Rocko's Modern Life

It's very lucky to see a classic Nicktoon like Rocko's Modern Life. Premiered in 1993, Rocko's Modern Life is the fourth Nicktoon that air on Nickelodeon and created by Joe Murray. The show tells about the anthropomorphic wallaby named Rocko and his life around O-Town. Rocko's life does go into different situations and mishaps in living in the modern life in a cartoon way.

The plot centers or follows the life of Rocko from Australia and moved to America after graduated in high school. Together with his pet dog named Spunky, Rocko encounters different situations and various problems along the way. What else the solution without his big best friend Heffer Wolfe the cow and other characters who are Rocko's neighbors like Mr. and Mrs. Bighead, Filburt the turtle and others.

I started watch this series since few months ago in TV5 and I notice something about this show. The drawing style seems to be bent but with a feel too. There are also many parallel lines in building designs and also it's environment. According to the staff especially Joe Murray, they did those designs including the characters because it shows it's "twisted version in real life" in portraying the modern life in many people. As living in the fictional city in O-Town, Rocko is related to a person who lives in the city and also who encountered different problems around him. What really surprises me that each of their episodes there are some few adult-themes were present such as sexual innuendos, social commentaries and others that I could not explain. I guess the writers during those years of producing that cartoon were allowed to do them unlike today's Nicktoons. Maybe it was really intended for entertaining children and even adults who later enjoyed the show. Rocko's Modern Life maybe still reair on Nickelodeon Network but unlike before, some episodes we're re-edited just for the sake of the viewers. I've seen some character designs that portray gross humor but it shows to be funny. Some episodes like "Love Spanked" showed to be proven that Rocko is single that ended up with Heffer as his love partner in a game show. I thought it messages something wrong about that episode though but ended up to be a funny one. Another one is this video in Youtube which explains well... a message you will find out if you watch that one. In the old days,Nickelodeon allowed to show scenes that are potty or gross but later continued it's tradition to Ren and Stimpy which was another old Nicktoon.

I've been searching in the internet for Rocko's Modern Life fan sites or any fandom stuff like this one here and until there is a fansite dedicated to Joe Murray here. I guess many people probably quite or still recognize that classic Nicktoon show until Youtube suddenly showed up it's old clips. You can hear the old opening theme song here. As of this year, Rocko's Modern Life was chosen to set and release in DVD's in Amazon. com entitled "The Best of Rocko's Modern Life" which it has two DVD volumes available. Rocko's Modern Life is an awesome cartoon from Nickelodeon show, that is.

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