It's Duke The Java Mascot!

I have my own rant which is random but related.This time in my college days, I'm in programming lesson now which includes this cool but complicated computer programming software known as JAVA. Yep, even that JAVA stuff has an official mascot. Mascot you say?

While finding some random stuff in the internet, I accidentally found and snatched pics featured the JAVA programming software mascot named Duke. With Duke's big and bulky costume, I wouldn't even imagine to someone who wear that one and getting sweaty. But fondly, isn't Duke so cute being a JAVA mascot? :)

Duke the JAVA mascot in illustration.

Duke the JAVA mascot on left, with the two guys on the right

Duke usually appears in every Sun Microsystem's promotions (the JAVA developer).

"What the heck happened to you?", that's my first reaction when I found out Duke is actually...taking a break.

Duke (behind) and a mug from one of the Javapolis promotions.

Even other mascots like Duke wants to hang out and be cool (Guitar Hero?).

Duke's solo appearance.

(Credits to people from Flickr and Sun Microsystem's blog who originally own the pics)



An interesting storyboard animation found in the Youtube by this user entitled "Combatron". If you don't know what Combatron is, Combatron was a superhero character that first appeared on the Funny Komiks series during the 90's created by Berlin Manalaysay. It's comic series started when the young orphan named Empoy found a crashed spaceship and inside he saw an armored alien from the planet Omnicron.Thus,the alien handed down it's Combatron armor to Empoy to continue the task saving the universe against governing cyborgs...and Empoy became the new Combatron. Someone pointed out some of it's summary here.

I don't much familiarize this early Filipino-made comic series but I really admire to this creation and also Funny Komiks.I even reach Funny Komiks since early 2000 but I don't know if I read any Combatron series. Many people said during the time Funny Komiks characters including Combatron appeared since it's distribution around 80's, it went to a massive hit to Filipino's imagination especially kids. Although Combatron was considered as a rip-off of Megaman/Rockman, it's stories were very original packed with long action, adventures, and also many supporting characters.Those were the times that there were no computer games,MP3's or anime.

There was a project video in Youtube about making short Combatron animation (see above) but only they got stuck in storyboards and went to cliffhanger. Many Filipino people who were fans of Funny Komiks wanted to see Combatron or other of the comic's characters in TV either in animation or live-action. We're not pretty sure if this planned animated project of Combatron will appear on the internet or in TV someday, but at least they're trying to revive one of the superheroes that many Filipino people who admired Funny Komiks in the past. Buhayin si Combatron!

You can view about Combatron's profile here.

EDIT: Click for the missing scanlations of Combatron in a forum here.


Ragnarok: The Animation

An anime really couldn't escape video games as well."Ragnarok: The Animation" premiered around the first quarter of 2004 in Japan with it's 26 episodes. Around 2005,Korea and Philippines also premiered this episode in order to promote the MMORPG that called "Ragnarok". Like I said before,this animation was based on an online video game.Ragnarok is an MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) created in Korea.In the game,it's a series of massive online game for multiplayers where you could level-up your sprite by defeating monsters from Rune-Midgard,customization of your own character and get higher job rank.A buff of merchandises of this game spread around in Korea including the "manhwa" (manga in Korea).

I would say at least I don't play much MMORPG's like the Ragnarok but the anime series at least,pleased me.The story started in the Rune-Midgard when the Dark Lord is planning to create a world of chaos with the help of the seven crystals known as Seven Strenghts that trapped him many years ago. Meanwhile,Yuufa the acolyte and her childhood friend Roan the swordsman set off in the journey across Rune-Midgard after saying goodbye to the grave of Yuufa's older brother Keough . They are both joined with Takius-a blindfolded woman who is a magician,Maya the merchant along with her Poring companion Poypoy,the hunter Judia and her companion Iruga the assassin.While they encounter dangerous set of adventures in the world Keough who believes he's dead returns...

I don't know why the producers chose the class randomly on each of the main characters .For the second though, they're more like doing task based on the game-defeating monsters,journey to different places,partying,etc.The story is much related to the manhwa version created by Lee Myung-jin. As the anime series goes on,there are parts that each of the characters develop their characterization such as getting a higher-rank jobs. There are also comedy and few running gags which can be at least made the story be good. Their fighting scenes can be plain at the first few episodes but later on at least they develop better movements in later episodes.Their clothing design can be limited .The voice acting seems to be fine but there are parts that can be quite horrible.

Just like in the game,this series also put up many merchandises available on the market-from CD's,clothes,posters to the DVD's in Japan and Korea.Last 2007,FUNanimtion release the Ragnarok : The Animation DVD's in it's complete set of episodes.In the Philippines last 2005, Level-Up Games Inc. and ABS-CBN Broadcasting Company got the rights in promoting merchandises and game promo of the series. An opening theme and closing theme of the series sang by Yamazaki Maimi are really good to hear and also available in Youtube. Various episode subs of Ragnarok: The Animation are also available so you can see what the series looks like.In the Philippines,the Tagalog-dub of this series are also available in a Youtube user's videos recorded from ABS-CBN. There is also a Tagalog version of Ragnarok opening sung by the 1st batch of Star Circle Quest entitled "We Are The Stars" (the same title of the series' Japanese opening).


Hakugei: Legend Of The Moby Dick

Title card of Moby Dick.

Another anime that was based from the popular novel entitled Moby Dick.The original novel was created by Herman Melville adapts to this theme of the story.However,the adaptation of this anime used futuristic themes and the setting is in outer space.The show aired in 1997-1999 in Japan and it ran 26 episodes.

Set in 4699,space traveling are more common during that time.Many abandoned machines and ships floating and spread around the space are called "whales".The pirates,hunters and bandits of space(known as "whalers") for them,"whales" are more important to them because those abandoned ships contains power source or even treasure in rare occasions.However,Federation Police keep tracking those pirates and gives punishment to them according to the law but for may people,all they want is freedom away from the law.One of the pirates is Captain Ahab and he has a reason for why he became a pirate-he's trying to search the legendary Moby Dick and get revenge.Moby Dick is the biggest machine ever created for Federation Police while for people,it is the threat for their lives. In Captain Ahab's flashback, he lost his leg and right eye when he's trying to kill Moby Dick which causes him to experience Moby Dick's dangerous attack.For the second time,Captain Ahab vowed himself that he will find and kill Moby Dick for revenge and protect the universe. Together with his bunch of (crazy) crew and his spaceship known as "Lady Whiskers", Ahab's search of Moby Dick begins.

