Pokemon Plushies

Although this year's Christmas is over and almost start of brand new year, I just want to post about these cute and adorable Pokemon plushies I've seen in the 'net. I wish I could have much plushies but they're pretty expensive. They're not really mine thou (even the images) but would you imagine you have these set of Pokemon toys like these? It would be really fascinating to "Gotta collect them all!" instead of "Gotta catch them all!".

All Pokemon plushies ranging from Kanto to Sinnoh Pokemon species. They're available in toy stores near in the shopping malls everywhere I tell you.

Below, you can see a quick guide in Pokemon plushies like this page. It's in Japanese language.

Source: eBay, http://www.pokemonfigure.blogspot.com , http://www.entertainmentearth.com/, http://www.kidsfunreviewed.com/

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