Donald Duck - Trick or Treat

A Disney short featuring Donald Duck together with his nephews Dewey,Louie,and Hewey and this cartoon has a Halloween theme. "Trick or Treat" tells about the three nephews who visited their uncle Donald Duck for "trick or treat". With Donald Duck's arrogance, he made a ridiculous trick that would hurt his nephews. Dewey,Louie and Hewey became sad until they meet someone who will help them to make Donald Duck in a good side for Halloween.

Is Donald Duck realize his lesson in this cartoon? You will find out in this video here. Hey, this cartoon is recommended to you (so does the other Halloween-special cartoons) and for everyone who's sick of horror movie marathon if you want to.

Happy Halloween to you and everyone out there. =)


Lambert the Sheepish Lion

I really like this classic cartoon from Walt Disney shorts. I watch that cartoon last week but when our headphone's broken after that week,I won't be able to hear the audio(bummer!).Oh well.Lambert the Sheepish Lion tells about a young lion cub who mistakenly adopted to the mother sheep by the delivery stork. Because of his different appearance, the other calf makes fun of him but Lambert proves his courage when he save his mother from a hungry wolf.

I caught these pictures from Youtube just to share.

Title card

Vegetarian lion? probably yes.

Okay, enough screenshots but I assure it's quite a spoiler if I had to fill them up here. If you want to watch "Lambert the Sheepish Lion" online, click the video here.


Super Inggo at Ang Super Tropa

I just recently found an article somewhere in a forum:

Walden Sadiri
Manila Bulletin

After the success of the superserye "Super Inggo" comes the first Pinoy-Anime series from ABS-CBN TV Production and ABS-CBN Animation entitled "Super Inggo at ang Super Tropa." ("Super Inggo and the Super Troup")

And if it’s called a Pinoy Anime it’s because it’s done and stylized from the popular Japanese animation format called anime, but is very Pinoy in content, story and drama.

We were privileged to watch an episode from the said Pinoy Anime series. "Super Inggo at ang Super Tropa" looked like a Tagalized imported anime series. But it is not. It is not only very Pinoy in terms of story but the background itself contains Pinoy culture like "fiesta and the food served during fiestas" in the said episode. Problems that Super Inggo would have to face were also situations that young televiewers could relate to. Like problems about the environment, toxic wastes and corruption. Balancing such dilemmas were the Pinoy drama in terms of father and daughter relationships and dream of leaving poverty for greener pastures.

"When international viewers watch ‘Super Inggo’ they would know it’s from the Philippines and made in the Philippines because of what they will see in it like the fiestas, butiki and more. This is a groundbreaking project from ABS-CBN which all of us Filipinos can be proud of," exclaimed Enrico Santos, Business Unit Head and Vice President for TV Production.

The "Super Inggo and the Super Tropa" project started after the finale of "Super Inggo" series. But the ABS-CBN Animation Department was put up in 2005 according to Guia Jose, the ABS-CBN Animation Department Business Unit Head. She shared that ABS-CBN already dreamed of an animated series way back in 1995 when they formed Star Animation but didn’t push through because of the Asian Economic Crisis.

Leading 85 people in her animation department, their target is to produce 26 weeks worth of episodes which would also be sold to ready markets abroad. But for the Philippines, they would have episodes ready for one season or 13 weeks. And making a 22-minute episode costs more than a million pesos according to both business unit heads.

Hmm, as far as I could think about this planned project "Super Inggo at ang Super Tropa" will provide the voices based on the live-action series such as Makisig Morales as Budong, Jarius Aquino as Jomar,Kathryn Barnardo as Maya, Joshua Dionisio as Ken and Andrew Muhlach as Teg. For the contrary "Super Inggo at ang Super Tropa" is'nt the first Pinoy Anime ever produced but being the first Pinoy Anime produced by ABS-CBN. But the question is, will this upcoming Pinoy Anime series will produce at least 20+ episodes than BIDA- Batang Iwas Droga? Super Inggo at ang Super Tropa will air on ABS-CBN soon. For the meantime, the characters for the upcoming cartoon take as a part of ABS-CBN Funtaserye Day last October 19th in SM San Lazaro and October 26 on SM North Edsa.

To view the teaser trailer of "Super Inggo at ang Super Tropa", check out here.


