Ben 10

Wasn't bit tense? Well now who's here in this latest installment from Cartoon Network-Ben 10. Ben 10 was created by "Man of Action" (a group of it's creators). Ben 10 might be a smashing hit for the televiewers with this action and adventure series. This tells about a 10-year old boy named Benjamin Tennyson or called "Ben" who was possesed alien powers from finding a mysterious gear known as "Omnitrix". As the new owner of the Onmitrix, he's able to transform into 10 different aliens at the start only temporarily in order to defeat extraterrestrials and criminals. Of course, his camping trip together with his cousin Gwen and his grandfather Max Tennyson helps explore different places from far away.

In the first episode, Ben found out a mysterious device on the ground and it suddenly attatched to Ben's right arm. No matter he tried, he still can't get rid of Ominitrix. So he tells to Gwen and Max about his incident rather keeping it as a secret. Since then, even though Ben has Ominitrix stuck in his arm he possesed powers from the Ominitrix' DNA. There are 10 aliens inside the Ominitrix - Diamondhead, Fourams, Ghostfreak, Grey Matter, Heat Blast, Ripjaws, Stinkfly, Upgrade, Wild Mutt and XLR8. I don't know if Ben invanted his alien's names but whatever names the alien have seems to be cool. Each of the aliens come from the DNA of the original aliens from different planets.

In the Season 1, Ben encountered a powerful alien named Vilgax who wants the Omnitrix and conquer the whole galaxy. With Ben's strategy together with his cousin and grandfather Ben defeated Vilgax. At the end, Max told Ben that he need to grown-up as taking the responsibility as Ben 10. Then in Season 2, Ben has new rival named Kevin. Kevin has also possesed powers as Ben but only he has 11 aliens. Kevin called himself as Kevin 11. Something is happening when one of Ben's aliens had escaped from the Ominitrix-Ghostfreak. Ghostfreak tried to control Ben's body but unfortunately, he was fried in the sunlight. In the season 3, Ben unlocks few new aliens. Then.... aw heck, I had to explain spoilers all of the sudden? By the way, here's the opening theme of the original series.

Ben 10 gives a lot of great and extraterrestrial characters and also the stories in each episodes. It really gained demand ratings from the young viewers and adults.Ben 10 contains a lot of action and also cool aliens. It also hit in merchandises like video games and action figures. Then last year with it's sucessful moment, Ben 10 made into it's live action called "Ben 10: Race Againsts Time" and later a current sequel entitled "Ben 10: Alien Force". In the sequel, Ben is now 15-years old and developed maturely compared five years ago. Also, Ben unlocks many aliens more than ten from his experiences.

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