Nickelodeon On TV 5

Last August 9th, ABC 5 (Association Broadcasting Company) changed into TV 5 with additional new shows for their station. TV 5 also adds new cartoons for the kids in their schedules. It's good to hear that TV 5 is a new station for channel 5 but it is still considered as Association Broadcasting Company and the CEO of the station will be the same. Another thing that I found out about this new station aside from having new kid's shows for kids.More kid shows are mostly from Nickelodeon released new Nicktoons for the whole week and also added more schedules for showing these new shows. It is called "Nick on TV 5" after it's previous logo "Nick on ABC" during the time ABC 5 ran.

In the early 2006 before TV 5, ABC 5 introduced their first Nickelodeon shows such as Spongebob Squarepants,Chalkzone,Blues Clues,Dora the Explorer,Hey Arnold!,Global Guts and others that aired every week depending on their schedules. It's a hit for viewers who watch Nickelodeon in ABC 5 ever since the other network station,RPN 9 was the first one to introduce many shows from Nickelodeon.

In "Nick on TV 5" this year aside from new shows, popular Nicktoons today such as Spongebob Squarepants get more schedules mornings and afternoon every week. It's own show's promo, "Spongebob's Birthday Bop" is still fairly active ever since 2006. TV 5 also released new Nickelodeon shows such as Catscratch, Rocko's Modern Life, Drake & Josh and Legends of the Hidden Temple airs via satellite feed from Nickelodeon every Sunday mornings along with another non-Nickelodeon and local children show, Toogs. Other Nicktoons that previously aired during "Nick on ABC" also returned such as Chalkzone, Danny Phantom and Avatar:The Last Airbender. Nick Jr.'s "Dora The Explorer" and "Go,Diego,Go!" are also fairly active in TV 5 and another new Nick. Jr show "Wonder Pet's" airs in Nick on TV 5 every weekday mornings. A new feature about "Nick on TV 5" is that the Tagalog-dubbed version of Spongebob Squarepants, Avatar: The Last Airbender and another new show, Jimmy Neutron: Boys Genius are now available every weekday afternoons from 4:30-6:00 P.M only.

The new network station TV 5 turns out for having such Nicktoon shows ever since RPN 9 introduce Nickelodeon prime time block in the year 2003 to 2005. This is good news for people who wants to watch Nickelodeon shows for free.

Meanwhile, I still clearly remember the old schedule during the time RPN 9 introduced some Nicktoons every week since 2003 to 2005. Note: This is not the same schedule as "Nick on TV 5" have today so don't try to expect looking for these shows on RPN 9. I just only showed you the difference of Nicktoons schedules in the past from present.

Schedules of showing Nicktoons on RPN 9 ( from 2003 to 2005)
10:00-11:00 A.M.- Hey Arnold!
11:00-11:30 A.M.- As Told By Ginger
4:30- 5:00 P.M. - Hey Arnold! (sometimes aired replays)
5:00-5:30 P.M. - The Wild Thornberrys
5:30-6:00 P.M. - Spongebob Squarepants
6:00-6:30 P.M.- Invader Zim!


Dayo (2008): Soon Coming To Theaters This Year

Screen shot's from the upcoming animated movie Dayo....and some spoiler alerts, too.

After a successful Filipino-made animated movie Urduja, another animated movie has planned and produced will premier to cinemas this year. Dayo is the 1st animated movie that uses digital animation due to release in December this year. Produced by CuttingEdge production and directed by Robert Quilao. It was said that the animated movie is chosen to be one of the entries in 2008 Manila Film Festival.

Dayo, features about an 11-year-old kid named Bubuy.The story revolves around Bubuy who has to save his grandparents who were abducted and brought to the strange land called Elementalia, which is home to a host of strange creatures. Bubuy encounters a girl who is manananggal that will help him find his grandparents and save Elementalia.

Hope this one will become successful Filipino-made animation like Urduja.The full trailer of the animation can be watch here. Also, one Youtube user uploaded the "behind the scenes" videos from Cutting Edge Productions here and QTV's The Beat here.

Anime Shows


I'm still bugging myself about the time line and history of anime in the Philippines. I heard the popularity of anime in the Philippines can be traced back in 1970's when early stations such as RPN 9 and GMA Network aired the early anime shows such as Tadao Nagahama's Voltes V and Daimos and others. Both of the networks is the first to show anime in the Philippines. It's really influencing to get being hit with the anime shows in the past.

