Networks In The Philippines - Part 1

I admit I can also say about the networks are available in the Philippines today. Just as I thought aside reviews from cartoon shows and anime. While living here in the Philippines, these days I watch TV for some time now not always because I'm very busy in my college studies. But I still have at least few good knowledge about the networks. I rather focus about the animation than the local programs in discussing each networks.

While getting back drops about the children's programs and teen shows air today, I'm not really informed when it comes to big channels especially networks that operate in cables. I would admit I don't have any cables or satellite dishes but I still know at least few channels out there from magazines and commercials.I even have an entry here discussed about anime shows in the past but I rather decide to discuss more about them including cartoons. If you want broad and more information about the network channels, you can search them in Wikipedia.So, I'll try to discuss about the networks in the Philippines as much as I remember.

GMA Network-
Formally known as Global Media Arts or GMA. Launched in March 1,1950, GMA is one of the highest rating networks in the Philippines today ever since late 90's. During the past years, GMA pinched up a lot schedules for animated programs and anime. Compare today, GMA seems that cartoon shows and anime mostly fit in the weekends only. GMA has a lot of good cartoon shows borrowed from Disney Channel in the late 90's such as Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers, Mighty Ducks, Aladdin, Recess, Timon and Pumba, etc. and all aired in Saturday mornings. The network also aired cartoons shows from Cartoon Network such as Powerpuff Girls and Johnny Bravo after the defunct of airing Disney Channel cartoons from the year 2001 to 2002.

GMA offered a lot of teen and children's programming than the rest of other networks. Sure, they offered a mix of American-produced cartoons in the past but the network became popular when they aired anime shows in evenings and afternoons back then. I'm not really sure when exactly the year the anime for evening block started but I rest assured they made a block for them. Back in the year 2000, GMA made a primetime schedule for airing anime shows in the evening that became popular such as Hunter x Hunter,Ghost Fighter, Lupin III,Voltes V,Daimos and others. I think the schedule began for about 7:00 'till 9:00 PM which you can probably tell the network believe the children's population gained more than the adults in the country. Not only evenings but they also aired anime shows in the afternoons in the past. Good examples are Slamdunk,One Piece,Bleach,etc.

In the past,GMA Network is the first channel I learned about anime. With it's good logo with the rainbow called the Rainbow Network and the "Where you belong!" slogan, it's pretty ironic that the network gained demand ratings. I still remember my childhood days that after answering my school assignment I sit on our old family couch, get the remote control, wait and watch anime shows in the afternoons until evenings. There are also a lot of previous shows that you can remember by looking at the Wikipedia article about GMA old shows.

While many children's programming fits in the network in the past, today they seem only lined up in weekend mornings. Probably believe that many kids are not in school during Saturdays. Yes, I even notice that there are a lot of changes today. The evening schedules of anime got cut-off when the GMA Telebabad shows and Asianovelas rise it's popularity. At the same time, GMA Network got it's new logo and the new slogan "Kapuso, Anumang Kulay ng Buhay". The term Kapuso was used during the time the new logo showed even today. Even fans and people are called "Kapuso" when they watch GMA shows.

Has GMA Network jumped the shark? Yes, you can really notice that after the popularity of GMA Network. The network seems to get a lot of upcoming projects and a short run of GMA Telebabad shows. Currently, the old anime and cartoon shows in the mornings are in reruns which might gives senseless taste for viewers. The various productions all lined up against their rival network ABS-CBN. GMA turns out to get more ratings in Mega Manila when they launch telefantasya shows then later adaptations from the Filipino comics. What result about the network is very side-by-side fact with it's competition today than their previous network years. You can't tell GMA Network cares only about their business and ratings, but rather being a shadow of a conflict.

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