The Three Stooges Cartoons

The Three Stooges has been known the famous 20th century comedy act because of their slapstick comedy and humorous short-films ever made. The Three Stooges has been very popular in the past and part as a classic show. Cartoons can be popular too so what if The Three Stooges jumped into cartoons as well?

The New Three Stooges

Is there something "new" like the show's title? Classic. This cartoon version was based on the popular 20th century comedy show The Three Stooges. It's an old cartoon that was shown around mid-60's in the US and generally for children especially adults who like the trio. Produced by Cambrian Studios,the main characters were also based on the live-action like Larry Fine, "Curly Joe" Del Rita and Moe Howard. They also provided the voice acting for the cartoon.

When I looked down the character designs, they have the staggering yet humorist style or more like caricatures just like the show's short-films.Of course, the comedy of the Three Stooges added some slapstick comedy act. The show had also a mix of live action segments during the start and the end of the show in some episodes.Unlike the live-action Three Stooges films, the story of the cartoon puts up light elements rather than being outrageous because of parent's concern about the show's violence. Also, many fans who watched The Three Stooges were disappointed because of the cartoon. Sometimes, they thought they are gonna show reruns but that's because there were live-action scenes from the beginning. But that's just a classic cult and it made the popularity of Three Stooges more alive.

More "The New Three Stooges" screen shots? Here are some:

Luckily, some Youtube users uploaded The New Three Stooges episodes here.

The Robonic Stooges

Another Three Stooges cartoon-based appeared and it's called The Bionic Stooges. This show was a part of Saturday-morning cartoon block produced by Hanna-Barbera productions from 1978. The main characters are Larry,Moe and Curly act as the clumsy superheroes with their bionic powers and assigned their missions from Agent 000.

(from left to right) Larry,Curly and Moe.
The Three Stooges in superhero mode.

In this modern-looking classic cartoon, The Robonic Stooges shows how to deal with it's fresh new look as a part of Saturday morning cartoons. Larry,Curly and Moe appeared to be younger and manlier than The New Three Stooges. As having the action and comedy genre cartoon, the Stooges slapstick act had been lessened and give more new comedy flavor instead. The series didn't add the live-action segments but rather focus on a cartoon dedicated to the original Three Stooges. The show has also familiar fictional stuff from few mythology to movies. The voices of the Robonic Stooges doesn't provide the original voices of the Three Stooges which makes it very unlikely dissapointing and crude. Just like in the original Three Stooges, a dose of comedy improves the popularity of the famous comedy act. There are also bunch of the Robonic Stooges episodes on Youtube where you can watch them.


Calvin and Hobbes Ending

While randomly searching for interesting comic strips in the internet, I found Bill Watterson's Calvin and Hobbes might be a good one to read. I'm much being curious about it's ending though. I remember last few months ago that I saw an ending of that strip and read it on dgemu.com forums. It seems to be sad and realistic but unfortunately it was a fake ending. Fan-made perhaps?

Th real ending was actually positive and more accurate than the pic above. Look at the bottom pic:


Upcoming Anime Shows

Rumors that these two new and upcoming anime shows will air on Philippine TV this or next year. Ladies and gentlemen, here are the upcoming shows that will soon (or not?) air in the Philippines.

Death Note

This series centers a young high school student named Light Yagami (or "L" as his nickname) who accidentally discovers a supernatural notebook known as "Death Note"dropped on Earth by Ryuk. L is able to use the "Death Note" in order to kill anyone by writing the victim's name. The story follows L's attempt to create and rule the new world where no evil can enter with the help of the notebook, and also complications between himself and his opponents.

This anime was discussed by many Pinoy forums hoping that this anime will air in the Philippines someday. Many said that Death Note will air on GMA Network in the late quarter this year or next year.But sometimes, I doubt Death Note will air on the Philippines because of it's content are more blood-gruesome and murderous than Bleach (aired last year on GMA) which will ended up being censored. Another possibility is because the schedules of airing anime shows in afternoon needs to be fit to the GMA weekday afternoon shows....or in weekday morning schedules. But whatever statements that some Filipino people (and fans) who want to watch Death Note, at least someday hope this will air on the Philippines. If not, better screw up with fan-subbed Death Note episodes instead.