We know that there are lot of differences between this anime and the novel aside from the setting.For example is Captain Ahab.In the anime,normally he is an easy-going guy and sometimes make pranks to some of his crew. He becomes serious when he find Moby Dick or a secret from Lucky(a blond,young girl who by many crew like Ahab thinks she's a boy).While in novel, the original Ahab his purpose is to kill the whale for his motive reasons of his own without any of his crew's suggestions.The plot of this anime can be possibly dark because the theme contains war and political freedom against the Federation.As Ahab and the crew almost searching the huge monster,Ahab is getting serious thinks that he will reach his revenge for Moby Dick.The animation can be rough and pleased as well,the machines such as "whales" are much rather sketchy or sharp but good detailed and they made as background setting for the theme.Plus,every episode there are few good 90's theme painting and colored sketches in the characters are exist which give more darker glimpse in the show.You'll soon notice that you like watching other futuristic anime shows such as Gundam or Outlaw Star.When it comes to action scenes, sometimes they skip over focusing only in war and desperation in the other characters.The character designs give pretty much effort as their futuristic style and like in the original novel,the feel of pirate look is there.As for the character's voice acting,you cannot hear many of the pirate's saying such as "Arr!" but instead,they show serious and touching moments in their space adventures.The music of the show can be good and pleasant to hear which you might think it's perfect to the theme.An opening theme and ending theme are available so you will notice the shows design.Oh yes,this anime released it's DVD version in six volumes.

If you're looking for a Moby Dick anime based on the novel like this one,don't expect to compare the differences between the adaptation and the original novel.It might disappoint you but if you're into a sci-fi adventure mood,you'll get amazed with the shows artistic images and Hakugei: Legend of the Moby Dick might amuse you.

P.S: Hakugei:Legend of the Moby Dick (or simply "Moby Dick") was aired in the Philippines back around 2006 and 2007.It was aired in QTV 11 every 11:00 P.M. weekends in one-hour block.


Avatar:The Last Airbender

I'm really hooked watching this series since TV 5 aired more Avatar: The Last Airbender episodes. On contrary, this is the synopsis: "Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony.Then everything's changed when the Fire nation attacked.Only the Avatar-master of all elements could stop them but when the world needed him most he vanished.A hundred years past, two siblings from Water Tribe Katara and Sokka discover the new avatar-an Airbender named Aang stuck in the giant iceberg.Although his Airbendending skills were great,he has to lot to learn before he's ready to defeat the Fire Nation.Now, it's up to Aang to save the world as the Avatar.

Avatar created by Michael Dante Dimartino and Bryan Konietziko in the year 2005.Avatar: The Last Airbender contains the world full of people who have possessed their own elemental powers known as "benders".Also, there are four nations in the world of this cartoon-Water Tribes,Earth Kingdom,Fire Nation and Air Nomads.Each of the new generation yields only one person who are capable to control four elements as an Avatar.The Avatar shows it's unique power called an Avatar State which is usually used as defense mechanism and gets it's own will.Throughout the ages, countless of Avatar in every generation served to protect the world.

It's not really cheesy or boring to be called for this cartoon.Besides, the show really have many influences in culture and art mostly from Asia. The word "Avatar" has it's real meaning.
What really influence this great series aside from culture,one of the biggest elements for the characters from Avatar universe is the "anime".If you watch an episode of Avatar,you'll notice the character's reaction like when they're happy or getting a rant with a mix of funny reactions in their faces.Many people and fans who watch Avatar considered the show to be an "anime" but it really doesn't considered as anime because it was created in United States.Another biggest influence is their fighting styles.No joke, those fighting styles are based to similar martial arts techniques that exist today (I even heard the staff hire many martial artists experts in order to produce more fighting styles in every episode).

I can't tell the whole plot of this show because someday you can watch it whole. The characters of the show are really great and develop their personality as the series goes on.The whole story of Avatar consist of episodes called "chapters" and season called "books"(think as a classic book).
This tells about the adventures and struggles of Aang as an Avatar with the help of his friends like Katara and Sokka (Aang's pet flying bison and flying lemur included) in order to save many people from the power greed Fire Nation.I can't tell the spoilers, you better watch it instead...

The show's gain higher demographic ratings reaching 1 million+ viewers when a new episode premiered.It also gained more awards because of the great elements in producing the show.Although,Avatar:The Last Airbender never reached it's 100+ episode, they got a fair and happy ending.Many countries around the world ranked Avatar as their number one and one of the top rated programs on Nickelodeon today.Last July 19th this year,Avatar:The Last Airbender reached it's final episode and gained 5 million+ viewers in the U.S. (Source:Wikipedia).
In the success the series,Nickelodeon promote more promotions and merchandises-from video games,action figures,TCG's,etc.Their will be a feature movie of Avatar that will set to release in 2010 according to the co-creators.This year, Nickelodeon released an online MMORPG of Avatar:The last Airbender in this site that will be available worldwide.But unfortunately,when you'll play that game you'll have to download something from that game and an account from Nick in order to run.

Thanks to the cultural influence,you can assure that Avatar:The Last Airbender is one of the shows that considered as an anime by many fans. I can't really tell why they called that one.For at least the show got a great plot and satisfying ending.Will the show be considered as the "next Harry Potter" perhaps?Only time can tell.



Siopawman based on a Filipino comic strip.

Watch it's own animated series here.

When the first time I saw that short-animated trailer,I just dropped my jaw and say "Wow!".Another Philippine-made animation appeared on the Youtube this time and it's called "Siopawman".