Although I wasn't born during the 70's or early 80's, the popularity of anime in the Philippines still active starting from the 90's. Let's start with some different Philippine networks. ABS-CBN during the 90's showed some anime shows from Nippon Animation such as The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Heidi ,Daddy Long Legs, Peter Pan, Princess Sarah and others. GMA did introduce some anime shows from Nippon Animation too such as Charlotte, Marco (3000 Leagues In Search Of Mother), Anne of Green Gables, Bush Baby, Grimm's Fairy Tales,etc. Both of all shows in two networks influenced young viwers in the 90's and all of those shows were purely Tagalog-dubbed. It was a time the anime bacame a hit especially those anime shows were based on Western fairy tales and books.

ABC 5 (now TV 5) introduced some of the anime shows such as the popular Sailor Moon that aired every evenings. The station also showed Time Quest, Yaiba and Go go Mach 5. Many said that the ABC 5 gained high ratings before because of the anime shows. It's a full-throttle of youth for watching those kind of anime shows. ABC changed into TV 5 since August 9 this year and they currently show some new anime series as their primetime block of their network like Yamato Nadashiko:The Wallflower, and Shakugan no Shana.

IBC 13, was said to show many earlier anime shows that were transferred to GMA Network, RPN and ABC 5. Examples are Voltes V,Daimos, Mazinger Z, Ghost Fighter, Super Pig and others. The last anime aired on IBC 13 was Crayon Shin Chan and Cyborg Kuro Chan back in the year 2001. I remembered that the Crayon Shin Chan and Cyborg Kuro Chan aired every weekday evenings.

Meanwhile in RPN 9, the network which first introduced some classic anime shows such as Astroboy, Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball series but only aired only short episodes. In the year 2006, when the Cartoon Network series launch to RPN 9 for free, Zoids: Fuzors and Yu-Gi-Oh showed only in English-dubbed.

GMA Network got lots of anime shows that are currently aired and replayed. In the year 2000, they made some scheduled anime shows such as "We Are Anime"- an anime block that aired every afternoon every 4:00-5:00 then in the evenings 7:00-8:00 P.M. This is one of the network stations I started to watch anime. I remembered in "We Are Anime" shows such as Ghost Fighter, Gundam, Doraemon and Mojacko aired every afternoon. They are all dubbed in Tagalog. Then in the evenings they aired Pokemon (English-dubbed), Lupin III, HunterxHunter and Fushigi Yuugi. GMA Network showed anime shows in the midnight such as Cat's Eyes with their local show named TxtTube. Around 2002-2003, the anime block series changed into "My Anime". They aired new anime shows such as Shaman King and Magic Knight Rayearth. The timeslot in the afternoon was still 4:00-5:00 afternoon but they get rid the anime evening schedules because of the rise of GMA Telebabad shows. In "My Anime", viewers can download logos and picture messages via their cellphones and MMS during those years. Then around 2004-2005, the "My Anime" was gone into the block but the schedules were still on that year. Also during those years, popular anime shows from Shonen Jump such as One Piece and Dragon Ball GT premiered in the Philippines. The anime schedules were also available during weekend mornings even today. As of present time, GMA anime shows only aired in weekday and weekend mornings. Pokemon is now in Tagalog-dubbed and continued their series than before. The network even aired other old anime shows as replays,too. GMA's sister network, QTV borrowed some of few anime shows then let them finished.They even picked new anime shows on their own.

Like in GMA, ABS-CBN showed some great classic anime shows aside from Nippon Animation. Classic anime shows such as BTX and Zenki, became popular to the Filipino youth in the past. The station aired also other anime such as Crush Gear, Beyblade,Yakitate! Japan, Naruto and Yu-Gi-Oh. Shojo animes such as Magic Knight Rayearth OVA and Cardcaptor Sakura aired also in the Philippines every weekday afternoons then weekend morning. Not sure about the anime schedules on ABS-CBN today but it seems they only air anime during weekend mornings only. Studio 23 borrowed anime shows from ABS and let them finished the series.

With the rise of anime popularity in the Philippines, ANIMAX and Hero TV are available now in order to view new anime shows. No doubt the young viewers here are much hooked in anime even today. It's a big influence actually. With some local network stations I've mentioned, you can say anime is a big hit and that's the reason you gotta like the Japanese-style cartoons.


Urduja (2008)

So okay, how come am I reviewing a full-length animated movie here? This time I will discuss some of the details about this animation film. I admit I never watch this film before even inside the cinemas but I find them very interesting in the world of animation. Thanks to the Wikipedia entry for Urduja (film), I could get rush on this.

Urduja is a 2008 animated film adapted based on one of the legendary heroine named Urduja who lived in Pangasinan in ancient time. Urduja was a young and beautiful princess who was also a warrior too in their tribe. This film was created by all of the Filipino group animators (without the help of foreigners actually) and voiced by some of the Filipino actors we see on TV today.

