Me Bought A Funny Komiks Issue!

Funny Komiks Blg. 1407

I just bought the latest issue of Funny Komiks since last Friday. I saw this issue in a newspaper stand somewhere in Cainta and I decided to buy this one. It's in issue #1407 and the last time I read old Funny Komiks issue was when I was in first year high school. Funny Komiks still use their traditional ink-coloring like in their past issues but it's very cool to see something entertaining stuff for kids and kids-at-heart like me. I caught the picture with my digital camera because I don't have computer scanner. Guess what, one of the classic Funny Komiks characters return in this issue-Superdog!

I don't know if I'll have to start collecting new Funny Komiks but a one issue wouldn't mind. It's not really embarrassing for an adult or a teenager to buy comics that seems fit only for kids like FK but as long as the reader appreciate the drawings. Maybe I'll have to buy more as long as their comics are interesting to read.


Leah Andrea said...

i know this post is so long ago but are they still publishing new ones? and if there is any contact information in the issue you bought (worth a try) i'm planning on sending a request and ask questions about Funny Komiks.. please!! thanks a lot!! you can send the details to leahandrea.merluza@gmail.com

Gio Paredes said...

You might want to check this site -> http://www.philippinecomics.net/titles/funnykomiks/funnykomiks.htm

It’s one of the best Funny Komiks collection in the internet. http://www.philippinecomics.net/

Maraming salamat.