I did research about this "Siopawman" series on this short article here. "Siopawman" was actually started as a comic strip series created by Larry Alcara back in the year 1946. Siopawman known as an over-sized superhero in the city of the Philippines.Like any other superheroes,Siopawman protects the citizens from the criminals and evil villains roaming around the city. His power source is his favorite food-Siopao and it gives strength to him(just like Popeye his power source is spinach) and thus give his own superhero name "Siopawman".Another thing was,many Filipino comic critics said that "Siopawman" may be the first Pinoy superhero created before Mars' Ravelos "Captain Barbell" and "Darna".The story of this classic comic series have action-packed,adventure and comedy that Filipino comic readers would like to read during those times.An existing site about the comic series is available so you can read about Siopawman's adventures.

In honor of this classical comic series, "Siopawman" had an animated version of it based on the comics. A Youtube user uploaded a short-trailer of "Siopawman" last year. I was surprised that animated series was created back in the year 2003-4 years in the past. A short-cartoon trailer created by the staff from Unitel and ToonManila. As I watched the trailer,I notice that the character movements were incredible as if like you're watching foreign cartoons.With also a mix of setting and flavor from the Philippines,you can really tell that Filipinos made that one(Yes,even Larry Alcara's signature included).But sadly, the animated series didn't appeared on Philippine TV or in events. Well, at least they got some huge effort in making this series.I was thinking this will be good series if they ever continue this one at least a short run.Believe it or not, they revived one of the superhero characters on TV based on classical comics.


Libingan (2007)

I don't know why is this short movie didn't air on TV.Well, Libingan is a 20-minute animated movie created by Tuldok Animation Inc. (one of the existing animation company in the Philippines).It was first shown on CCP or Cultural Center of The Philippines as a part of indie movie.The trailer once showed on Kapuso Mo,Jessica Soho or Kids on Q last year.

Sypnosis from GMANews.tv:
"Libingan"revolves around a 7-year-old city girl named Anna who goes to the province with her mom and pet dog, Rambo, to meet her relatives. The visit is going well until Anna is bullied by three boys and accidentally toss her cellphone into a haunted forest.

Determined to recover her mobile phone and undaunted by stories of kapres said to be residing in the jungle, Anna and Rambo traverse the spooky forest and indeed prove that kapres do exist. But their startling discovery also debunks ancient misconceptions surrounding these feared mythical creatures popular in Philippine folklore.

Judging about the animation style from the trailer,it's really good to see their movements although sometimes they just float or move jerky.Yeah,even the story and really targeted for kids to adults because of the characters and scenes.The voice acting is very well too. After showing this animated-movie to CCP, Tuldok Animation still have plans in order to produce more future animated-movies.It's a very good start to see Filipino-made animation really touching.

Insanigans (2006)

According to the creator of this trailer named Herbert Humprey(aka guru guru),Insanigans is an old animated project that would release in Net 25 back in the year 2006.Unfortunately,because he is the one that will be responsible for producing his animated series,the project rejected or canceled.Humprey once claimed that "Insanigans" would be the new Filipino-made animated series against the 80's Pinoy-animated series "Panday".The trailer once showed in Net 25's show "Tribe".

Insanigans tells about the two cousins who are also merely friends. Lead "Ulrich" Ovitar, 13-year-old boy who has incredible powers which can destroy the enemies.He is also good at art.Together with his probinsyanang cousin and tech-expert Bass "Pee Wee" Ovitar,they protect the citizens from the evil technology. With it's blend of digital animation and anime,Insanigans would be truly an "anti-old school" Pinoy cartoon.


Ka-Blog is a new show on GMA that features and contains about adolescent life.The show aired last August 9th this year.Every week, Ka-Blog will serve it's latest updates and trends,and information that are relevant to them-cool gadgets,interview of stars,hippest hangouts and of course solving problems that concern teens such as peer pressure and relationship.

Ka-Blog is hosted by new and teenage reporters of GMA Network.Andrea Torres,the show's official styler tells about the latest trends about fashion and lifestyle.Mico Aytona,the cool reporters and tech enthusiast will show you what's new about gaming and gadget stuff.Lucky Mark Mercado, an athletic guy will show about how to be active and be move with sports and exercise.Monica Verallo, is the go-girl reporter helps you how to solve teenage dilemmas such as relationship,peer pressure,family, or any other miscellaneous questions just for personal matters.Together,the four main hosts will guide the teenage viewers as they deal about adolescent life and also hang-outs to be discover.

Ka-Blog airs every 10:00 A.M. Saturdays on GMA.You can check out about the show's recent and past episode updates at this website from GMANews.TV.Also, Ka-Blog has also it's own official website here.Their official site serves as "blog" just like the show's title theme.


Yamato Nadeshiko:The Wallflower

Manga version page.

What if a Gothic girl encounters handsome boys who are looking for a free rent but suddenly a mix of chaos, comedy and horror comes out inside the landlady's mansion? Then you have "Yamato Nadeshiko:The Wallflower". The title also known as "Yamato Nadeshiko:Shichi Henge", "The Wallflower" and "Perfect Girl Evolution" in manga/anime version.The manga series was created by Tomoko Hayakawa from year 2000 until present.The anime version was produced from late 2006 until early 2007 with it's 25 episodes.

The story focuses around the girl named Sunako Nakahara who is obsessed with horror stuff because her first crush rejected her saying he "hates ugly girls". After that painful and traumatic incident,Sunako starting to like and befriended horror and scary things as her interest and her scary anatomical figures are her friends. She also avoid and hate "radiant creatures" who are happy,normal people.Times had changed when the landlady of the mansion and Sunako's aunt hire four handsome and charming boys to her mansion. Here goes Takano Kyohei, a loud and a bossy person when he want to.He likes to eat and sleep a lot. It is said in the manga that Kyohei is the most handsome guy of four. Takenaga Oda, the brainy of the group often strategist things in order to make Sunako become a lady.He also likes to read books a lot as a bookworm. Takenaga also a love interest on Naie "Noi" Kasahara,but sometimes he hesitate to admit his feelings from her. Ranmaru Morii, a rich boy has a good charm on every girls he often date with them. Last is Yukinojo "Yuki" Toyama, the shy and most innocent of the group and also good-natured guy. The four boys were hired by Sunako's aunt is because in order to grant them a free rent, they must manage Sunako to become a beautiful lady or known as "Yamato Nadeshiko".But when the manga series goes on, the boys convince Sunako's aunt to let them stay in the mansion as their home because of their personal problems especially when they encounter other girls in the city.In reality,Sunako doesn't mind about the things to become a lady.