If you notice about this movie poster, it's really great for seeing that the characters wear a cultural clothes that were based on ancient Philippine history. You can notice also the scenes including war and love that makes a remarkable entry for the animated film. Last few months ago before the release of this film, I saw on a Youtube how the producers planned and made this film. It's really great to see how did they do the animation and voice casting behind the scenes.
The film uses traditional and digital style in producing this animated film for better look. Mostly animators are experienced because some of them worked in United States. According to the interview, the animators really helped producing the film and they even made some of the old cartoon and animated movie series in the past such as X-Men. With their skills and experiences being animators, the planned animated film did very well. The producers of Urduja uses famous actors that provided the voice of all characters in Urduja. One of the actors, Regine Velasquez made a voice role as Urduja. Based on the interview, she was handpicked by Antonio Tuviera because the producers think Regine would be a perfect role for the warrior princess and has a good voice too, despite she is "Song Bird". Then, Regine said in an interview that her role was "the weirdest yet incredible role" in her all years in career aside from singing. Aside from Regine, Cesar Montano another famous actor played a role as Lim Hang, Eddie Garcia as Lakampati, Jay Manalo as Simakwel, Ruby Rodriguez as Mayumi (notice that her character seemed to be the cartoon version of Ruby), Johnny Delgado as Wang, Michael V. as Kutkut (the rat), Allan K. as Tarsir (tarsier) and other characters as well.

This is the short summary in Wikipedia. Man, I wish I could watch the film alone before. I only watched the film's trailer and I'd say it's really good.

Set in the 13th century, the film is a fictionalized tale of Princess Urduja, legendary warrior princess of Pangasinan.

As the only daughter of Lakanpati, chieftain of the Tawilisi tribe of Central Luzon, Urduja grew up a warrior, able and willing to defend her people from their rival tribe, the Badjaos. Lakanpati's age and failing health give rise to the urgency of finding a man, for the princess to marry, who will lead the tribe as new chieftain.

The man Lakanpati considers most eligible to become Urduja's husband is Simakwel, a Taliwisi warrior whom the princess dislikes. Oblivious of Simakwel's ambitious and scheming ways, Lakanpati tries his best to convince Urduja to marry him. However, Urduja meets Limhang, who lands on the Taliwisi shore as he flees the wrath of the ruthlessly greedy Wang. Urduja immediately falls in love with the stranger Limhang. This worries Lakanpati and drives Simakwel into madness. Afraid of losing both the crown and Urduja, Simakwel does everything to drive Limhang away from his dream. Eventually, Limhang's good deeds and genuine kindness win the respect and trust of the Taliwisi tribe.

Wang soon finds Limhang, who surrenders voluntarily to Wang in assurance that he will not attack Tawilisi. In the end, Wang still orders his men to attack the tribe. Urduja and her people bravely defend the tribe from the forces of Wang. Limhang escapes from his captors and with the aid of the Batyaws sends the invaders running.

Like I said before, I never watched this full-animated series in cinemas nor in the DVD's. This film was released in June 18 this year in SM Mall of Asia, a lot of audience entered the cinemas just to see this Filipino-made animation. Even the famous artists in entertainment TV entered the red carpet premiere of Urduja as well as the voice actors to support the movie. After the release of the film, it became a sucess than it's previous animation series, "Ang Ibong Adarna" (which was an old Filipino-made anmated series in 1997). Urduja got a lot of scenes that fits to young viewers to adults minds . The story got some moral values to about peace and love so does it makes you laugh as well. It was also retold the legendary story of the film based on the film that even some of the teachers assigned his/her students about the moral lesson of the film and making a short summary. With the big effort made by Filipino producers and animators, they deserved their big reward to the Pinoys who want to watch a Pinoy-made animation that they can be proud of.If you wanna know what this animated movie look like, a trailer of Urduja is available in Youtube.You can also see it's music video and song theme performed by Urduja's voice actor Regine Velasquez.

I hope the Animation industry in the Philippines should really continue. Let's think that the Filipino creators did made a lot of effort and time in order to make Pinoys be amazed that they got talents in animation. With the big mark of success of this year's animated film Urduja, a step in the world of Philippine animation remarks including the previous animated films made in the Philippines.


BIDA- Batang Iwas Droga (2003)

(From left to right) Mindo,Victor and Lucy.

Another Pinoy-made animation series comes BIDA or known as "Batang Iwas Droga" aired on NBN 4 Network in 2003. Created by the team of some Filipino animators and sponsored by PAGCOR or Philippine Amusement & Gaming Corp., GSIS or Government Service Insurance System and PCSO or Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office. BIDA is a 13-episode cartoon series that tells about encouraging youth on how to fight and avoid drugs.

