Monster Allergy

Are you a person who thinks getting hallucinations by seeing monsters around you? If you are, you and a young boy in that picture have in common. Monster Allergy proves to be another adventures by dealing other monsters. Monster Allergy is based on a comic book series created by Disney Italy (same does as W.I.T.C.H.) around year 2003. Then around 2006, it's series turned out to be animated series produced and directed by Iginio Straffiti under Rainbow S.p.A Productions, and ironically the creator of Winx Club.

The story of this series started when a young girl named Elena Potato moved to Old Mill Village together with her family. There, he met a young boy named Ezekiel Zick or"Zick" as his nickname who later showed that he possessed powers by controlling monsters. Unfortunately, Zick suffers from all sorts of allergies which it also helps seeing the monsters around. Together as best friends, they embark different sorts of adventures which deals the secret of the world of monsters, which they usually overcome them. They are aided by a cat named Timothy-Moth, Zick's cat,"tutor" and the guardian of imprisoned monsters who has unusual powers and ability to speak human language.

I swear I really miss this series despite that I never complete it's collection. The comic book series was released in September 2004 here in the Philippines by the Summit Media. It's issues contain great storyline and art created by some artists and writers from W.I.T.C.H. . What cool about it's comic series is that they have a guide about the world of monsters known as "Monster Tamer's Manual" and "Monster Keeper's Manual" which included every issue. Unfortunately, they stop publishing at #14. I didn't complete or buy it's past issues but instead, I donate my incomplete collection for my English project when I was in high school around early 2006. Few months later after that, while checking some random stuff in the internet I decided to search Monster Allergy until I found out that there was animated series about it. It really surprises me that they produced it for TV's. It bummed me later on that I won't be able to watch that animated because it only air in cable's only. Around 2007, Disney Channel Asia announced that Monster Allergy will premiere in the Philippines. Although I got nostalgic about the comic series, it's fine for me never to watch that because I've seen few episodes on Monster Allergy in Youtube but they got rid of it later on.

I was saying about the animated series not only the storyline much follows it comic series, it also emphasizes the look and design of the characters much like in their comic counterparts. You picture different monsters in the way through the Detention Oasis, Bibur-si through the world of evil monsters. Speaking of monsters, there are good and bad monsters that are invisible. Good monsters in the series like the bumbling Bombos, energetic Snyakutz and other monsters I couldn't remember. Bad or evil monsters like the Black Phantoms and Magnacats are the examples. There's a lot of mystery inside the world of Monster Allergy, including Zick's heritage and his own destiny to become a "Tamer". In the comics and animated series, "Tamers" are actually humans gifted with special powers to control and trap monsters with the use of canisters known as "Taming Box" and their Dom powers (gestures). Tamers aren't much consider as monsters however. Zick together with Elena expected more of their adventures to investigate the relation between monsters and humans. I don't know how many episodes that Monster Allergy produce but they got an opening theme in a different language. Even this series got their official site but it seems to be still under construction for one and a half years. Merchandises of it's series would be hit too like getting their official Monster Allergy TCG. Aside from their official site and stuff, fans made a dedication to it's comic and animated series called "The Unofficial Monster Allergy Forum". With it's good series, Monster Allergy really shows it's really, let's say "fantastically addicting" to watch. Getting ready to deal with monsters now....

Luckily, some staff from Monster Allergy show their original artworks and few strips on DeviantArt as a part of Italian artists project. You can view samples here, here, and here.


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