangilinan-Arenas, Monday Gonzales, Sinta Rosales-Baguio, Ethel Dino

Director: Jeorge Agcaoili
Producer: Datu Gallaga
Animation/SFX: Underground Logic
Artists: Wayne Dayauon, Richard Haw, Russ Galicia, Marlowe Mercado, Nath Robite, Jose Ticsay
Production House: Unitel Productions
Editor: Melanie Valera


World Masterpiece Theater Series Aired in the Philippines Part Four

I'm apologize to everyone out there for the slow pace for my World Masterpiece Theater series posts. Well, I guess I have to finish this up.

Trapp Family Story / Torappu Ikka Monogatari (1991)

Trapp Family Story (or "Trapp Family Singers" in Tagalog-dub) was released for World Masterpiece Series back in 1991. It was based on the novel entitled The Story of the Trapp Family Singers by Maria von Trapp, which also inspired to a popular musical The Sound of Music.

Similar to the novel and the musical, the show centers to a young woman named Maria. She worked as a nun until she take up the responsibility of Captain Trapp's children. The anime
was probably known to have a beautiful opening theme entitled Doremi no Uta (Doremi's Songs). In DVD, home video, and dubbed version the broadcasting's opening theme were different and which it's version entitled Hohemi no Mahou (Smile Magic).

The last time I've seen this anime was in ABS-CBN last year.

The Bush Baby / Daisougen no Chiisana Tenshi Busshubeibī (1992)

The Bush Baby (also known as "Bush Baby, Little Angel of the Grassland") premiered in the year 1992. It is based on a 1965 novel entitled The Bushbabies by William Stevenson.

Set around 1964, thirteen year-old Jacqueline "Jackie" Rhodes and her family lived in Kenya, where her father is a Wildlife Officer. Jackie found an ill bush baby, take care of it until she named the bush baby Murphy. When Jackie's father loses his Job, his family including Jackie prepares to return to England. Right before leaving Kenya, Jackie forgot the papers for Murphy as a pet and then she stayed for Kenya for searching. Luckily, she found Tembo, an African and Jackie's father loyal assistant. A manhunt incident began when some people realize that Tembo kidnapped Jackie. They both must pass the dangerous way through Savannah to poachers and police officers. In the end after Jackie found her family and proved Tembo is not a kidnapper, Jackie finally released Murphy into the wild.

The last time Bush Baby aired was in QTV around 2007.

Little Women II: Jo's Boys / Wakakusa Monogatari Nan to Jō Sensei (1993)

Little Women II: Jo's Boys (also known as "Tale of Young Grass: Nan and Miss Jo") was released in year 1993 as a part of World Masterpiece Theater series. The anime also a sequel of 1987 Nippon Animation's Little Women. Like in Little Women, Jo's Boys is based on a novel entitled Little Men by Louisa May Alcott.

Josephine March (nicknamed "Jo") matured into a woman ten years later after Little Women. She was married by a German professor and they had two sons, Jo established a school for his children, nephews and a bunch of orphaned children in the Plumfield farm-house. With the experience of having her own family and children, Jo guided her pupils through values and education while getting into adventures and mischief.

Although in the Philippines aired Little Women in ABS-CBN in 1990's, Little Women II: Jo's Boys would definitely a certain classic show which first aired in the mid-90's in ABS-CBN. I'm not really sure when Little Women II last aired.

Tico of the Seven Seas / Nanatsu no Umi no Tiko (1994)

Tico of the Seven Seas is another World Masterpiece Theater series aired in 1994. It features of a young girl named Nanami. She was raised by her father who's a Marine Biologist while her mother died when she was young. Nanami's father's mission is to search the legendary creature of the sea known as the Glowing Whale and protect the undersea creatures. While Nanami, met and befriended a female Orca and named it Tico. Both Nanami and Tico swims in the sea everyday. Eventually, Nanami learned how to breathe underwater which astounds her father. On the board of their ship Peperonchino, they both met struggles and adventures until they search the Glowing Whale.

Aired in ABS-CBN in late 90's. I'm searching for the original novel.