As a read this manga and also watched the anime on TV, I couldn't help it but to laugh the crazy antics with the mix of horror of the story. I got almost kilig about the four boy's character designs which are unique and each of them got mixed personality.Yeah, I notice the boy's characteristics look similar to Hana Yori Dango or the F4 from Meteor Garden.The female protagonist of the show is more like Sadako of the Ring series. When the characters react when they encounter something scary and gore,they turn out to be crazy drawing like most anime shows do. Like the boys whenever they react when seeing Sunako in horror mode,they turned to be like humorous deformed figures. It's very interesting to see the details of main characters as the chapter goes on who knows.The minor characters as well which makes Sunako and the boys get into wacky and dark experiences in their daily lives-weird relatives,chasing fangirls, bullies, scary things and a lot more.Plus, both in the manga and anime romance with a comedy couldn't escape as well. In later chapters/episodes of this series,there will be chances that there is a relationship between Sunako and Kyohei and Sunako will ditch her Gotchic look. But unfortunately, Sunako's shooting nosebleeds makes no good whenever she sees "dazzling creatures" especially Kyohei.

Overall, both manga and anime appeals to be very well.Yamato Nadeshiko:The Wallflower is a good to read and watch for teenagers where it contains touching hilarious scenes and crazy moments. The music in the show is very cool because the creator is a fan of alternative rock and pop band.I have to read more chapters of the manga version and watch of it's anime version.Although the anime series ended with it's unsatisfying ending, the manga version is still publish in Japan.

You gotta watch Yamato Nadeshiko:The Wallflower of TV 5 Philippines every 6:30-7:00 P.M. weekdays then in 4:00-5:00 P.M. on weekends as replays.Some Youtube users uploaded the first and second opening theme in the series. The first season is here and the second one is here.
You can check also a fan site here.

Super Sentai In The Philippines

Super Sentai is the name given to Japanese superheroes genre (known as "tokukatsu").This genre contains live-action characters and special effects.The word "sentai" means "task force" or "squadron".It was first used by Japanese soldiers in World War II.The word "super" adds on that word because it consistently contains giant mechas and special weapons. Every sentai series depicted as five color-coded warriors (or some series fewer or more) who gains technological or magical powers in order to defeat small and giant monsters.The super sentai has giant robots made of combining mechanical vehicles/animals and each of the series has it's own plot and themes. Due to it's popularity, some of the super sentai series was later adapted into Power Rangers series in the United States.

I had discovered about super sentai series for a long time and I still used to it.I also found out that there are many people in the internet like super sentai.Like example here in the Philippines,Filipinos like to watch super sentai series before 2000. Out of current 32 super sentai series,7 series were aired and known in the Philippines in different network stations during the 90's.Namely Himitsu Sentai Goranger,Dai Sentai Goggle V,Choudenshi Bioman,Hikari Sentai Maskman,Koukosu Sentai Turboranger,Chikiyuu Sentai Fiveman and Choujin Sentai Jetman. I considered to those fellow Pinoys during the 90's are very lucky because they saw some of the super sentai series before Power Rangers series. After the 90's, these mentioned super sentai series was never aired again in any network stations because of unknown reasons.Here are some tidbit information about the mentioned super sentai series aired in the Philippines (although I only reached Bioman and Maskman before I went to elementary). I'd say these of the following shows should re-air in any network stations.

Himitsu Sentai Goranger

This is the first super sentai series aired around 1975 and was the series that had long episodes than the rest of the series in Japan. Unlike any the rest of Super Sentai series, Goranger doesn't have giant mechas but only special vehicles and weapons.The main characters are five members namely Aka Ranger (red),Ao Ranger(blue),Ki Ranger(yellow),Momo Ranger(pink), and Mido Ranger(green).In the Philippines, Goranger was released as Star Rangers between 1978 and 1979 on Saturday afternoons on RPN 9. In this version, aside from their color designations, the Gorangers also had numeric designations, in order of their introduction to the enemy prior to battle: Aka Ranger = Star 1, Ao Ranger = Star 2, Ki Ranger = Star 3, Momo Ranger = Star 4, and Mido Ranger = Star 5. The opening theme is here.

Dai Sentai Goggle V

Aired around 1982 in Japan,Goggle V was the sixth installment of Super Sentai series.The main characters are five members namely Goggle Red,Goggle Black,Goggle Blue,Goggle Yellow and Goggle Pink.I'm not sure when this aired exactly in the Philippines but I found out that somebody pointed out that it aired every Saturday afternoons on RPN 9 in the late 90's. Opening theme is here.

Choudenshi Bioman
This show was the eight installment of Super Sentai series aired around 1984 in Japan.Choudenshi Bioman is the first super sentai series that had to women in one team and a female sentai hero died in battle and replaced another female character as the new member.
The five members are Red 1,Green 2,Blue 3,Yellow 4 and Pink 5.In the Philippines,Bioman was the known and popular super sentai series for Filipinos. The show was first aired around 1986/1987 and last aired around 1998 along with Maskman every Sunday mornings on IBC 13 in English-dub.The first opening theme is here. Also,the second opening theme is here when a new member of Bioman was replaced.

What really surprising about this series is that there is a dedication about this popular tokukatsu show. There's two local music video that has the lyrics and theme of Bioman. One-entitled Psycho by Giniling Festival here produced in the year 2006 and the other is performed by Tito,Vic and Joey here.

Hikari Sentai Maskman
Aired around 1987 in Japan, Maskman was the eleventh entry for Super Sentai series.The main members in Maskman team are Red Mask,Blue Mask,Black Mask,Yellow Mask and Pink Mask and they specialized with different style of martial arts techniques and controlling the aura power. In the Philippine Tagalog-dub, it was called "Laser Squadron Maskman" and also the five members had their own Tagalog names-Michael Joe(red), Leonard(black), Adrian(blue), Eloisa(yellow) and Mary Rose (pink). It was first aired between 1989 to 1991 in IBC 13 and last aired around 1998 with the same network and along with Bioman every Sunday mornings. Also, the show had it's Tagalog opening/closing song version sang by Norman Caraan of 80's band Boyfriends during that time. Like in Bioman, Maskman was the popular super sentai series in the Philippines.The Tagalog opening is here and the ending version is here.

