Azumanga Daioh

What would friends for without crazy moments?....I suppose this anime could do reasons to make you laugh. Azumanga Daioh is a manga that was created by Kiyohiko Azuma. Judging from the title of the manga, the creator's surname "Azuma" was used and combined it with the word "manga".While the word "Daioh" was named after the the original publisher of the manga, Dengeki Daioh or the word "king" I suppose. The manga was originally published between 1998 to 2001 then turned out as anime in the year 2002.

The story of Azumanga Daioh is all about high school life in Tokyo. A mix of trials and triumphs features six high school girls with their own personality. The youngest girl in the class, Chiyo Minama or Chiyo was considered very cute among the rest of the girls because of being short. Surprisingly enough in the early episodes, Chiyo is an intelligent girl passing to high school from fifth grade. She is also a rich girl that some other girls targeted Chiyo being jealous because of her intelligence and cuteness (you can describe her cuteness because of her ponytails). Tomo Takino, is surely energetic and competitive girl who likes sports and athletics. Unfortunately, because of being an energetic classmate some of the classmates thought Tomo is unpredictable and a slacker. Koyomi Mizuhara on the other hand, is a serious and most-matured among girls despite of telling advice to her friends. Sometimes, she can be a stubborn gal especially when Tomo annoys her. Like Chiyo, Koyomi is also an intelligent girl but only second to Chiyo. Sakaki, is a soft-spoken girl who likes cats. She is also naturally talented in athletics but she doesn't have interest of it. Kagura, is the athletic in swimming competitions. Last one is Ayumu Kasugu, or known as "Osaka" because she is a transfer student from Osaka. Tomo is the first person who called Ayumu "Osaka" is because of Ayumu's behavior is similar to the "Osakans". She is absentminded or daydreaming girl but she's good when it comes to riddles.

Those six girls are merely friends with their different personality. Every episodes contain a lot of witty and funny scenes. It really brought out what life means in Japanese high school. Another thing was, Azumanga Daioh is a good show to watch because not only it contains humor, but it also gives charm and very represented stories. It's a recommended anime to watch if you want the female protagonists being free from strange monster-battles or being abducted with too much boys. First stop, watch the anime's opening theme here.

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