Merry Christmas Message!

Last year, FYPA presented the Christmas-themed Lucky star. This year, another anime shows up in this site...

Yeah, it looks like the Fullmetal Alchemist's turn for a Christmas picture. I was thinking I should put Ben 10 or Phineas and Ferb-themed Christmas pictures, but I think FA deserved the contribution why TV5 become one of the popular TV networks in the Philippines (so does other anime like Casshern Sins, Yatterman, D-Gray Man, etc.)

Have a Merry Christmas to you all!

Fullmetal Alchemist © 2004 Hiromu Arakawa / Square Enix


Ben 10 Marathon and Generator Rex Preview!

If you love watching Ben 10, you'll probably like Generator Rex. Generator Rex is another animated series from Cartoon Network and it was created by the creators of Ben 10, Man Of Action! Starting January 9, 2011, Generator Rex will be air on Cartoon Network in Asian countries except Korea. Another news is that for locals, Generator Rex will be on TV5 starting January 1, 2011 (Saturdays). My guess is that TV5 will air that series before CN Philippines. Generator Rex will start around 11:00 AM on TV5

Another marathon of Ben 10 is coming and this time that show will start on January 1st. It will start on 9:00 AM. Uhh, the channel will air those Ben 10 episodes again as usual...


Isko: Adventures in Animasia (1995)

Black and white movie poster from http://video48.blogspot.com

Here's another animated film that was Filipino-made. Honestly, I can't find images of the movies sources nor full information (it's like forgotten in the Internet) . I knew that I watched this one a long time ago in few local networks. I'll try to remember or recap with this one.

"Isko: Adventures in Animasia" may be the one of the early Filipino-made cartoons that appeared in the Philippine movie industry. The movie contains light-hearted adventures of the hero and the coconut-dealer named Isko; portrayed by Ogie Alcasid in Animasia. His mission is to save the princess and the land of Animasia from the evil monsters roaming around the another dimension called Animasia . Little know that he would win the love from Annaly (portrayed by Michelle Van Eimeren). There were also several supporting characters in the movie including Isko's friend (portrayed by Michael V.) and the anthropomorphic bee who is the one sending Isko to Animasia. The other side of the world, Animasia (pun of the words "animation" and "fantasia") is a place where both good and evil creatures live in the fantasy world. A lot of scenes like comedy, adventure and romance takes place both in Animasia and Earth. There are also few musical scores for viewer's delight.

Back in 1995, it was aired in the cinemas and became the part of FAMAS awards. Gerry A. Garcia was the director of the movie and Elmaurie Galvez was one of the staff had responsible for visual effects. Computers were not much familiarized to Filipinos during early 90's so the staff made the traditional cel-animation about few months up to 2 years including the filming for live-action.

Although Isko: Adventures in Animasia had a mix both animated and live-action series, few critics can't be considered it as a full-length animation but it received positive reviews. The movie won two awards for FAMAS in 1997 - Best Visual Effects and Best Special Effects. Of course, Isko: Adventures in Animasia is one of the cartoons that Filipinos strive to become animators. The next entry, Ibong Adarna was created in 1997 and became the first full-length Pinoy animation (not the "Urduja" that talks about these days).

The last time this movie appeared in TV was in GMA last December 2007. It would be better if any local TV stations to re-air this one or remaster the movie in DVD. I sure don't remember it's opening sequence nor the songs introduced.


RPG Metanoia

Okay, when I was in SM Taytay earlier I accidentally encounter this poster...

I'm so excited that there's gonna be an animated movie that will enter to 2010 Metro Manila Film Festival. Best of all, this movie is the first full-length 3D animation in the Philippines. The movie is called RPG Metanoia (or nicknamed RPG).

According to the synopsis, this movie revolves the adventures of an 11-year-old boy named Nico. Nico seems that he has few friends an instead he plays MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) called Metanoia. His character in Metanoia is "Zero the Vagabond Traveller", who armed with magical yo-yo and agility.

Suddenly, the game and the internet got infected with a strange virus, thus many players' minds and computers are affected. It's up to Nico, along with his online player friends to stop the virus from taking control the whole network.