Kousoku Sentai Turboranger
Turboranger was aired around 1989 and the thirteenth entry of super sentai entry in Japan.The main characters are Red Turbo,Blue,Turbo,Black Turbo,Yellow Turbo and Pink Turbo.They are high school students who gain their powers as super sentai from magical fairies in order to defeat the Violent Demon Tribes. Somebody pointed out in Youtube that Turboranger was first aired around 1992 in IBC 13 in the Philippines.Like the names in Maskman,The Turborangers had also their Tagalog names-Ricki(red), Junny(black),Ian(blue), Ronnie(yellow), and Carina(pink). The opening theme is here sang by Kenta Satou an actor who played as Red Turbo.

Chikiyuu Sentai Fiveman
Debuted in 1990 in Japan, Fiveman was the fourteenth super sentai entry.The main characters are Five Red,Five Blue,Five Black,Five Pink and Five Yellow. This tells about five members (three male and two female) are actually siblings who are separated by their parents because of the Zone Empire.20 years later,the siblings become elementary teachers and had their own secret identity as Fiveman. In the Philippines, it was aired around late 90's in ABC 5(now TV 5) then in early 2000 in SOLAR cable network. Opening theme is here.

Choujin Sentai Jetman
Aired around 1991 and the fifteenth entry of super sentai series in Japan. Jetman was said to be the homage of Science Ninja Team Gatachaman.Unlike the previous series,Jetman contains darker plots and contains tragic ending even though the main characters will win the battle. The main theme about this series is about birds.The five main characters are Red Hawk,Black Condor,Yellow Owl,Blue Swallow and Pink Swan.These characters were first hit by "Birdonic Waves"accidentally and destined to defeat the Vyram's. In the Philippines,Jetman was aired around 1998 in RPN 9 and aired every Saturday afternoons in Tagalog-dub.The opening theme is here sung by Hironobu Kageyama, who also performed the songs from Dragon Ball Z.


Nestle's Chuckie

I did not drink this one,seriously.

Chuckie is an eponymous cartoon character from a chocolate milk drink from Nestle.He's a cow and the mascot of his own chocolate milk drink with the same name. I don't know when did that product exactly promoted here in the Philippines but I think before 2000 or to 2002.Before the product called Chuckie, it was first called "Chocolait" made by Magnolia company around 9o's and Chuckie appeared on that product during that time. That product promotes milk chocolate drinks in large-size bottles and small tetra packs sold in convenient stores.Chuckie in the Chocolait wore pants,rubber shoes,white gloves and a yellow cow bell only (yep, without his t-shirt in those days). Like many cows,he lives in a farm with a brown barn behind Chuckie according to it's background. Chuckie is no ordinary cow but a civilian. This made appeals to the children during that time. Around 2000 or 2002, Chocolait turns out to be called Chuckie after the mascot of the product and Nestle is now the manufacturer of this product until now.

Chuckie's first appearance on TV debuted around 2001-2002(?) as a mascot of the product here in the Philippines. He appeared as a cartoon character,jumping out from his home place (tetra pack,that is) and have fun with the kids from real world. Like in Nestle's Chuckie, in the first commercial he now also wears a blue t-shirt.After those years, Nestle also promotes their Chuckie products with some free merchandise after buying their chocolate drink. What cool about promoting their Chuckie products in their beginning was their beding yellow straw with brown stripes. Around 2005,Chuckie also appeared in his own comic strips and activity pages in public magazines such as Summit Media.He also became a mascot too in some public kiddie events. Chuckie's classic attire turns out into more cool sporty designs.In the year 2006, Chuckie had his own bus called "The Nestle Chuckie Roadster" that roamed in different private schools in Metro Manila in order to support the product more.At the same year, new Chuckie products made such as mini chocolate bars and chocolate ice cream but sometimes they consider it as limited edition.As of 2007 until this present time, Nestle Chuckie got their own official website here

If you're wondering why am I reviewing about this product,let's say it's because of Chuckie.After many years Chuckie appeared as a mascot in their own TV commercial,it is very unknown who created the animation and what media did they use in order to animated Chuckie or the voice actor of Chuckie.Many people said that they use digital animation in order to animate Chuckie,or mixed with traditional animation but it's on Nestle's consideration.With a mix of good live-action and animation, it does n't matter as long it's on audience's appeal. As of this year according to the official website of Chuckie, Chuckie has also few animated shorts that only on the internet can be available to watch. A Youtube user had uploaded the first episode of this short animated cartoon here about Chuckie and his fun adventures.

I heard in a new Chuckie commercial there is a "fun-o-meter" straw in that product available. It's pretty ironic to hear "Pull up,sip and raise the fun!" after the two previous straws they promoted in the past-the bending straw and a bending straw that said it can "burst chocolate" through your mouth (the straw has small holes,that is).


Spongebob Squarepants

I'm sure many people knows this cartoon,huh? For starters and flashback, Spongebob Squarepants is another show from Nickelodeon. It aired around year 1999 after the Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards in the same year in the US and Stephen Hillenburg is the creator of the show. This show tells about a typical sea sponge named Spongebob Squarepants who lives "in the pineapple under the sea" along with his pet snail,Gary. Spongebob meets a lot of other characters in the fictional underwater city in Bikini Bottom like his best friend named Patrick (the starfish), a sarcastic clarinet-player Squidward (the squid), his karate buddy from the land named Sandy (the squirrel), Mr.Krabs,Plankton and many more. This show also tells about life under the sea with some mix of humor and adventures in every episode.

If you ask how come this cartoon become popular to everyone this time, it's really hard to go-figure. It all started when Stephen Hillenburg,the creator of the show worked as a marine biologist and also a cartoonist. Then, he began to create a sponge character who can walk and talk around 90's. At first, Hillenburg originally called his creation "Spongeboy"where the character wears a red hat with green base and a white business shirt with a tie (try to draw it) but then, the first name was already used from other show. So he decided to call the sponge "Spongebob" because he thought that his character is so funny.

