Networks In The Philippines - Part 6

Another continuing bump in the last part of Networks In The Philippines segment...I may not know other small networks so I'm trying to figure out their distributions and their progress.

Before TV5, it was known as the Association Broadcasting Company or ABC back in 1960. A fine and well-made success had improved of the station since 1994. ABC was known to show many local programs, foreign shows and cartoons. One of the success in that station was the popular Sailor Moon franchise which ran about late 90's to 2002. Then in 1996, Wow Mali was created and it is still considered as the longest running comedy show in the Philippines including it's successors and alternate versions: Wow Maling Mali (2003), Wow Mali Bytes (2005) and Wow Mali Express (2008). In 2003, ABC made it's renovation including the broadcast of Philippine Basketball Association or PBA and WWE.

In August 2008, the name ABC was changed into TV5. The changed was showed by it's final sign-off featuring previous local programs that ABC succeed. After the sign-off, a timer countdown was showed until TV5 was launched one day later. A lot of fresh and new programs are shown in this station. TV5 operates 24 hours a day provided with the music-video show All Hot Music.

At first I wonder myself when it comes to available children's shows, I jump into TV5 first. Well for one thing, TV5 put up many schedules mostly for children and teens. Some shows from Nick on TV5 (previously Nick on ABC), and new anime shows success them. Not only for children, many new-local programs are also available too like Lokomoko (formerly Wow Mali), Ogags, Shock Attack, etc. At the early months since the launch of the new station, TV5 became the third station to received higher ratings from the AGB Nielsen survey. TV5 turned into good-start moment in televisions today.

Launched in February 1999, Net-25 is owned by Eagle Broadcasting Network which contains local and foreign programs though not as much as Studio 23 or QTV have. That network is best known for for having detailed coverage of EDSA III and receive seven Anak TV Seal Awards in 2002. It also air shows about information technology like Conevrgence which considred as the number one I.T. show in the Philippines.

Net-25 also aired few television programs for children mostly from PBS like Zooboomafoo, Between the Lions and Lil' Horrors. They also aired Cyber Dodo which is the 5-minute animated show that features a "dodo" as a main character and promotes how to save the environment from extinction. Currently, the network aired a children's show made from Japan which airs every Saturday mornings.

(reads the article in Wikipedia)
It doesn't really mean that there is no children's programming there. UNTV 37 is a 24-hour operating network that provides shows for public service like Checkpoint and D'X-Man. I guess Ang Dating Daan returns it's company which made UNTV 37 into a top-notch show. There is only one religion show (and current) that fits for children, The KNC Show or "Kawad ng Cordero".

This network was dedicated and operated by the college and university students back in 2006. UniversiTV was first started as a free-network. There are few good shows that air which the hosts are the students like the Chopsuey segments, Kabataan News Network, U-Turn and others. In April 2008, UniversiTV moved as a cable TV network. No wonder why they decided to turn the network in cable TV, then?

ACQ-Kingdom Broadcasting Network
It is a channel mostly promote religious programs via broadcast, satellite or cable. ACQ is under the name "Sonshine Media Network International". Since it's released in year 2003, ACQ produced religion-theme programs under the supervision of Kingdoms Programs which includes Tagalog and English. Like in UNTV 37 there are also religion-theme children's programs like Batang Kaharian and the special program Christmas from the Heart.

I guess that's all. If I have any networks that I never wrap here you can search others in Wikipedia. In the meantime, airing foreign or local children shows seems to be minimized or shown for the sake of the ratings. But then, they really progress the prime time or scheduled block for showing children and teen programs. There are lot of network stations which usually lined-up a lot of cartoons like Cartoon Network, Disney and Nickelodeon. By observing and remembering the year's progress, it's like in the blink of the eye there's a part of something to be watch and later turned ourselves into nostalgic.

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