The RPG Metanoia will become an official entry for 2010 Metro Manila Film Festival along with Si Agimat at Si Enteng Kabisote, Dalaw, and Ang Tanging Ina Mo (Last Na To). The voice actors of the animated movie will feature the voices of Aga Muhlach, Zaijan Jaranilla, Mika dela Cruz, Vhong Navarro, and Eugene Domingo.

RPG Metanoia is produced by AmbientMedia with co-production from Star Cinema, ABS-CBN and Thaumatrope. The movie will premiere on December 25th this year!

To watch the trailer of RPG Metanoia, click here. You can visit the movie's official website here for more information.


Dragon Ball Now On Q!

One of the most popular anime all the time returns to Philippine TV. It's been a long time since GMA 7 last aired this show. Tune in to Dragon Ball starting November 24, 2010 every 4:30 PM weekdays on Q League of Astig!


QTV Channel 11 - Soon To Be An All-News Channel

Earlier, I read about the shocking news on Q channel 11 League of Astig Facebook fan page here and says that GMA 7 will reprogram Q into all-news channel starting next year. It will also serve as a rival for ABS-CBN's ANC channel which is a cable channel that runs news 24/7.

For those who like free-to-air news channel, it's a good news. However for the rest of the people, particularly women and anime fans will get disappointed. Why am I saying this to you? First of all, there's a problem about GMA Network's net income in the third quarter this year due to low ratings. Another reason is that there's a new GMA network president. So, it's possible that the staff will make plans to increase their income - by making programs for adult audiences. There's a risk that the schedules which contain shows for kids and teens, will affect the reprogramming of Q. As I read that announcement on Facebook, judging from the fan's reactions, they're worry that the Q will be the next channel to stop airing kids show. Some of the largest networks like ABS-CBN (Team Animazing) then TV5 (Animega) got rid of their schedules for anime show and replaced variety shows.

In 2005, GMA Network launched it's sister channel called Q, which intended to be a lifestyle channel for women. Q aired a lot of shows about traveling, helpful tips, entertainment, and cooking shows which the network fairly increase their income. At the same time, Q launched many anime and kids shows, mostly they were aired on GMA before. They also aired anime shows which was brought from ABS - CBN like Heidi and Daddy Long Legs. In 2009, Q made two sets of schedules for children - Super Bulilit, in the mornings and League of Astig, in the afternoons. As of this year, the status of airing kiddie shows on Q goes fine like before.

No one can tell what Q and GMA are up to next year, but let's hope that they'll never do what ABS - CBN and TV5 did because anime in the Philippines will decline sooner.


Trapp Family Singers Now On Q

Q channel 11 once again brought another World Masterpiece Theater animated series called Trapp Family Singers. The show aired yesterday (November 1) and it's on Super Bulilit block. Watch Trapp Family Singers on Q every weekday mornings around 9:30 AM.

For those who are familiar to this show, Trapp Family Singers is another WTO series aired in ABS-CBN back in 90's along with Daddy-Long-Legs and Heidi.


ETV Intros and Some Episodes

I recently found out these ETV openings - Hiraya Manawari, Bayani, ATBP, Epol Apple, Sineskwela, and Math Tinik. Don't you think that you feel lucky you watched these shows when you were young? I miss them too, you know. Thanks to housetofu for intros and redwormIII for Epol Apple and Sineskwela episodes for the videos. I miss them, too. Click the title of the shows:

Epol Apple (episode 3 with intro)

Sineskwela (first season intro, episode 3)


Monster Buster Club

Image from Blue Sky Disney at http://blueskydisney.blogspot.com

Seriously, I didn't realize why I got hooked in this show on Q. I also started liking this series so I wanted to find more about it through internet. Sadly, most of the articles related to have non-English languages so I decided to review about this one. Monster Buster Club or MBC is a CGI cartoon series produced by Marathon Production (the studio where Martin Mystery and Totally Spies! came from) and it's also the first CG-animation made by that studio. Few years ago, this show was aired in Jetix Europe and later on Toon Disney.