The first episode of Spongebob Squarepants entitled,"Help Wanted/Reef Blower/Tea and the Treedome" aired around year1999 during the time Rugrats was popular. Containing the humor-style storyline, it's no suprise that at the first episode soared higher ratings even though the show is one of the early Nicktoons that has a low-budget animation. The voice actor of Spongebob Squarepants,Tom Kenny and humor made the children and adults enjoyed. Around 2000, the show got even more higher-quality animation and better storyline. The ratings of the show recieve higher ratings than before and even it surpassed the Rugrats' ratings. That's the reason why Spongebob Squarepants started to become a popular cartoon from Nickelodeon.

In November 2004 in the US and 2005 in some other countries, the first movie of Spongebob Squarepants appeared to the theaters after"Stephen Hillenburg would quit producing more episodes" rumor. The result around the movie became a success and it earned millions of dollars in revenue and more positive receptions. Hillenburg admitted that he only resigned being an executive producer and replaced Derek Drymon.In 2005, the show started to produce more new episodes and the popularity regains back to what it had. During that year,Nickelodeon seems to focus on Sponegbob Squarepants with the help of releasing merchandises like stuff toys,shirts,socks,underwear,video games,etc. The show has also parking rides available,too. New episodes and even more TV-movie episodes like "Dunces and Dragons" and "Atlantis Squarepantis" appeared as well giving more higher broadband appeal.

I can't really say anything about the show. At first when I saw the show for the first time in the Philippines, I didn't focus on it's storyline but their humor until I realize the show is good too because some of the stories contained in-jokes of the show as well as underwater life situations. In one episode,"Rock-a-Bye Bivalve" Spongebob and Patrick's childish nature reveals that they can be responsibe as adults after seeing their nurtured scallop flew away. Also,with the stories contain innuendos which many kids and adults could memorize,it helped the show got on a soar.What's great on Spongebob Squarepants is that there are some of the artists sing rock songs in order to produce the show's soundtrack.The character designs are more developed as the seasons go on. Who would love Spongebob Squarepants' different expressions in every episode?

It seems that Spongebob Squarepants pushed too far than other Nicktoons. I wouldn't even imagine that of all new Nickelodeon games I've recently played, Spongebob just suddenly pops-up the video game screen and now that's scary.I felt like I was thinking Nickelodeon just focus on Spongebob Squarepants other than Nicktoons especially classics. They even made Spongebob as their mascot and all of their Nickelodeon schedules mostly put on Spongebob Squarepants. Whatever Nickelodeon thinks about the other shows like Spongebob, it doesn't really matter to them as long as they do what is right.

If you're a big fan of Spongebob Squarepants,why not try to vist some of the different and active fan sites fanfics,fanarts and official/unoffical forums like these following links I found: (Note:I have no responsible for showing these links without reason)

Spongebob Squarepants Fanfiction.net
Spongebob Squarepants on TV.com
Spongebob Squarepants IMDB
Official Nickelodeon site
Nickelodeon South East Asia

There are also a bunch of Spongebob Squarepants videos on Youtube but mostly fan videos. Don't worry, some people uploaded some full-length episodes of Spongebob Squarepants so you'll have to check them out before they delete forever. Still, Spongebob Squarepants is one of the cartoons we know today.



Before making some mixed reception about this picture,why not try to take a break for a moment.This show wasn't really my first show I watched when it comes to children's television programs but I assure this one's a memorable TV show that aimed for kids in the past.

Teletubbies was another children's television shows in PBS Kids and primarily aimed for pre-school children.
Produced by Ragdoll Productions around year 1997 to 2001,this show tells about the four colorful main characters known as the Teletubbies. I first saw this show in GMA Network around 1999 and aired 10:00 to 10:30 A.M. every weekdays and probably competed the ABS-CBN's Bananas In Pajamas (see the previous post). When the first time I saw this program,it made me hooked to watch the show. I was too young during that time I only remembered the opening theme song. Since I really remembered this show,I found out a lot of it's details. Like in Bananas In Pajamas, the actors wore bulky costumes as Teletubbies.

The overview about this show tells about the four colorful Teletubbies namely Tinky Winky,Dipsy,Laa-laa and Po.The main characters live in a futuristic Earth dome along with their robot vacuum cleaner named Noo-noo. Each of the Teletubbies has their own personality and characteristics as the series ran:Tinky Winky- a male and purple-colored Teletubby has a triangle antenna on his head as symbol. He is the eldest of all Teletubbies and known for having a small,red bag he carries.Dipsy- a male and a green-colored Teletubby with a stick on his head as his symbol. His favorite thing he carries is his beloved black and white hat. He is the only Teletubby who has a darker tone on his face. Laa-laa,female and yellow-colored Teletubby with a curly antenna on her head. Her big, orange ball is her favorite thing. She likes to sing and dance. Po-female and a red-colored Teletubby with a small antenna with circle on top. She is the youngest of all Teletubbies and the owner of her scooter. These four Teletubbies has screens on their bellies. Their screens are used to show short-films from young audiences in the real world during the scene that the magical windmill makes a roll call.
The Teletubbies also has their behavior and way of talk like toddlers.Some of their notable sayings in every episode are "Eh-oh!" which means "hello" or if they're in trouble and "Big hug" which represents as group hug.Their diet seems to have only Tubby Custard and Tubby Toast(I'm kinda thinking what does those foods taste like).

The setting and the environment is just around the green plains and the weather mostly sunny (or in some occasions, having rainy days in some episodes or winter during Christmas special).
There are some surreal things about the show. The radiant sun with a real image of a baby face and laughs is one.Then, the technologies in the world of Teletubbies such as Noo-noo,talking tubes appearing on every gardens, and a windmill are the examples. Many real-life rabbits inhabit in the green plains and also the sound of birds (but no birds,just their sounds).It is very unknown where is the actual place for making the show but assure it is real.