The first animated BIDA series tells about three orphan kids who gained powers in order to fight against drugs. Their names represented based on Philippine archipelago names- Luzon,Visayas, and Mindanao. The first child was named Lucy, who lives in a province of Luzon wears a yellow suit and has abilities similar to gymnastics, Victor-a Visayan child wears a blue suit and has a yoyo as a weapon and last one, Mindo-young boy from Mindanao wears a red suit with arnis as his weapon. Together, with the help of their mentor known as Chairman they defeat criminals who were the suspects of spreading the drugs especially the boss named...I forgot who but it has a name, "Draco" then.

The show BIDA made in the Philippines aired in the year 2003, the same year Tutubi Patrol produced. I'm kinda thinking why the show never became popular but it seems interesting that the show endorsed youth about information about illegal drugs and how to avoid them. BIDA add some anime-style to make even the show good. I remember that this show aired every Saturday mornings. Looking back to it's animation style, it seemed it went bad or sometimes jerky especially when it comes to stop motion and fighting scenes. Another thing was, I remembered in a scene in the final episode that the four characters of Ghost Fighter appeared. It was weird that I even said "Huh?" for seeing that kind of a scene. BIDA also had a mix of digital and traditional art but it didn't work when it comes to viewer's attention. Anime became popular to Pinoys until the show canceled the next year. What good thing about BIDA was that not only they show about how to avoid drugs, they show also an important part when it comes to Pinoy animation.Luckily, a BIDA trailer is available in this video.

As of now, PAGCOR is still sponsoring the BIDA project with it's new characters in comics and mascots. They still planning an action for how to fight illegal drugs for the sake of youth.

Tutubi Patrol (2003)

I rarely seen any Philippine-made animation during my elementary days but reminding about this show might think you saw a full-length animation. One of the local animation shows I saw
was Tutubi Patrol. This cartoon series debuted in the year 2003 and produced by Gecko Animation and Top Peg Animation, you may say that you saw a Pinoy-made animation that we can be proud of.

Before the animation series of Tutubi Patrol produced, the show was based on a children book series with the same title back in the year 1994. The book series were created by five members who called themselves as "Patrol team" Those books were black and white and just like any Philippine children books, it's a coloring book. Then before 2003, Gecko Animation picked up the book series and decided to make it as a children animation series. The reason why they planned it animated was they want kids to get attention to children shows in a local way. Also, they claimed that the animation would have the similar style in some American animation companies like Disney and DreamWorks without the help of foreign producers or animators. Animation in the Philippines were very rare to show. They even mixed up with a live-action way back since 1980's. Examples of the early Pinoy animation are "Panday" and "Isko: The Adventures In Animasia".

The animated series of Tutubi Patrol showed in the Philippines and aired in ABC 5 (now TV 5) every Saturday evenings 6:00-6:30 P.M. Debuted in June 2003, Tutubi Patrol tells about two dragonflies and reporters named Tobi (a blue dragonfly) and Yobi (a chubby, yellow dragonfly) roaming around the natural surroundings (from farm to forest, etc.). In every episode, they report some situations from other animals and plants who has situation problems and how did they solve it. Tobi and Yobi are just the observers of other characters focusing in each episode. In the end of every episode, moral lessons came up with.

Judging from the animation style used in Tutubi Patrol, they used a mix of 2D and 3D animation style giving glimpse for the viewers especially children. They even developed better quality class in making local animation style, too. Stories on Tutubi Patrol were based on the children's books did very well in the show and giving some good moral themes for children. It's really good to see the settings and characters in the world of Tutubi Patrol like some sort of a mix of Aesop's Fables. The production of the show was very expensive but later on, it turned out in a mainstream programming on TV.

It's really a hit for seeing this animation show made in the Philippines. I was in 6th grade when I saw this cartoon. It feels refreshing to see a "made in the Philippines" cartoon that I'm starting to get interest in the world of cartoons especially from Philippines. The Tutubi Patrol did contain only a few episodes but it did very well when it comes to history of Philippine animation. Even it got many awards for having a friendly show for younger viewers.One Youtube user uploaded the opening theme of the show to see what Tutubi Patrol got it's quality of animation.

If only the industry in Philippine animation should highly precise like Tutubi Patrol, we have what we got talent when it comes to animation. I don't know if Tutubi Patrol children's books are still available in book stands or the DVD 's (like in the picture above) but seeing this nostalgic cartoon became a part of childhood memories too.