Monster Buster Club follows the three 10-year old kids along with Cathy who is an alien. Together with Cathy's grandfather, they formed the secret organization called the Monster Buster Club where their mission is to protect Single Town from alien invaders. Unlike Cartoon Network's Kids-Next-Door, MBC has advanced technology gadgets to capture alien enemies from different galaxies. Like most of the young heroes, the MBC members deal everyday lives like school, bullying, and crushes while balancing their time to bust monsters. Just like your friends, every person has different personalities. There goes Cathy Smith - a happy-go-lucky alien girl who always smile (which I'd say she's my favorite because of her character), Danny - a sporty guy with a sense of humor, Sam - a tough but rational girl, and Chris - smart and a technology expert.

While that show aimed for kids, Monster Buster Club doesn't contain blood or gore but slime is at least okay. It's also a show which contains comedy and a lot of action. Many kinds of weapon are used like laser beams and alien trappers are present. Sometimes, the main characters do their efforts defeating enemies like punching or throwing objects lighter their own. Also, there goes colorful backgrounds and character designs are great. Even the aliens are looking tough. While the story is all about busting aliens, the four kids deal problems like popular people, teachers or bullies. With the gang's positive attitude (and Cathy's optimism), they solve a lot of mysteries and their problems.

To know more about Monster Buster Club, you can visit their official site here. You can also watch that show on Q 11 weekday afternoons at 4:30 PM.


Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Right, it's been a long time I started getting interested watching comic superheroes on TV. Last time, our local TV's (with the exception of cable channels) aired Justice League and Teen Titans on Studio 23. Last time, I think that TV station aired The Batman. Few years later, when TV5 aired Cartoon Network shows I dunno why I got hooked with the new Batman series which called Batman: The Brave and the Bold every weekday afternoons.

Cartoon Network came up with another Batman series after the previous one which was aired in Studio 23. As I watched the Brave and the Bold, I got excited with the stories and it's edgy but smooth animation. Check out Batman's costume, he's got blue design similar to Adam West in 60's version of Batman live-action. What's new on that show is that he's got one or two other superheroes from DC heroes to help Batman solve a lot of mysteries and crimes (although Batman thinks he doesn't need them a lot sometimes). There's also a lot of villains from other DC comics but there are few episodes where you'll see Batman's enemies like the Joker and the Penguin.

Every episode, before the opening theme song there's a trouble and Batman comes to get things right along with his superhero ally but viewer's will soon realize that's not the focus in the main story. Few good things about The Brave and The Bold is that the stories and scenes are kid-friendly and enjoyable. The scripts are good and not so boring. Batman thinks that Gotham City is safe while he's busy solving cases in other remote areas, right?. One great thing I observed in the show is Batman's point of view. He analyzes his partner's strengths and weaknesses and Batman tells that person what is wrong then gives advice like a mentor. In the end of every episodes, there goes moral ending like friendship, acceptance or respect another superheroes' ability - a truly great example for kid viewers.

What I dislike about the show is that you'll hear few innuendos kids won't understand but thank goodness I watch the show on TV5 which means it's on Tagalog-dub. Then again, when you watch Batman: The Brave and The Bold you'll think that you've seen many superheroes that appear in silver or golden age comic books. Since it's on Cartoon Network, the show aimed for young viewers.


Cartoon Network on TV5

If Spongebob Squarepants moved to ABS-CBN (and Q), there goes Ben 10. What? Yes, it means that TV5 got the rights for airing animated shows from Cartoon Network and that means Ben 10 is one of them. If you watch any trailers on TV5 this week, you'll notice that there are new shows that will air. Usually, they'll air on weekends.

Cartoon Network is one of the cable channels that can be available to our TV's. It is also the rival network of Nickelodeon and Disney Channel. In the other side, TV5 will air new shows like The PowerPuff Girls, Dexter's Laboratory, Ed, Edd & Eddy and Camp Lazlo. They're expected to air around September next month. In Ben 10, you can still watch it in weekday and weekend mornings and in replays afternoon. Like shows from Nickelodeon, the Cartoon Network on TV5 will be in Tagalog-dub. Right, I know some people will be pissed when they heard it's on Tagalog version.


