Astro Boy is Back!

Astroboy is one of the most recognized anime and manga characters in Japanese entertainment history. It was created by the "God of Manga and Anime" Ozamu Tezuka and the franchise will finally turn into 3D movie this year. Check out the image below.

Image from Imagi Animation Studios

According to Wikipedia, the 3D movie will be release in US in October this year. Not really sure when will come out in the Philippines, thou. If you aren't familiar with Astro Boy, he is a robot who was created by the head of Ministry of Science, who however became the villain Doctor Tenma in the image of his departed son, Tobio. When Doctor Tenma realize that he could not care Astro Boy because of inability to grow up and express emotions, he sold the robot. Few years later, Doctor Elephant is the one who took care Astro Boy and became his legal guardian. To his surprise, the doctor find out Astroboy can fight evil robots and save humanity with his cyber weapons.

Well, can't say much more about the series but Astro Boy successfully spawn (aside from many volumes of manga) three anime series - one in 1960's, 1980's and the latest 2003 series which commemorate Astro Boy's birthday in Japan in the same year. I'm glad when QTV 11 finally air Astro Boy 2003 series since last week and in addition, finally dubbed in English. It airs every weekday mornings but I forgot what time. I somehow curious about the English dub version of some anime shows air on local TV. It's been long years that I watch the show again and I know it was aired in ABS-CBN few years ago in Tagalog-dub.


Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Believe it or not, it finally happened! The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya officially air in the Philippines on TV 5 this week. Many teens especially the anime fans are waiting this moment just to see the show air locally. Starting this week, Haruhi and the rest of her SOS Brigade members let us watch them every 6:00 P.M. weekdays, replacing Code Geass R2.

Before Haruhu Suzumiya air on TV 5, it was known to be one of the most-popular anime shows since it released in 2006 because of it's unique storyline about a (weird) high school girl who believes in espers and extraterrestrial life. The show also popular because of their own official dancing song and video "Hare, Hare Yukai!". The song was performed from anime conventions up to prisoners in Cebu, Philippines.

I think TV 5 really give a chance to their viewers a request for airing this anime. I really agree to it's station despite they succesfully gain high ratings mostly from anime shows. What a good timing I mean! TV 5 originally intended to air Haruhi Suzumiya last year, and then last month but according to this anime blog here, the Filipino-dubbers of Haruhi Suzumiya work hard just progress the translating and dubbing the show. Currently, they finished 3 episodes but still we need to expect it might go back to episode one like what happened to Toradora! and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (another anime aired in TV 5).

I would like to say "Kudos to TV 5!" for granting many anime viewer's request for airing Haruhi Suzumiya! Catch Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya weeknights at 6:00 PM and Saturdays as replay at 1:00 PM on TV 5.



Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs!

The third installment of Dreamwork's Ice Age series came out in theaters since last week. In Dawn of the Dinosaurs, our main characters journey to the new land where dinosaurs rule. Sid, Manny and Diego and the rest of their fellow pals are trying to discover their comfy life while in the middle of raging, huge dinosaurs. And what's this I heard, Scrat - the lovable saber-toothed squirrel met his female counterpart...and they both got a short film together!

Catch Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs in theaters now!


Flash Animation

Image from http://images.karlaredor.multiply.com/

Nowadays, computer has becoming one of the useful technology in human society and Internet has becoming popular. There are many stuff that were invented using computer like software and websites. Speaking of computer, I somehow dream of trying to make an animation using computer aside from drawing using Photoshop. You know what I mean? Yep, it's Flash animation. They are also called computer animation 'cause well it was created on the computer using animation software. They're also called digital animation but most of people commonly called those cartoons as Flash. As of now, there are many animation software that released and some of them are offered as downloads for free. If you're a programmer who knows alien, er, programming codes there are also too. But what's behind on those computer animation?

Like any animation techniques, flash animation is a new technique that will exchange to 2D traditional animation for less time and money. Their predecessor perhaps the 3D animation is another reason why they're invented. As time goes by, many computers are consumed by customers as a part of personal work or even business also the factor. Flash animation started on the websites for adding design effects for market and business websites. As improves, Flash became influenced with animation and can be watch in computers especially on television. Have you notice there are lot of western animation that are made using Flash. Some of the examples are Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, HiHi Puffy AmiYumi, The X's and a lot more. Flash animation is a pretty useful tool for animators who are using computers.

Not only from the West, some Asian countries like in the Philippines also made animation using Flash or digital. Examples of our Philippine animation like Urduja and Dayo can be evident why we got our animation in a digital way. Before they're appeared in cinemas, Filipinos hardly unable to make a long series of animation because of the budget and expenses of the materials (a.k.a money) which is one of the biggest factors why Philippines has a short decade start of the animation industry. I admit I've never seen animation series like Darna and Ang Panday which some people talking about in the local forums. Well, thanks to computer and Internet, Philippines have strive into animation. I know it's kinda weird but I understand why. With the use of Flash animation, many cartoons were created under that technique and more viewers are enjoyed watching them. It doesn't mean that traditional animation will be dying but still exist today. If you wanna be an computer animator, the first thing I know where to download was to purchase some animation software programs like Macromedia Flash. and Toon Boom. Still, if you want to download without cost there are many websites that offers free animation software but I advise to download programs that you know how to use them without haste.

Since were in digital age, we don't need a reason for not to create your own animation show and there are animation software available. All you need to do is to dream, think and create an animation that will be entertaining to everyone.