Educational Shows in The Philippines Part 3

As of current time, there still lot of children shows made in the Philippines are currently active and others are now defunct. Starting from 3 years ago, I have to review each of the rest of some of the popular educational shows I've remembered or watch. Examples are the following:

Jollitown (2008)-
Another Jollibee-related education show debuted around this year after Chikiting Patrol became success and it highlighted the the 30th anniversary of Jollibee.Before Jollitown, I remembered that the local fast-food company released some of the VCD collection from Jollibee . I think they release in 5 volumes and the artists portrayed to that show aside from Jolibee characters were Goin' Bulilit actors probably in the year 2005. Jollitown aired every Sundays mornings on GMA Network and the star of the show are Jollibee,Yum, Hetty,Popo and Twirlie. The mascots design are new and fresh and they got their own abilities and personality (they even talk too). Yum is a technology expert of Jollitown, Hetty and Twirlie are the fashionistas and know about fashion for girls,Popo the sports expert of Jollitown and of course Jollibee who helps kids from Jollitown to solve some light situations with the help of other mascots. The Jollitown is a fictional setting where Jolibee and the gang lived so does other human kids. Every episode, the Jollitown mascots encounters a kid who has a problem. The mascots are ready to help with their tips and advice for children. Aside from giving tips, they got also sing, dance and exercise routine for more fun. The Jollitown episodes are pretty short so I think it no longer runs on GMA. Like any other educational shows, Jollitown is a good show too and it commemorates the 30th anniversary of Jolibee.

Kids On Q (2007-Present)-

This show debuted on April 2007 and the show was first children show aired on QTV. It airs every Saturday mornings on QTV and each of the episode airs every one hour. Kids On Q features the latest news, topics and issues for concerning children and parents. The show anchored by Tonipet Gaba who is one of the main hosts of Art Angel and Ingo of Karen's World. There are 10 young reporters in the show that discusses different news and stories (from sports,movies,toys,health,etc.) but they're not limited in deeper issues.They also uses both Tagalog and English,too. Kids On Q has similar style from it's predecessors like 5 and Up and Chikiting Patrol. The young hosts in Kids On Q were auditioned in order to produce the show such as Caleb Gotico, Nikki Liu and others. Starstruck Kids batch 1 stars such as Ella Guevarra and Sam Magbutay performed and auditioned to be Q-Reporters. Other famous young artist, like BJ Forbes became a reporter also in Kids On Q. With wide range of entertaining and educational topics that were discussed on Kids On Q, it's great to see this show just for young audience and it's still active on QTV. Recently, they celebrated their 1st anniversary of the show.

Mga Kwento Ni Lola Basyang (2007)-
Debuted around 2007 and aired on GMA every Sunday evenings, this show tells about a woman (portrayed by Manilyn Reyes) who is the granddaughter of the famous story teller, Lola Basyang travels in different places together with her two children with their mobile. Their mobile contains a library mostly full of childrens books, a living room and other decoration that the owner of the mobile treat them as their home. Every episode, the storytellers stop in different locations to share stories and helps children who has problem situations. While Manilyn Reyes shares stories on children thanks to her grandmother, she tells stories with some magical flavour of characters in each stories that are portrayed by different actors and a fictional world full of fantasies. Then, after the conclusion of the stories, Manilyn asked the children what is the moral lesson of the story and the lessons teach and helps children with their related situations. My opinion about the show, it's good to hear some of the stories of Lola Basyang for new generations and add more stories to teach children. They don't remake stories too much.

Ang Mahiwagang Baul (2005-2006)-
This show tells about two siblings named Epoy (Eisen Bayubay) and Jewel (Sandy Talag) lived with their grandmother named Lola Tacia because the sibling's mother, is too busy from work.
In the pilot, the two siblings were bored from old stories such as Philippine folktales but they would rather watch cartoons and play computer games.
Their boring lives changed when Epoy and Jewel discovers a big, magical "baul" upstairs and accidentally entered the world of Philippine Folklore stories. As the two children enters inside the baul, Epoy's silver toy robot named Rextor tags along with the two children. They explore different situations based on Philippine folklore and stories. After their adventure, the two siblings learned the lesson based on their adventures and their grandmother appreciated them. Therefore, the two children starting to get interest on Lola Tacia's stories.
What's good about the show is that not only it's educational for younger viewers, it also shows some of the themes based on Philippine Folklore and traditions. When the two siblings(and a robot) enters a world full of local yet great stories made in the Philippines, you can tell they got stories from the Philippines.
"Ang Mahiwagang Baul" are available in DVD's as of now.

Goin' Bulilit (2004-Present)-
Goin' Bulilit is a comedy gag show where kids are performed. It airs in ABS-CBN every Sunday evenings even this present time. This show is followed by the successful old TV show, Ang TV that aired also in ABS-CBN.This show contains a lot of gag shows performed by some of the children artists like Igi Boy, Nash, Sharlene and other Goin' Bulilit stars . Dagul is one of the main hosts of the show despite he has a lack of height, he can make you laugh so well. Goin' Bulilit contains not only funny situations but it contains a lot of parodies based on ABS-CBN shows like Rated KKK:Handa na Ba ako? (Rated K: Handa na Ba Kayo?), GB Patrol World (TV Patrol World), Da Bus (The Buzz), and other parodies that you can laugh. It currently became one of the sucessful children show even it won few awards. As of 2008, it's still being an active show every Sunday evenings.