Barkada Trip (2005)

Barkada Trip is a 2-minute short cartoon from ABS-CBN's sister channel Studio 23 aired in the year 2005. Created by Chibibo Toons producers Brando De Leon (or known as "Dok"), Regina Bengzon and Michael Bernaldez then later Fat Fingers Production,it was formally launched during the 9th Anniversary of Studio 23 at Baywalk, Roxas Blvd, otherwise known as BAYBREAK 2005. This cartoon uses digital animation and Flash.

Barkada Trip tells about a group of seven teenagers with their different personality that resembles as Pinoy teenagers. Together, they embark funniest and wackiest adventures every teenager could have. The characters in Barkada Trip resembles as "chibi" (a Japanese word meaning "short person" or "small child"). This show has an anime influence only adding with some Pinoy story lines. Each of the main characters has different personalities. Bok, the leader and the prankster of the group, his mysterious, black pet feline named Malas as his sidekick,Abantao a silent, skater boy who is a punk, Trixie an ultra kikay of the group, Nikki the sports and exercise buff, Marla a tough man-hater of the group, Derek a technology expert and Nori the consummate metrosexual who can't get enough of his pet tarsier named Aries.

The first episode debuted around 2005 as a part of 9th anniversary of Studio 23 entitled "Fishball" and it contained 2 part episodes. In the first two episodes, when Bok and Derek were laughing at the vandalized poster of one of the Studio 23 shows,Maria saw a fishball stand roaming on their way. There, Maria saw and ate some cooked fishball. When two boys found out that there was a fishball stand they only saw a piece of fishball because Maria ate the rest of it, they were sad. The boys were fighting around for just a piece of fish ball but they didn't know, Maria ate the last one she had left.This went the two boys bumped each other in the end. This episode start this cartoon's short premiere during that year. Barkada Trip also made a music video and the full-version of the song entitled "Trip na Trip" performed by Aizo. More characters appeared like Abantao, Nikki, Derek and the rest in the music video.

This cartoon used as short commercial for Studio 23 that aired every mornings 'till the evenings randomly. More of these episodes were produced by Chibibo Toons and it got many attention to the viewers. The story line of Barkade Trip contains humorous scenes that makes you laugh because of the character's different personality. It also contains about life as a teenage group. At first, the characters of Barkada Trip didn't talk so much but instead they used grunts and laughs when they react or as part of their communication. They even act as implicit characters of the show. With the use of digital animation with a lot influence of anime, Barkada Trip showed as a good animation for the young viewers especially teenagers. Every episode, the show contains background music from various indie artists such as Aizo and Chicosci. The music played in the show is great to listen depending on the themes on each episodes.

Around 2006, Fat Fingers Production got the rights of making more Barkada Trip episodes but with the same staff from Chibibo Toons. The main characters got changed and more developed.In some episodes, they even talked and got more wacky reactions unlike from Chibibo Toons for some comic relief . In the new version of Barkada, new characters were added but they only used as background characters of the show. Like in Chibibo Toons, Fat Fingers used digital animation too. During that year, Chibibo Toons still produced more Barkada Trip episodes even though Fat Fingers lead in showing more of their produced episodes. In my opinion, the Chibibo Toons' Barkada Trip got better character designs than from Fat Fingers.

A lot of in depth bio about the main characters in Barkada Trip (and some spoilers). The setting in the show mostly in their fictional "barangay" or some random places depending on the episode like in the boxing arena, Big Brother's house in Pinoy Big Brother,etc.The seven teenagers' ages of Barkada Trip were unknown but they were probably have the same age as high school students. Even their real names were never mentioned in the whole show but revealed in the Studio 23's official website and in a music video entitled "Barkada Trip" performed by Kiko Machine.

Bonifacio Andres (Bok), is a prankster and the leader of the Barkada Trip and has a pet black cat named Malas. Bok is bald and wears a red t-shirt that it's logo changes in every episode like "How can Henry Sy?" with big fonts and a brown shirt. His father who work in Saudi Arabia as OFW ( and ironically owns a cat like Bok, but only white) was his only family member appeared other than Bok's friends in one episode. As a prankster, his friends doesn't accept him at first because he made lots of pranks that made them annoyed especially Marla but some episodes they generally accept him as a member of Barkada Trip. Every episodes, Bok ended up being in trouble because of his pranks or his friends.