Romeo's Blue Skies /
Romio no aoi sora (1995)

Romeo's Blue Skies (or "Romeo and the Black Brothers" in English version) released in 1997. It is based on the novel Die Schwarzen Brüder written by Kurt Held in 1941.

The anime focuses on adventures of a pre-teen boy named Romeo who ventured to Milan in order to get money for healing his father's sickness. Unfortunately, he was sold to a chimney sweep and do the job as a chimney sweeper. While on the way in Milan as a chimney sweeper, Romeo met Alfred, who has the same fate as Romeo's. Later in the series, two of them both formed as "The Black Brothers". With encountering struggles from bosses, hardships and relationships Romeo found out Alfred's secret: he sold himself for the life of his sister Bianca and had a terrible sickness. It's now up to Romeo and "The Black Brothers" to stand up from struggles, and protect Bianca with their own.

Romeo's Blue Skies also known as Munting Pangarap ni Romeo in Tagalog-dub. It is also probably one of the WTO series known in the Philippines and aired in ABS-CBN. The last time Romeo's Blue Skies aired in the Philippines was in early 2008 and nominated in Anak TV Seal Awards in the same year.

Remi, Nobody's Girl / Ie Naki Ko Remi (1997)

Remi, Nobody's Girl is another World Masterpiece Theater series aired back in 1997. Before, the revival of WTO series in 2007 Remi, Nobody's Girl would actually the last installment of the classic series. The anime was adapted from 1878's French novel Sans famille, written by Hector Malot. Unlike from the original novel, the protagonist Remi is a girl instead of boy.

This tells a story of a cheerful girl named Remi, who lives in a countryside in France with her mother. Until one day, Remi discovered that Remi is abandoned and the mother she known was Mother Barberin. Remi's stepfather told Mother Barberin to sold Remi to the workhouse because of poverty. Remi was sold to Vitalis, who is a performance traveler by Remi's stepfather. Vitalis and his fellow group of performance travelers accept Remi as their new member because of her talent in singing. While on the journey, Remi hopes that she will find her real family through hardships.

The last time Remi, Nobody's Girl was aired in ABS-CBN around 2000's. In Animax Southeast Asia, dubbed in English few years back.


It's all finished. I've notice I've seen a lot of World Masterpiece Theater series are many and aired in the Philippines. Currently, there are few series still air mostly in ABS-CBN or Q. For the meantime, I'm not sure if any local channels have any plans for releasing old especially new WTO series. Since 2007 during the revival, World Masterpiece Theater series is one of the series that definitely a classic anime for many countries around the world.


Azumanga Daioh Animated Pic!

I still remember that I've posted a preview of Azumanga Daioh here. The anime is still as funny as ever imagine. Look I found few animated pictures and these can tell that both Azumanga Daioh's manga and anime got wacky and crazy humor.

Click here to join a dance party!

Another one...

Oh yes, Sakaki can be a good baseball player....

You can still look for more Azumanga Daioh animated pictures in Photobucket.


Fushigi Yuugi

Fushigi Yuugi, can be considered as one of the most popular shojo anime series since mid-90's. The story concept seems to be somewhat similar - a girl who was transported to the other world and guarded by the (cool) men in order to succeed a quest. Like any other fantasy adventure anime series I watched, this one makes me well interested and intrigued as well.

The manga was originally created back in 1992 up to 1996 and came alive as an anime in 1995. Average senior high school students Miaka Yuuki and Yui Hongo ("Julie" in Tagalog-dub) were landed to the National Library and they found an ancient, magical book known as The Universal of Four Gods. Unfortunately, the two girls were transported to the ancient China from thousand years ago. Both of them become separated and Miaka ends up to be a "chosen one" and was destined to be a priestess of Suzaku and she must gather the Seven Celestial Guardians of Suzaku. Meanwhile, Yui was also become a priestess but a priestess of Seiryu and must gather seven guardians of Seiryuu which they are against the Suzaku. Yui turned out against Miaka and tries to stop her. In other subplot, Miaka's brother Kenny along with his male friend read about the adventures of Miaka being the priestess of Suzaku.