Jang Geum's Dream

After the success of the Koreanovela series Jewel in the Palace (or Jang Geum the Great), a Korean animation made dedicated to the historical drama. This animated series is a spin-off which tells about a young Jang Geum who dreams to becoming the palace cook. This series is intended to the younger viewers which the story doesn't include tragedies, corruption or murder. But with a mix of light comedy and good-moral delight (including some Korean dishes,mmm!), this show will generally appeal to the Filipino audiences just like they saw Jewel In The Palace again. Jang Geum's Dream will air on GMA Network this or next year.

Not sure when these two shows will air but just one thing- they're cool to watch.

Yu-Gi-Oh GX

Yep it goes around with a sequel of one of the Popular TCG franchise. Premiered in October 2004 in Japan, another sequel came out to the world of Yu-Gi-Oh! and that is Yu-Gi-Oh GX. This series is the spin-off of the previous Yu-Gi-Oh! series and follows of a young hero named Jaden Yuki (Judai Yuki in original Japanese) and his companions around the Duel Academy. Just like to it's series predecessor, Yu-Gi-Oh GX created by Kazuki Takahashi and then later on Naoyuki Kageyama in manga version.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX begins 10 years ago when Jaden Yuki obtained the Winged Kuriboh card from the Duel monsters champion Yugi Mutoh while on his way to the Duel Academy entrance. The Duel Academy was founded by Seto Kaiba somewhere in the Southern Seas and it has three sections named after three Egyptian God Cards-Obelisk Blue, Ra Yellow and Slifer Red. Obelisk Blue was named after Obelisk the Tormentor where the students and faculty got high quality on the hotels and restaurants. Ra Yellow was named after The Winged Dragon of Ra and unlike the Obelisk Blue, Ra Yellow got clean and average faculty and dormitories.Only students with the highest exam (or reached junior section) can enter in Ra Yellow. Last is Slifer Red (Osiris Red) which is named after Slifer the Sky Dragon and also the lowest section. Students who got poorest grades are put into the lowest quarters. If you're wondering how come Slifer Red is the lowest, before the Duel Academy and during the time Seto Kaiba was the Duelist, he got Obelisk the Tormentor in his deck until he was beaten by Yugi's Slifer the Sky Dragon. So, Kaiba put Obelisk the Tormentor as the highest section while Slifer the Sky Dragon in lowest section for reminding his loss from Yugi.

There are also efforts in producing this series. The "GX" series title literally means "Generation NeXt" (Next generation?). Eyecatches are also appeared in every opening and closing eyecatches. They show one or two characters with their duke monsters each. Then the closing credits is really amusing which shows various cards and it's rarity. The world of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX contains many main and supporting characters. The main characters are Jaden Yuki (Judai Yuki), his best friends Syrus Trusdale (Sho Marufuji) and Hayato Maeda (Chumley Huffington). Other main characters are Alexis Rhodes (Asuka Tenjoin) and her older brother Atticus (Fubuki Tenjoin), elitist Chazz Princeton (Jun Manjourne), the analytic Bastion Misawa (Daichi Misawa), the strong-willed Tyranno Hassleberry (Tyranno Kenzan) and the love-passionate Blair Flannigan (Rei Saotome). The supporting characters are mostly from the connection of Duel Academy and in professional dueling worlds. As the season appeared, non-students of Duel Academy joined to the duels.

One noticeable thing about Yu-Gi-Oh GX is that each of the main characters has their own themes and elements in their decks. For example, Jaden Yuki uses his Element Hero deck while while Syrus uses Vehicroid-theme deck in order to duke out opponents in battle. Each of their decks has their strengths and weaknesses depending of the Duelist's style of strategy. The theme of the series can be almost dark similar to the previous Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise which deals with magic, Shadow Games and myths.Then in later on the season focuses about the destiny and alternative dimensions. Of course, life at Duel Academy can somehow be related to the real school life-friends,bullies,teamwork,etc. The character design goes well in the anime too.

Yu-Gi-Oh GX got into merchandising as well aside from new cards based on the anime. The manga version published by Shueisha's Jump Comics division V-Jump released around 2005 and later adapted into English around 2006. Video games,CD's and world championship competitions are also appeared to this franchise. DVD's with the original illustration covers jumped out with it's complete set of volumes distributed in US,Australia and Japan. Yu-Gi-Oh GX set released it's episodes in different countries like in US,Brazil,Italy,Philippines and among others. The last time I saw that anime series in the Philippines around 2007 in Studio 23 which aired every weekday evenings. If you don't want to wait yourself for getting DVD's or episodes on TV,not to worry there are various episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh GX in Youtube where you can watch them as well. The opening and ending themes are divided in every season which I have no idea who the singers are.