Abantao, is the silent person of the Barkada Trip who owns a skateboard. His physical features include his skull cap, green t-shirt with a skull logo, a strip bandage on his cheek, and pants. He is Bok's only best friend ever since they were young as seen in a flashback in one episode. Together with Bok, they make lots of pranks but Abantao make only less pranks than Bok.

Patricia Victoria Regina Lo (Trixie), a red-haired kikay girl of the group who likes to eat a lot. She wears a pink "bestida" and pants. There are some episodes hinted that she has a crush on Abantao. Trixie and Abantao once had a date but only Trixie enjoyed the date because she ordered and ate a lot of food that even Abantao's budget was gone. Even Abantao offered Trixie to ride his skateboard in the end. Trixie and Abantao were paired in a "Rapunzel" parody in one episode.

Innocencia Santiago (Nikki), is a sports and exercise hobbyist. In one episode, before she got hooked in sports she was an overweight teenager and always ate a lot of food in the past. Because she was an overweight girl, no boys liked her until Derek came along to her life. After those painful past , Nikki started to become physically fit and therefore she gets a normal weight to make boys like her. When Derek saw Nikki in a fit, he just stared at her in a distance without a word until Nikki was suddenly chased by a tarsier. It is unknown whether if Derek and Nikki liked each other even they're in a Barkada Trip group.

Maria Lavinia Flores (Marla), is a tough, man-hater in the Barkada Trip gang. She wears a yellow dress and a headband. As a tough and stubborn girl, Marla hates to be taunted by boys especially from Bok that sometimes ended up getting hurt with her physical attacks or sometimes likes to tease boys when she saw them they're ended up from trouble. Marla gets along with Nikki and Trixie as her friends and protects them from Bok's pranks. Like Nikki and Trixie, it is hinted that she may secretly likes Bok but she never reveals her general feelings to him.

Federico Zaragosa VI (Derek), a technology expert of the group. He owns the latest gadgets around and made his own machines for purposes. He even helps his friends about gadgets in some episodes like changing the cellphone's language from Bok's new cellphone. He was in Nikki's past and therefore it is unknown whether if he likes Nikki or not. Both Derek and Nikki were paired in a "Cinderella" parody episode.

Norberto Felix Trinidad (Nori), the consummate metrosexual member of the group. At the early episodes, Nori seems he's a real guy that even he made into the clinic for "Operation: Tuli".As the series goes, he turns out to be only a member in Barkada Trip to be like homosexual (I believe it's because there should be a "gay" member of a teenage group). Even he admit that who he was and likes Bok in one episode.. Nori is the owner of the pet tarsier named Aries. In one episode, Nori once saved Aries from Bok's pranks outside the park and since that day, they become mutual friends.

The character elements in the world of Barkada Trip is a great deal to see one of the digitally made animation made in the Philippines. Some elements in Barkada Trip like in real-life shows Studio 23 and faces of some popular artists on TV were mentioned.The show got even available merchandises too such as mini electric fan, t-shirts,slippers, mobile games and many more.Even Bok made an appearance as a mascot in some Studio 23 shows like Y! Speak and Breakfast.They also made parodies from commercial and anime shows in some episodes. As of this year, it seemed the show has still no plans to produce new episodes. Barkada Trip is a good show to watch and it even gives you fun too see their adventures being teenage Filipinos.


Nick on ABS-CBN

You've probably wonder why TV 5 stopped airing Tagalog-dubbed Nickelodeon shows and replaced TV 5 Kids, eh? Me either. Last few hours ago, I surf articles about local channels in Wikipedia until I stumbled in this page. In the upcoming programs section which located at the bottom, I discovered that there are shows that was in TV5 before but there are shows that are new to local TV. Then, I clicked the link which is in Pep.ph article inside here.

Yup, looks like it's ABS-CBN's turn to bag the rights for airing Nickelodeon shows after two local channel predecessors RPN 9 and TV 5. According to that Pep.ph article, ABS-CBN's Team Animazing (the kiddie cartoon block which airs every weekday and weekend mornings) will air Nick's cartoons starting from two most popular kids shows today - Spongebob Sqaurepants and Dora the Explorer. The channel also plans to air others like Avatar: The Legend of Aang, Go! Diego! Go, El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera and the new Penguins of Madagascar.