Kokey,Super Twins, Mga Mata ni Anghelita,Maria Flordeluna, Princess Charming (2007)-
No doubt these show were aired and canceled in the same year. These shows I've mentioned are the examples of children show aired with "drama" genre. Kokey,Super Twins and Princess Charming got some original stories except Kokey and Super Twins mentions as a "fantaserye".
Kokey and Super Twins bot aired every nights (Kokey is from ABS-CBN while Super Twins aired on GMA). At least it's kinda obvious that these shows were entertaining to children. Kokey seemed to be fine that even the alien character (Kokey) appeared as a major guest in some ABS-CBN shows such as ASAP '07 (now ASAP '08) and got a lot of merchandise. Super Twins on the other hand, aired in GMA every nights became a hit too. What I don't like about the Super Twins is that the female twin's costume were based on Sailor Moon. Seemed to be good for young audience as well as adults about last year.

Princess Charming on the other hand, aired every afternoon as a part of GMA Dramarama series. No doubt the show was made after new Bakekang series became successful in the same year. The reason why Princess Charming is because the two young actors of the Bakekang remake, Eunice Lagusad and Krystal Reyes was chosen to act as main characters in Princess Charming. Eunice played as "Charming" while Krystal playes as "Princess" so it's obvious that their names mixed into "Princess Charming". The show was good during that year in GMA Dramarama.

Maria Flordeluna and Ang Mga Mata ni Anghelita are both aired every nights every week in different stations. These two shows were remake from the famous 70's radio show with the same title.Maria Flordeluna was on ABS-CBS while Ang Mga Mata Ni Anghelita was on GMA Network. Both of the shows had a female protagonists who had been treated by other people really bad because of their own destiny. I can't say anything much about these both shows because aside from they got both successful, they even got merchandises too.

The Conclusion-
Of all I've reviewed some of the children shows, it may be tiring to remember what are these classic yet great shows on TV usually kids watched. In my opinion, I'd say some of the network stations show should keep entertain some younger audience with the help of their educational shows especially technology arises this time. With their past children shows made in the Philippines, it's good to be true that at least it really helped developed the educational values to children.

Educational Shows In The Philippines Part 2

A lot of children shows must be reviewed then...a lot I mean, as far as I can remember.

Other old educational TV shows I watched are Penpen De Sara Pen. Penpen De Sara Pen was based on a outdoor game that Pilipino kids played in old times .I remember that the show was aired in RPN 9 every Saturday mornings. What I remembered about this show is that usually the setting about that show was in Star City. In that show, mostly they used stories and light situations and how to solve those problems. Penpen De Sara Pen show good moral values like sharing,friendship, etc...

Another one what I remembered is, For Kids Only. I remembered this one before I went to elementary. For Kids Only aired in ABS-CBN then in RPN 9 during weekends.It showed about the latest toys for the viewers and they even go to special places for fun. For Kids Only made me jealous because they show toys that were expensive.One time, I remembered after that show, I saw a commercial of a Kanto Pokedex in a Pokemon commercial and other toy stuff. It doesn't bother for me why For Kids Only became educational. It's because they don't harm anyone but they show viewers some fun too.

During the time Batibot was on the TV, another children shows came on. One of the children shows came is Chikiting Patrol. It seems Chikiting Patrol is very hard to review especially if I traced back starting 1990's. As far as I know, Chikiting Patrol is about younger kid stars who were reporting for important subjects that were educational. The show was the sponsorship of Jolibee and the mascots like Jolibee were included on that show(before the new and now defunct Jollitown). Chikiting Patrol premiered in GMA Network and ABC 5 (now TV 5). GMA aired this one every Saturday mornings, as far as I remember while in ABC 5 aired every Saturday nights when the show transfered to that station. I think this show ended up before 2000.

Another children's show was 5 and Up. Debuted around 1992, the Probe productions produced this show airs weekly. The reporters were young teenagers that like in Chikiting Patriol, reports information that are educational plus they made documentaries. They even got postive reviews about their show that even they got nominated and won awards. The only reporter I know in 5 and Up is Atom Araullo. The show ended up around in 2003.

