Networks In The Philippines - Part 3

IBC 13-
Premiered in Febuary 1,1975 IBC 13 or Intercontinental Broadcasting Network 13 would probably tell how much changes the network made. In this present time, I've never seen any children's programming stuff around that network but by looking the history of that network here, it has up's and down's in history of their improvement. IBC 13 was known also to get good shows on TV since 80's and during those times they are the one's who got higher ratings than the rest of the networks. During the year 1988 to 1993, IBC 13 started to lose the support from advertisers because of the network's problems but the shows they aired were remain still. In 1994, IBC reached it's demanded ratings because of their new shows in the past. Also during those times, a lot of good shows aired including anime, cartoons, and tokukatsu shows. Those were IBC 13's glory days. I still reach that time although I have a little broad mind about them. I've seen a lot of good cartoons especially anime like Ghost Fighter and Super Pig. They also show tokukatsu shows that were merely popular like Bioman, Maskman, and Turboranger. IBC 13 continued to improve ratings until about 2003. The network show last few children's programming such as Y2K: Yes to Kids and Retro TV. The last anime shows I've seen was Cyborg Kurochan and Crayon Shin-chan that aired every weekday evenings back in the year 2002.

Like I said, there are changes in that station. For now, I've seen only few entertaining stuff about that network because they neither show children's shows nor getting reruns unlike GMA and ABS-CBN did. They seem just show shows for adults. At least, reruns of Japan Video Topics entertain me.

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