ETV Intros and Some Episodes

I recently found out these ETV openings - Hiraya Manawari, Bayani, ATBP, Epol Apple, Sineskwela, and Math Tinik. Don't you think that you feel lucky you watched these shows when you were young? I miss them too, you know. Thanks to housetofu for intros and redwormIII for Epol Apple and Sineskwela episodes for the videos. I miss them, too. Click the title of the shows:

Epol Apple (episode 3 with intro)

Sineskwela (first season intro, episode 3)


Monster Buster Club

Image from Blue Sky Disney at http://blueskydisney.blogspot.com

Seriously, I didn't realize why I got hooked in this show on Q. I also started liking this series so I wanted to find more about it through internet. Sadly, most of the articles related to have non-English languages so I decided to review about this one. Monster Buster Club or MBC is a CGI cartoon series produced by Marathon Production (the studio where Martin Mystery and Totally Spies! came from) and it's also the first CG-animation made by that studio. Few years ago, this show was aired in Jetix Europe and later on Toon Disney.

Monster Buster Club follows the three 10-year old kids along with Cathy who is an alien. Together with Cathy's grandfather, they formed the secret organization called the Monster Buster Club where their mission is to protect Single Town from alien invaders. Unlike Cartoon Network's Kids-Next-Door, MBC has advanced technology gadgets to capture alien enemies from different galaxies. Like most of the young heroes, the MBC members deal everyday lives like school, bullying, and crushes while balancing their time to bust monsters. Just like your friends, every person has different personalities. There goes Cathy Smith - a happy-go-lucky alien girl who always smile (which I'd say she's my favorite because of her character), Danny - a sporty guy with a sense of humor, Sam - a tough but rational girl, and Chris - smart and a technology expert.

While that show aimed for kids, Monster Buster Club doesn't contain blood or gore but slime is at least okay. It's also a show which contains comedy and a lot of action. Many kinds of weapon are used like laser beams and alien trappers are present. Sometimes, the main characters do their efforts defeating enemies like punching or throwing objects lighter their own. Also, there goes colorful backgrounds and character designs are great. Even the aliens are looking tough. While the story is all about busting aliens, the four kids deal problems like popular people, teachers or bullies. With the gang's positive attitude (and Cathy's optimism), they solve a lot of mysteries and their problems.

To know more about Monster Buster Club, you can visit their official site here. You can also watch that show on Q 11 weekday afternoons at 4:30 PM.


Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Right, it's been a long time I started getting interested watching comic superheroes on TV. Last time, our local TV's (with the exception of cable channels) aired Justice League and Teen Titans on Studio 23. Last time, I think that TV station aired The Batman. Few years later, when TV5 aired Cartoon Network shows I dunno why I got hooked with the new Batman series which called Batman: The Brave and the Bold every weekday afternoons.

Cartoon Network came up with another Batman series after the previous one which was aired in Studio 23. As I watched the Brave and the Bold, I got excited with the stories and it's edgy but smooth animation. Check out Batman's costume, he's got blue design similar to Adam West in 60's version of Batman live-action. What's new on that show is that he's got one or two other superheroes from DC heroes to help Batman solve a lot of mysteries and crimes (although Batman thinks he doesn't need them a lot sometimes). There's also a lot of villains from other DC comics but there are few episodes where you'll see Batman's enemies like the Joker and the Penguin.

Every episode, before the opening theme song there's a trouble and Batman comes to get things right along with his superhero ally but viewer's will soon realize that's not the focus in the main story. Few good things about The Brave and The Bold is that the stories and scenes are kid-friendly and enjoyable. The scripts are good and not so boring. Batman thinks that Gotham City is safe while he's busy solving cases in other remote areas, right?. One great thing I observed in the show is Batman's point of view. He analyzes his partner's strengths and weaknesses and Batman tells that person what is wrong then gives advice like a mentor. In the end of every episodes, there goes moral ending like friendship, acceptance or respect another superheroes' ability - a truly great example for kid viewers.

What I dislike about the show is that you'll hear few innuendos kids won't understand but thank goodness I watch the show on TV5 which means it's on Tagalog-dub. Then again, when you watch Batman: The Brave and The Bold you'll think that you've seen many superheroes that appear in silver or golden age comic books. Since it's on Cartoon Network, the show aimed for young viewers.