Merry Christmas Message

Last year, I've posted a Naruto Christmas picture. This year, it's Lucky Star's turn to show this Christmas pic. All together now!

Merry Christmas to you all!

P.S: According to Wikipedia, Is it true that Lucky Star will air on TV 5?

Lucky Star © 2009 Kagami Yoshimizu and Kyoto Animation


Nodame Cantabile

Nodame Cantabile #01 Japanese manga cover

I've already finished my final college exams in this semester (whew!). By the way, what I'm currently reading since around three weeks ago is Nodame Cantabile. Nodame Cantabile is a manga created by Tomoko Ninomiya. It was first appeared in the magazine Kiss from 2001 and currently ongoing. The manga tells about two aspiring musicians who went both into same music university.

Shinichi Chiaki, born into a musical clan is a well-organized, popular and a top student at Momogaoka College Music. He learns how to play music using piano or violin and he can be a good cook too. He dreams is to go to Europe and be a conductor ever since he was young and met Sebastiano Viera in Europe. Unfortunately, Chiaki is stuck to Japan because of his childhood trauma. On the other hand, Megumi Noda or known as Nodame is the opposite of Chiaki. She is an eccentric and a-not-so-ordinary girl who is a slob, has a messy room, and disorganized. But Nodame is a pianist and rather play in ear (or in other words, she plays music based on what kind of music she hears or inventing her own composition depending on her mood.). She doesn't have a goal at first until she met Chiaki in the apartment. Later on, Nodame always follow Chiaki then claiming him as her husband.

It all started out when Chiaki is pressured to move to conducting class from his piano class thanks to his adviser especially the mean teacher who hit Chiaki whenever there's a mistake. Another problem is, he has a phobia on flying which he wouldn't be able to go to Europe. Until he met Nodame, the two both into piano class and starts their wacky relationship.

Anyone who appreciate classical music like Beethoven or Mozart could really have an advantage for liking this manga. If not, at least you'll later trying to like classical music by seeing Nodame's quirks to Chiaki and her few weird words she says like "Mukyaa!" or "Gyabooo!". And in reality, it's a heartwarming to see Chiaki and Nodame struggle hard to accomplish their own goal and later having a good relationship. Also, we have to mention other characters who some of them have a hilarious motivation or expression like the violinist, fellow student Ryutarou Mine, silent oboe-player Yasunori Kuroki and the infamous pervert-conductor Franz von Stressemann.

Anyway, the manga version has twenty three volumes and inside contains 136 chapters, plus two additional one-shot chapters featuring Nodame and Chiaki's childhood. The art style is clean but what is disappointing is that you can't imagine what can you hear music mentioned in the manga (unless if you actually listen to them by searching in Youtube or buy music CD's containing classical orchestras). The plot isn't complicated and actually pretty awesome. This is also a worth reading because there is also anime and live action version of it. The live action of Nodame Cantabile was featured in GMA 7 around almost half a year ago but they didn't finish it which is too sad for Filipino viewers who like to follow the next episodes. Animax Asia once aired the anime version but it's unknown when it will be air in local TV and what channel will be on air (on TV 5? GMA? C'mon it's a short episode!).

Overall, Nodame Cantabile is a great manga, anime and live-action. I like Nodame's humor especially when she tries to hang out with Chiaki like sneaking to his apartment. Plus, I also began to like classical music. It doesn't matter whether you're good at any musical instrument or not.The important thing is to listen what kind of music every character plays.

Oh yeah, I forgot. Merry Christmas to all!


Anak TV Seal Awards 2009

Here are the winners of the Anak TV Seal Awards 2009 held at the Soka Gakkai Auditorium in Quezon City:

Most Admired Male TV Personalities

Zaijan Jaranilla
Ryan Agoncillo
Gerald Anderson
Kim Atienza
Julius Babao

John Lloyd Cruz
Mike Enriquez
Ted Failon
Edu Manzano
Cesar Montano
Piolo Pascual
Vic Sotto
Gary Valenciano

Most Admired Female TV Personalities

Kris Aquino
Kim Chiu
Sharon Cuneta
Anne Curtis
Karen Davila
Sarah Geronimo
Toni Gonzaga
Angel Locsin
Maja Salvador
Korina Sanchez
Jessica Soho
Mel Tiangco
Vilma Santos

Most Well-Liked TV Programs

Kabuhayang Swak na Swak
May Bukas Pa
Pilipinas, GKNB?
Rated K
Salamat Dok!
Wonder Mom

Gourmet Everyday
Y Speak

Art Angel
Batang Bibbo
Happy Land
Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho
Kay Susan Tayo
Lovely Day
Wish Ko Lang

QTV 11
Ang Pinaka
Kids on Q

Abante Pilipinas
Biz News
Code Red
Heart to Heart
Money Matters
Negosyo, Atbp.
Oras ng Himala
Power To Unite
Republic Service
The Young Once

Asin at Ilaw
Buhay Pinoy
Gabay at Aksyon

NET 25
In Good Shape
Tomorrow Today

Bread n’ Butter
Doc on TV
Good Morning Kuya
Munting Pangarap
Serbisyo Publiko
Sports 37

source: Mukamo Philippines