A Kim Possible Stuff

It's just a wallpaper I got from toon-wallpapers.com. Man, I really like this Kim Possible wallpaper. (from left to right) Rufus, Wade, Kim, and Ron made a peace sign. Maybe it symbolizes no more criminal habits all over the world. It's really funny and adorable to see those four main characters much. Oh yeah, yesterday I felt like I went to Kim Possible fandom again after watching few episodes from season 2 to season 4 (I already watch season 1 before). Should any local networks air Kim Possible episodes again here? I watch few of those in ABS-CBN every weekday mornings around 2 years ago but they got only one season. There's a bunch of Kim Possible episodes on Youtube available this time but since our headphone's here is broken, it makes me fuzz watching those on silent mode. At least there's something surprise in season four.

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