Philippine Animation Magazine - From Anima Dreams Inc.

From Anima Dreams Inc. website:

AnimaDreams, Inc. believes in the creativity of the Filipino artists. The vision is for the Philippine animation industry to be recognized as content providers for local, Asia Pacific and European markets. The company seeks to use its resources to showcase locally produced animated original content to illustrate Philippine animation capability. It shall be a vehicle for opportunities to make public the quality of Philippine animators and demonstrate their full potential. It believes that to maintain and sustain the quality of Philippine animation, there should be a continuous supply of world class artists and animators.

The Philippine Animation Magazine produced and published by AnimaDreams is a pet project. This is a quarterly magazine with stories about Filipino animators, game developers and animation training. Every issue shall feature a local content or a local talent and an animation studio or an animation school. It will tackle both trends in the markets and events/happening in Asia and the world on animation. It will also talk about the latest technology. It will be an avenue for artists/animators to showcase their ideas, character designs and their thoughts on Philippine animation.

Its goal is to inspire, motivate and encourage local artists to create something of their own while showing the world the full potential of Filipino animators.

This Philippine Animation Magazine shall be an advertisement of Filipino creativity to be brought in Asia and in Europe.

We believe and would like to pursue a dream: to let it be known that Filipinos are capable of creating and developing animation content from script to screen.

Good news for everyone who wants to tackle more about Philippine animation. The Philippine Animation Magazine was launch last March 26 this year at Central Plaza Eastwood City (Whoa, almost two or three weeks passed I think.). The magazine features about Philippine animation as well as the staff behind the animation. It also features news and programs about the latest animation trends for everyone.

Check out the official website of Anima Dreams Inc. (the publisher who created the Philippine Animation Magazine) located at the top of this entry especially their magazine cover. According to their site, the magazine release four issues every year. The entries contain the first issue is available to check out for those who never went to the event last March 26th. I never grab a copy because I got final exams to loomed but that's another story. I even asked a question to their site where will buy next issues. Philippine Animation Magazine surely spread the information to many Filipino people as well as from other countries.


Wonder Pets

Before I get through this entry, I would like to apologize for being absent for previous few weeks because I'm finishing my final exam in college I studied. Our final exam seemed to be hard but oh well, starting next week I'm going to take a break from school studies for a while.

I couldn't help watching this show from Nick Jr. Wonder Pets is another television show which premiered in 2006 in Nickelodeon cable network then premiered last year on TV5 in the Philippines. The show features three (cute) pets from a small elementary school who saves different animals every episode. Linny the Guinea Pig, the leader of Wonder Pets and she's also the most intelligent of the group, Tuck the Turtle, a sweet male turtle fellow and also emphatetic of the group (he loves to put their saved animals for company), and Ming-Ming the Duckling who is overconfident and she speaks stutterly.

The animation Wonder Pets used "photo-puppetry" which contained photographed animals and manipulate them to be animated. Scenes also show drawn objects which the program may be considered having mixed media format. The best of that show aside from being educational, is their musical and orchestral theme. Dialogues and storylines are actually followed with mix of musical. It is goes something like this:

-Children says goodbye to Linny, Tuck and Ming-Ming before they go home
- Then a tin can telephone ring and the pets answer it.
-The three heroes dress their capes and hats to be Wonder Pets then they assemble their vehicle called "Flyboat".
- Usually there is an obstacle where Wonder Pets need to solve before they leave the school.
-They rush of to school while they sing then goes to a place where they will rescue an animal.
-At that location, the Wonder Pets tried few attempts on how to rescue until they remembered the solution like they did before leaving school.
-When an animal is saved, a relative (usually a parent) pops up somewhere to thank Wonder Pets for rescuing his/her baby.
-As a reward, the Wonder Pets celebrate by eating celery sticks (sometimes adds it with flavor). In some episodes, the Wonder Pets are rewarded from the animals they met.
- They returned to the school. The Flyboat disassembled itself while the Wonder Pets returned to their cages. Then, before an episode ends, Linny takes a bite of celery and winks in front of the camera.

What I like the show are their songs especially when TV5 decided to dub it into Tagalog. It is very somewhat similar for singing opening theme songs from Bananas and Pajamas or Batibot. Here are the catchy lyrics from Tagalog-dubbed Wonder Pets:

Si Linny, Tuck, at si Ming Ming
Ang Wonder Pets tutulong sa inyo
Anong kailangan? Magtulungan!
Anong kailangan? MAGTULUNGAN!

Wonder Pets, Wonder Pets
Ngayon ay masaya
Hindi malalaki at hindi malalakas
Pero pag nagtulungan lahat nalulutas

Catch Wonder Pets on TV5 Mondays to Wednesdays every early mornings.