Dragon Ball Now On Q!

One of the most popular anime all the time returns to Philippine TV. It's been a long time since GMA 7 last aired this show. Tune in to Dragon Ball starting November 24, 2010 every 4:30 PM weekdays on Q League of Astig!


QTV Channel 11 - Soon To Be An All-News Channel

Earlier, I read about the shocking news on Q channel 11 League of Astig Facebook fan page here and says that GMA 7 will reprogram Q into all-news channel starting next year. It will also serve as a rival for ABS-CBN's ANC channel which is a cable channel that runs news 24/7.

For those who like free-to-air news channel, it's a good news. However for the rest of the people, particularly women and anime fans will get disappointed. Why am I saying this to you? First of all, there's a problem about GMA Network's net income in the third quarter this year due to low ratings. Another reason is that there's a new GMA network president. So, it's possible that the staff will make plans to increase their income - by making programs for adult audiences. There's a risk that the schedules which contain shows for kids and teens, will affect the reprogramming of Q. As I read that announcement on Facebook, judging from the fan's reactions, they're worry that the Q will be the next channel to stop airing kids show. Some of the largest networks like ABS-CBN (Team Animazing) then TV5 (Animega) got rid of their schedules for anime show and replaced variety shows.

In 2005, GMA Network launched it's sister channel called Q, which intended to be a lifestyle channel for women. Q aired a lot of shows about traveling, helpful tips, entertainment, and cooking shows which the network fairly increase their income. At the same time, Q launched many anime and kids shows, mostly they were aired on GMA before. They also aired anime shows which was brought from ABS - CBN like Heidi and Daddy Long Legs. In 2009, Q made two sets of schedules for children - Super Bulilit, in the mornings and League of Astig, in the afternoons. As of this year, the status of airing kiddie shows on Q goes fine like before.

No one can tell what Q and GMA are up to next year, but let's hope that they'll never do what ABS - CBN and TV5 did because anime in the Philippines will decline sooner.


Trapp Family Singers Now On Q

Q channel 11 once again brought another World Masterpiece Theater animated series called Trapp Family Singers. The show aired yesterday (November 1) and it's on Super Bulilit block. Watch Trapp Family Singers on Q every weekday mornings around 9:30 AM.

For those who are familiar to this show, Trapp Family Singers is another WTO series aired in ABS-CBN back in 90's along with Daddy-Long-Legs and Heidi.