An Old Pokemon Commercial From The Philippines

And also another here.
Ladies and gent's, I present to you this old but cool Pokemon commercial found in Youtube.
Actually, this is one of the old commercial archieves appeared on GMA 7 back in the year 2000 as a part of "We Are Anime" series. This commercial was the first time promote Pokemon in the Philippines (Yay!). The first appearance of this show in our local TV used English-dubbed until it's cancellation around 2001,but then returned around 2007 which now uses Tagalog-dubbed version we've seen today. At least I'd say, I first met Pokemon series by it's own anime version and this commercial before buying it's video games and TCG's. Then, I really miss the evening schedule for showing anime shows on GMA. I even think GMA Telebabad shows should fix it's schedule and replace old anime shows instead.


Sugarfree - Pugad

One of the active Filipino band, Sugarfree got another music video for their latest song entitled "Pugad". Aside from it's good music to their new song, there's also cameo appearances from one of the classic Pinoy komiks. If you want to find out, just watch the video. :)


Egg (2005)

The white egg shell is the protagonist of the animated short, "Egg".

Premiered in February 6,2005 on GMA, another animated short appeared venturing to the world of Pinoy Animation. This animated short created by Ramon Del Prado has a long history of producing it. When the first time I saw this in "Pinoy Anime" series, thinking the title "Egg" as a simple title but the content has it's own valuable meaning. For whatever reason, Ramon Del Prado made a good story for this cartoon after all. He mentioned that his animation "Egg" originally was his "thesis" in Communication Arts back in the year 2003. Also, he is the first student in De La Salle University (where he took up college) attempted to make a computer-generated animation of this cartoon.

Based on this synopsis of this cartoon, "Egg" tells about a chicken (egg) is misplaced as a balut egg that even other eggs avoid him because of it's different appearance. The situation in every balut egg inside the factory worse when one of them told him that having the different appearance has a disease. So the chicken egg escape from the factory and set off his own journey. He met sorts of other creatures and EGG has to discover a proof that there is something for what thought having disease, but the journey's finding one itself. Looking back to it's story it has it's meaning about discrimination such as the other balut's avoiding the white egg is an example. Lucky for that EGG, he manage to escape from the balut factory or else he will be cooked along with other many balut. It has also a "Ugly Duckling" theme which you'll know the ending (which this cartoon have similar ending). As a computer-generated animation, "Egg" gives itself a colorful movements which pictures that there are trials and adventures of the main protagonists that is related to the real world. The voice acting in every characters in Filipino with English subtitles which seems to be fine as if you can tell it is an indie film.

Ramon's Del Prado's thesis gives itself big rewards in the same year to 2004. Before "Egg" premiered on GMA Network, this 26-minute animation was awarded by the De La Salle University in September 2003 as an "Outstanding Thesis Award" and being the finalist of Catholic Mass Media Awards in the same year. Del Prado said during the awards in De La Salle, said he attempted to make a short-animation came up that there should be something that will "tackle" a problem with a mix of children's interest of cartoons. In 2004, other awards and events for the film included being on Exhibition at the Cinemanila International Film in Greenbelt 1, Finalist Gawad CCP for best Short Film, Grand Best Picture Award in the UP Indeo Film Festival and 1st place in the 5th annual UP Video and Film Awards in Animation. Then in 2005, the awards of "Egg" bring a soar honor for being a Pinoy animation. The exhibition of this film in the same year became a part of Anime Explosion Phlippine Animation Festival, MOV International Film Festival and Imaginasian New York for Asian/Filipino Film Festival. Then finally, "Egg" aired on GMA Network. I wouldn't even imagine for getting tons of rewards by just having an indie film.

Aside for having Ramon Del Prado's first animation that premiered in the Philippines, it also made many deserving rewards as a part of Pinoy Animation. The De La Salle University also opened the course for animation in 2004 in order to follow the steps to become an animator like Ramon. With Ramon's imagination and also a modified theme, "Egg" is his first step for pursuing career as an animator that will help strive the industry of Pinoy animation. Del Prado also became a director of Tuldok Animation's "Libingan" in 2007 but as of now, he is also working as a teacher and a freelance filmmaker. For more information about the creator and his works, visit his official website here. A news article including the interview about Del Prado can be available here.