Another thing what I remembered about educational shows is there is a show about art and that is Art Is Kool. I think this one aired around 2001 in GMA Network every Saturday mornings. Art Is Kool seems to be a pun of "Art Sc-hool" (school) or "Art Is Cool". All I know the host was a male that is also a documentarist but I forgot his name, anyway. Art Is Cool teaches not only basic art but it taught viewers the special way how to make something or recycle like making clay, pop-up cards,etc which is very cool. The show in GMA transferred to ABC 5 and the schedule is still in the Saturday mornings but the host had replace another. This show had the same what happened to 5 and UP,though. It was still being hit among viwers but it suddenly cancelled around 2004 I think. Another art show, Art Jam debuted around 2004 after Art Is Kool, hosted by Boy 2 Quizon and Tado taught kids how to be creative and make art. I remembered that show aired every Saturdays on ABS-CBN. Then, GMA Network aired another new art TV show and that is Art Angel. Art Angel first hosted by reporter Pia Archangel then with Tonipet Gaba (who played Ingo in Karen's World). Ironically, Art Jam suddenly ended up around 2005 probably because of higher ratings of the other station. In 2006, during the time one of the GMA Telebabad shows, "Mga Mata ni Anghelita" ran, the main character of that show Krystal Reyes joined in Art Angel and she's still active on Art Angel today. As of now, Art Angel received awards for having a best educational program for TV.

Another GMA Network's eduactional show, Lovely Day aired in the year 2004. In the first season, Love AƱover hosted that show. Then, one of the 1st batch of Starstruck stars Christian Esteban tag along to Lovely Day.He may be the first host to assist Love and the show, he got experienced something scary. Christian said during the show, he had almost fell to the crocodile's cage while he's trying to feed the crocodile on top of the wall. This made him scared, though but the next few days after that he seemed fine after that incident. I don't know what this might effect for viewers who saw what happened to than then. When Christiam left the show, another young host BJ Forbes replaced him then he left in the next few months. Abruptly, the name "Lovely Day" changed into LD Force when the 1st batch of Starstruck kids Bea Binene and Gabriel Roxas replaced BJ. Then finally, Jacob Raterta adds another to become another host of the show. Thus, LD Force changed into LD: Force of the Guardians. In The Force of the Guardians, Love,Bea,Gabby and Jacob got their powers with different elements. In every episode, they encounter evil forces that destroy good situations. The Force of the Guardians helped anyone in every episode about problems in the environment. In my opinion about the show, it seems to be okay but they put too much "fantasy in the reality". Talk about getting powers....the show is still being active on GMA.

More reviews about "Educational shows in the Philippines". Next part, about the current education shows starting from last year....


Educational Shows In The Philippines Part 1

I should explain and review some of the details I only know about the children television in the Philippines. Although, I only explain in separate parts because there are many of the titles that targeted the younger audience during the 90's until this present time.

During the time Sesame Street became popular in the Philippines, we have our own educational show on television. The first educational television show for kids entitled, Batibot or formerly called Sesame! It was my first local children show I watched when Sesame Street became a hit to the Philippines back then. I also heard that Batibot jumped into four TV stations in order to produce that show but the only TV station I knew was in GMA Network. I only know Batibot that contains Muppet-based characters like the famous Koko Kwik Kwak (the eagle),Kiko Matsing (the monkey),Pong Pagong (the turtle), and Manang Bola (an old woman who is a fortuneteller).Batibot also got a real-people hosts similar to Sesame Street like Bodjie Pascua. The show contains a lot of education values, stories based on the books, puppet shows and anything that is educational for the younger viewers during that time. Those Batibot days we're remarkable until the children's Western television influence the viewers of Batibot.The last Batibot series, Koko Kwik Kwak did not succeed very well that it ended in the year 2000 when GMA Network discontinued to produce the series.

During around 1994 and when Batibot ran, ABS-CBN's ETV (Educational Television) showed some educational shows to children. Namely, Sineskwela- a Science show about the young gang traveling anywhere in order to discover about Science. I only know about few characters of Sineskwela like Atom( a young boy with green suit and had an ability to shrink in order to discover anything small like particles, insects,etc.), and teacher Wacky (a bumbling professor in Science who owns a flying jeepney in the Season 3). Then, another ETV show debuted was Hiraya Manawari-tells about different characters with different moral values in every episode.
Bayani- about two kids travel in time from the old woman's ancient book that contains the details about the different Philippine heroes like the famous Jose Rizal, Bonifacio, Lapu-lapu and others. What's great about Bayani is that the Philippine heroes were portrayed by different famous actors and actresses like Eric Quizon who played as Jose Rizal. Followed by another ETV show Math Tinik-tells about a woman who is the owner of her laboratory,teacher and has magic about Math in order to help kids with their Math problems in every episode. Lastly, Epol Apple- tells about learning English with the help of the man portrayed by Bodjie Pascua, the man who worked in Batibot. All ofthe shows were shown in ABS-CBN every mornings in different schedules until 2003 The ETV shows were pretty hit for children especially for elementary students. ETV released also different volumes of all of the ETV shows in VHS tapes and even they gave it to many public and private schools in the Philippines. Thus, the shows from ETV were available in Knowledge Channels in order to help students in learning lessons in each subject. As of now, I never heard anything about Knowledge Channel nor about the ETV shows. I even manage to watched some of it's shows but only Sineskwela and Math Tinik were available in Studio 23 last year.