Due to it's popularity, Teletubbies has been aired in many countries and has it's own name varieties.Merchandises from that show became hit also to many children.
The production of this show stopped around 2001 because of the mixed criticisms from the viewers especially from adults. Many claimed that Teletubbies contain few inappropriate scenes which they think of especially TinkyWinky. The show is still considered as cult show by many adults and college students. But there still a lot of viewers who watched the show and become fans. There are few Teletubbies fan sites are still promoted like these websites here and here.
.....and don't forget the Teletubbies official websites from PBS Kids and Teletubbies UK.
If you wanna know or remember about the show,a Youtube user had uploaded the Teletubbies opening theme with some few sample scenes. Their song lyrics are quite easy to remember just like in any children's shows.I'm so tired to review this stuff but at least Teletubbies was one of the good shows that everyone watched.

Bananas In Pajamas

Premiered around 1992, Bananas in Pajamas is an Australian children's television. This show has been dubbed in many countries in many languages.

The main characters of this show are the two twin bananas named B1 and B2 who wear pajamas (hence they are called "bananas in pajamas"in the title). Other characters include the three teddy bears named Amy, Lulu and Morgan, and the Rat In the Hat. All of those characters are both living in the same street known as "Cuddles Avenue" at the end of the street. This show brings a lot of fun and values for the young audience. The two banana's catchphrase that often said in every episode are:" Are you thinking what I'm thinking,B1?" "I think I am,B2!" whenever they got both ideas. This show was performed by human actors who wears costumes and dubbed their own voices but later on the voices were performed by other artists because wearing a big costumes was quite hard and uncomfortable.

Here in the Philippines, Bananas In Pajamas aired around year 1998 in between the cartoon series probably around 10:25-10:30 A.M. and every weekday afternoons in ABS-CBN. The show was dubbed in Tagalog. This version has its Tagalog varieties such as the name of the rat named "Doding Daga" and hence our own Tagalog version of the opening theme song. When I was a kid during the time that show aired, I'm kinda like about the duo because not only they're twins, they help each other around. A Tagalog version of the two banana's catchphrase I quite remembered which made me laugh:

B2: naiisip mo ba ang naiisip ko B1?
B1: palagay ko nga B2!

...and then they put the word "Operation! [insert tagline]" after saying their own catchphrase to work their ideas. There was an episode that B1 and B2 act like doctors and they wear something round on their heads. Doding Daga, the owner of his own shop had it's own Tagalog catchphrase too- "Ako'y isang daga,matalinong daga!" whenever he gets his own ideas too. The three teddy bears- Amy, Lulu and Moragan are actually friends and living in the same house. I thought to those bears that they're more like siblings than friends. Anyway, this show gave educational values to the children who watched this show. All of the characters engage in light educational activities like singing,dancing and playing other characters. The show's got also available merchandises too in the past such as plushies, CD's, activity books,etc. which helped the show a success.

One Youtube user had already uploaded the Bananas In Pajamas opening theme so you can watch and remember them. Also, their catchy song is available to the theme. If you wanna know about the opening theme, the plot is not about the bananas are chasing the teddy bears but instead they were having fun (think about the game "hide and seek"). Some of it's episodes are available in Youtube too in order to see this nostalgic show you remembered. I'm not sure if this show is still being produce today but it's a part of nostalgic shows we remembered when we we're kids.The opening theme of the show is here.
An English version of the lyrics of the show is available here too so you can remember this catchy tune.
Bananas in pyjamas are coming down the stairs,
Bananas in pyjamas are coming down in pairs,
Bananas in pyjamas are chasing teddy bears,
'Cause on Tuesdays we all try to catch them unaware!

Here's our own Tagalog version as well for Filipinos who remembered this one:
Sina B1 at B2 laging magkasama
Sa lahat ng oras, sila ay masaya
Kaibigang oso ang kalaro nila
Sila ay sama-sama kahit na may problema!


Prince Mackaroo

Pince Mackaroo is another anime and children show aired around year 1993 or 1998. This anime show was based on a manga entitled"Ojarumaru" created by Rin Inumaru around 1993 an later adapted to anime series. Prince Mackaroo focuses about the adventures of a 5-year-old prince who is a son of a nobleman together with his assistant firefly, and the trio of oni (meaning "demon") who chases the prince.

The series began for about 1,000 years ago in Fairyland where the prince named Mackaroo lived there. For him, being a prince is too boring but with no excitement. As a son of a nobleman, his parents wants to study and study a lot in order to become an "intellectual aristocrat".But as a kid, Mackaroo wants more fun and adventure outside. Meanwhile, the "Three Scamps"... Scarlet,Blue Joe and Khaky (or known as "Tatlong Pasaway" in the Philippine version) took the scepter from the Great Demon King ("Haring Enma" in Philippine version) without his permission. While playing in the garden, the scamps lost the scepter and prince Mackaroo found it. Whoever holds the magical scepter can time-warp anytime in the past and in the future. As Mackaroo see the effect of holding the scepter, he jumps to the portal to the present world. The three scamps follow the prince in order to get back the Great Demon King's scepter.
Upon landing to the present time, Prince Mackaroo and the three scamps are struck in the place called "Moonlight Town". Prince Mackaroo meets a 7-year-old boy named Cozmo who they quickly become friends. Cozmo's parents invited the prince to their house. Therefore, Prince Mackaroo experience life full of adventures,mishaps and fun in the present world.

I guess it's pretty hard to review this one. There are a lot of characters in the show- aside from human characters, talking animals and friendly mythical creatures are included. Prince Mackaroo's life become fine ever since he arrived in the present day unlike in Fairyland.Sometimes, he even ask questions to his friends because of his curiosity. He learns everything about "Moonlight Town" and the world in present day.The setting of the show contains fantasies an imagination and that's the reason why "Moonlight Town" is a place contains "full of myths and fantasies". Every episode of Prince Mackaroo contains two segments where you can watch their adventures. The story even gives you laugh and excitement as the series goes on with the help of Prince Mackaroo's whimsical personality so does the other characters. It also contains moral values that fit for kids. You can even tell being a young, rich kid always find fun too. Prince Mackaroo is one of the good anime children shows for kids and the show is still being produce in Japan. Can you say Prince Mackaroo's catchphrase-"Woju?"