While the story of Fushigi Yuugi come up in twists in various situations like adventure and romance, who could love the romance between Tamahome (one of the Celestial Guardians of Suzaku) and Miaka plus add some love triangles between them. Anyway, at the first season of Fushigi Yuugi where Miaka gathers seven guardians were steadfast and puts up comedy scenes like some characters being super deformed. Still, the story wasn't much on harm and you don't need a reason for getting to hooked for the fantasy-shoujo theme. In other words, Fushigi Yuugi can be very good one.

As for Miaka's character development, at first season she seems to be clueless yet funny who has tough responsibilities she must accomplish in her home world. Later on, as she realize being the "chosen one" (priestess of Suzaku) she become determined and courageous despite she was saved many times from being captured by the enemies. Aside from being funny, I didn't notice about her charm or appeal but instead she played a role being in the middle of love triangle romance and the dramatization. At least, every episode Miaka learns something that would help her allies like her seven guardians, she changes the world for the better good.

In the season 2 intrigues me as I watch them. As Miaka found out the Seven Celestial Guardians of Suzaku, Yui turns out against Miaka as she found out the Seven Celestial Guardians of Seiryuu. Filled with Yui's tragic memories, her anger and jealousy over Miaka and Tamahome seems can be a huge punchline. Another thing about Fushigi Yuugi is that they contain mature-ish scenes which quite inappropriate to the younger viewers. I wouldn't want to see Miaka being half-naked or naked although I'm a teenager now.

Many of the anime scene's can be raised from serious to silly lines, from drama to comedy. The dialogue is much fine although sometimes can be quite disturbing. The music scenes can be few but there is opening and closing theme songs can be fun to listen to. The character designs seems you're expecting them Japanese rather Chinese but it's not very bad. One of the Seven Guardians of Suzaku, Nuriko can be intimidating to investigate if he or she's a man or a woman. Honestly, I rather vote Nuriko as a woman so there will be a female Celestial Guardian of Suzaku.

Overall, Fushi Yuugi really captures a lot of good elements. There are large cast although few of them were strongly developed, while others only stable or wasn't much deep. With the adventure-fantasy theme, plus the drama, tragedy, comedy, heavy romance, fighting scenes, and a lot of rivalry it's pretty assuring that Fushigi Yuugi can be the very reason why it became popular shoujo anime. I still expecting to catch up it's episodes every weekday nights plus weekend afternoons in replays on TV5. Here's the opening theme here and closing theme of an episode here.

Happy Valentines Day, everyone!



(Synopsis from starmometer.com)

Coraline Jones is a girl of 11 who is feisty, curious, and adventurous beyond her years. She and her parents have just relocated from Michigan to Oregon. Missing her friends and finding her parents to be distracted by their work, Coraline tries to find some excitement in her new environment. She is befriended–or, as she sees it, is annoyed–by a local boy close to her age, Wybie Lovat and visits her older neighbors, eccentric British actresses Miss Spink and Forcible as well as the arguably even more eccentric Russian Mr. Bobinsky. After these encounters, Coraline seriously doubts that her new home can provide anything truly intriguing to her, but it does; she uncovers a secret door in the house. Walking through the door and then venturing through an eerie passageway, she discovers an alternate version of her life and existence. On the surface, this parallel reality is similar to her real life–only much better. The adults, including the solicitous Other Mother, seem much more welcoming to her. Coraline is more the center of attention there–even from the mysterious Cat. She begins to think that this Other World might be where she belongs. But when her wondrously off-kilter, fantastical visit turns dangerous and Other Mother schemes to keep her there, Coraline musters all of her resourcefulness, determination, and bravery to get back home–and save her family.

"Coraline" is based on a horror novella by Neil Galman and published around 2002. As a best-seller children's book since 2003 Coraline was chosen to adapt as a movie. From the director of The Nightmare Before Christmas, if you watch the movie you'll expect some scary and creative elements just like in the novel but also contains suggestive humor. This stop-motion horror and fantasy film released in February 6th in U.S. this year. Since, I never see any Coraline trailer in the Philippines I think the movie will release around last few weeks of February or early March.

Don't forget to watch the trailer here.


Guess Where I Got These Clips?

It's on the question above.

If you can't guess it, well then look at this video here.