Another educational TV show I watched is the Eskwela ng Bayan series. Debuted in 2002 in NBN Network in mornings and afternoon, this was targeted among younger children and elementary students. Just like in ETV of ABS-CBN, there are four shows in the Eskwela ng Bayan series: Alikabok- tells about a young boy who lived with his grandmother. It tells about some Filipino stories and lessons too. What the young boy didn't know about his grandmother is that she has magic too. Karen's World- tells about a talking female carabao (a carabao mascot for real) named Karen and a young man named Ingo (portrayed by Tonipet Gaba) about English and they met lot's of friendly characters. The show showed also English lessons by animated pictures and examples.The setting took place in a province. Then, Solved- three kids who lived in the province tells about solving Math problems. And lastly,Why?-about a woman teaches people about Science and like in Math Tinik, she owns a laboratory. I remembered the first time I watched Eskwela ng Bayan series when I was in Grade 5 in the covered court with the other students. This series helped me alot achieve higher grades when I was in 6th Grade and my old best friend had the same interest in the show like me. Even the series had replays every week in the afternoon in RPN 9 in 2003. But then, when I was a Freshman in high school I never followed that series because the lessons are for elementary students until it went gone around 2004.

It's pretty great to watch that kind of educational that has great educational and moral lesson but it's very nostalgic and that was a long time ago.

Continue to part 2......


Introduction of This Blog

Before I post rants, welcome to my new blog! My name's Charmaine who is a college student and lives in the Philippines and still watching cartoons. Yeah, you heard that right. In my opinion, it's not really bad or embarrassing for a grown-up person like me to watch cartoons. You know a lot or some of people who watch cartoons before still have refresh in their minds remembering what they watched. In the current internet days, many people use the internet for making their huge fan clubs known as "fandom". Sometimes, I joined them if I have much time about those by submitting comments in forums and fan arts. What fun was you're not the only person in the world who remember a cartoon you watch before-either if you're a kid or an adult.

I called this blog For Young Pinoy Audience because this blog dedicate to all Filipinos who used or still watch cartoons not only children. Not only cartoons but I might also put shows for teenage shows, anime, stuff related to cartoons, miscellaneous stuff from me and much more just related for younger and general audience. This is my first time blogging actually. Before I made this blog, I was inspired to this blog here or in any blogs related to animation and cartoons which explains previous cartoon shows aired or the designs. I prove myself that I still like watching cartoons and sometimes I even get inspiration by drawing many cartoon or anime characters. It's fine for me for this blog not to make number of visitors here but as long as I have a message about children shows.

When I was a kid in elementary, every time I went home I first plop on the couch to see what's the buzz on cartoon or anime show or sometimes teenage shows. And now, as a teenager who's in college I'm still trying to see or be updated to new released cartoons in some networks. Then, with the help of internet and some video sharing sites like Youtube or Megavideo I really discovered the in-depths about the past shows. Looking at those videos in Youtube I said to myself like"Uy, naalala ko pa yan ah!" ("Hey, I remembered that one!") or "Ibalik sana ng network yung palabas na yan." ("I wish that network should return that show.").I'm not the only person in the Philippines or in the world who will say that similar phrases. In fact many people will actually say similar or like those. Sadly, there are many various barriers that some people especially adults experienced like getting their jobs, married, or anything that is related beyond-age. I, myself as a teenager and a college student in reality I even wish that I have time to watch children's shows but time passes the front. I don't know how many people in the Philippines who still watch teenage or children's programs but if they are, they really appreciate the designs and stories in those shows kindly like art. What reminds me for this making this blog is that there are also many indie animators from our country still need support for knowing the animation-style for Pinoys still exist but since there is much problems in the country, they might have slim chance to make cartoons.

In my age, like I said before watching cartoon gives me inspiration to draw stuff. I have a bleak or full memory about the previous shows. That's the main goal of this blog-to remember and be informed. In this current time, many network station shows cartoons so try to watch them at least quite often. It's really part of entertainment on TV's today.

Everyone, welcome to For Young Pinoy Audience. Relieve and discover behind the animation, children's programs and also some creators. This is your 'toon and teen show campus.