Atashin'chi is an anime produced around 2002 and was based on the manga with the same title created by Eiko Kiera around 1994. The word Atashin'chi (short for "atashi no uchi") means "my home" or "my family" in Japanese. Both of the manga and anime focuses about the family known as Tachibana family with their daily experiences.

The main characters of Tachibana family are four namely- Otosan (father),Midori Imagi (mother), Mikan(sister) and Yuzihiko (brother). Every episode, the Tachibana family encounters situations with some sitcom based problems but no matter what situation does they still a good family. Each of the members of Tachibana family has their own different personality. Otosan-a silent yet hardworking is the only member of the family who works in the office in order to raise his families support. Midori Imagi (or known as Midori), the father's wife is just like any ordinary mother. Sometimes, she gets paranoid or strict when it comes to weird escapade or sometimes, getting culture shocked to other things she doesn't know such as how to handle utensils in a Fench restaurant. She and her husband were both grew up in a province. Mikan- an eldest sister of Tachibana family and an elementary student. Mikan sometimes complain to such other things in the house which makes her mother become angry. Mikan is also responsible in helping her family. Yuzihiko- Mikan's younger brother and the Tachibana families' youngest son who is also an elementary student.However, like his father Yuzihiko is silent and sometimes he acts like he doesn't care in other situations in the house.

So far, I only watched some of the few episodes of it on GMA 7 last few months ago and it got only a short run.I even heck remembered it aired 8:30 A.M. every weekdays only. As I've watched the series, I notice that the Tachibana family is an example of a healthy and good family. Having a good family is like you're living in a happy normal life. The Tachibana family doesn't argue too much in order to make things solved. The story of Atashin'chi is like any other real-life experiences but with a mix comedy situations. It also shows children about what's life being a normal family in normal situation which give them glimpse of having good moral family values especially when they grow up. So does the older viewers who watch the series as if they're finding inspiration for having such a normal family like Tachibana family. The character designs appeal very well too as if they made for younger viewers or sometimes look comical. Many episodes of Atashin'chi were uploaded in Youtube but only Japanese subs available. Of course, the opening theme of the show is available too. In Japan, Atashin'chi is still active and produce more episodes.

Atashin'chi is one of the good children shows to watch. If you wanna see characters as family members, then this show is way good to you.


W.I.T.C.H. (Animated Series)

Premiered in December 18,2004 W.I.T.C.H. is an animated series based on a comic series with the same name. Just like in the comics, W.I.T.C.H. series follows the five ordinary girls namely: Will,Irma,Taranee,Cornelia and Hay Lin. The girls were chosen by the elders from Kandrakar to gain magical powers and become guardians. This animated series was premiered in Disney's Jetix on US and other Europe countries like in Italy and U.K..W.I.T.C.H. consist of 2 whole seasons and have 26 episodes each.

Last month, I found out in a W.I.T.C.H. forum that this animated series will air in the Philippines this year on Disney Channel. Before I found out this news, I already watch some W.I.T.C.H. animated series in Youtube about 2 years ago during the time the season 2 was active. I kinda found out that the animated series has a lot on difference on comics. In season 1, the guardians had a first mission- they must protect the Meridian from Phobos' forces and save Elyon who's Phobos' young sister. Then in season 2, Nerissa was seeking revenge to Kandrakar because of what they did to her. The guardians must defeat her but only they found out that she was a past guardian of Keeper of the Heart. The W.I.T.C.H. guardians also encounters Nerissa's allies called "The Four Knights of Vengeance" and "The Knights of Destruction". Both of those seasons really suprised me as I watched the episodes. First of all, some of the character designs didn't follow from the original comics and new characters appeared as well like Blunk and the Mage. At least until I found out that the new characters weren't used as background characters or else the animated series will never be good like a limbo. Then when it comes to story, the animated series were pretty much independent but they still follow from the original. The animation seems to be good at least as if they were jumped out from the comics. The music is pretty good too but I'm figuring out who is the singer of the opening of the series. Speaking of the opening credits, the US and UK version opening credits were different for just any various production reasons.

According to the fans of this series especially from the US, there should be a third season of W.I.T.C.H. animated series but Disney didn't continue this project. In the unplanned third season, another character from the original comics named Orube will appear and Ari will be the villain. You'll have to search W.I.T.C.H. in Wikipedia in order to get full understanding of these mentioned characters.

I do have some the original comics of W.I.T.C.H. and I observe some (or a lot) differences from the animated series. You can really distinguish the difference of the series if you have the original comics. I think the reason why animated series didn't follow the original character designs is that in the US, they got "graphic novels" of W.I.T.C.H. only. Plus, every issues in each season of the comics are short depending on the stories. In the end, although the series was'nt complete W.I.T.C.H. cartoon series did run very well as a part of Jetix block.



Bolt is a computer animated film produced by Walt Disney Animation and will be Disney's 48th animated feature. The story is about a white German Shepherd named Bolt. who has lived all his life on the set of a TV show in which he portrays a superhero dog, and as a result thinks that his superpowers are real. Later, he gets accidentally separated from the studio. He then meets a female cat named Mittens and a hamster who never leaves his exercise ball, and eventually he discovers that all of his powers are fake. It stars the voices of John Travolta, Miley Cyrus ( I assure that fans of Miley Cyrus will gonna love this one), Malcolm McDowell,Claire Holt, Diedrich Balder,Nick Swarson,Gregg German,Susie Esmann and Mark Walton. The featured animated movie was directed by Chris Williams and Byron Howard. Produced by Clark Spencer and John Lasseter.

This Disney's computer animated film may be set to release on Nov. 21st this year in the Philippines.

Plot sypnosis (from Wikipedia) :
For super-dog Bolt, every day is filled with adventure, danger and intrigue - at least until the cameras stop rolling. When the canine star of a hit TV show is accidentally shipped from his Hollywood soundstage to New York City, he begins his biggest adventure yet - a cross-country journey through the real world. Armed only with the delusions that all his amazing feats and powers are real, and with the help of two unlikely traveling companions - a jaded, abandoned housecat named Mittens and TV-obsessed hamster in a plastic ball named Rhino - Bolt discovers he doesn't need superpowers to be a hero.