If you're excited, you can watch Spongebob Squarepants and Dora the Explorer starting from Mondays July 26th, 8:30 AM, at ABS-CBN.


El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera

Starting from clockwise: Grandpapi Rivera/Puma Loco, Manny Rivera/ El Tigre, and Rodolfo Rivera/ White Pantera

Before I will start about this entry, let me apologize for having a long-term waiting to see my new post. It's just because I'll have to fix my college subject classes starting this week.

When I saw this cartoon show on TV5 and Nickelodeon cable channel, I was suddenly amazed and I thought it's Nickelodeon's cartoon rivaled for Cartoon Network's Mucha Lucha. Maybe I'm wrong and Nick Jr's. Dora the Explorer is not only a cartoon with Mexican language. El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera (sometimes nicknamed as "El Tigre") is another Nickelodeon show aired around year 2007 to 2008. Set in fictional place Miracle City in Mexico, El Tigre tells about the adventures of 13-year old boy Manny Rivera. He has superpowers and deals whether if he's going into good or evil side. His father Rodolfo Rivera (a.k.a White Pantera) is a superhero and wanted his son to be like him, but Granpapi Rivera (a.k.a. Puma Loco) likes his grandson as a super villain.

For us, we can say that we are on the good side but sometimes we are in the clutches of doing bad things. For El Tigre, while his villains show up to do crime his conscience is his real challenge. He has to learn to distinguish what's right and what's wrong. Like does Manny use his father's money to buy a tattoo maker instead of a can of guacamole? Or letting his prized animal die and revive it in a horrible way? Those are examples of issues that Manny deals with it.

Manny is just like a tween who never know what responsibilities are and instead to have fun. While he decide which side he will be, he makes trouble along with his best friend Frida Suarez as happy time. Manny also likes to fight for good or worst. He transforms into El Tigre by spinning his buckle belt. He (sometimes along with his family) face many villains including El Oso, Sartana the Dead, Titanium Titan and many super villains in order to protect Miracle City from ruin.

Another exciting reason why El Tigre is that the animation uses Flash plus the hand-drawn animation for effects. The creators and staff of the show added many Mexican culture stuff - from costumes up to famous Mexican people. Whether if your not a Mexican resident, you'll still like to watch it's action and comedy moments. There's even one moral lesson you'll learn in El Tigre , not even Grandpapi Rivera can't resist this value - "Family comes first, whether you're a superhero or not".

If you wanted to find out more about El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera, you can check out the creator's DeviantArt account at http://mexopolis.deviantart.com/ and their Blogger account at http://tigreroar.blogspot.com/.


End of TV5 Animega? Oh My!

Last year, TV5's Animega seem like a hit for Filipino anime fans for airing anime shows every weekday nights and weekends as replays. But now this year, it's schedule will fade away sooner. According to Zen Otaku Honbu's latest news here, TV5 officially announced that Animega will temporarily go off-air starting May 31, 2010. I'm sure this will be much
dissappointment for anime fans and worried if the anime schedule will be gone in evenings.

Before I found out that news, last week I really enjoyed Shrek, Shrek 2 and Shrek the Third on 5Max Movies which they were aired around 7:30 PM. Then, I found out that there are some major changes in Animega. First of all, Clannad which was aired every 6:30 PM and now it is completely finished then Yatterman was moved in 3:30 PM from 6:00 before Street Fighter. Another one, Casshern Sins was moved in 6:00 PM because at this week will completely finish while D-Gray Man is still on air but on 7:00 PM. Last one is that Fullmetal Alchemist still air every Friday nights from 7:30 PM up to 8:30 PM before Midnight DJ. Sounds like a major difference, right? Even at their Facebook fan page, many fans are complaining about the movement of schedule and some of them suspected if the line-up will replace Koreanovelas.

In my observation and opinion, TV5 should not remove their Animega line-up because it is one of the main reasons why the station reach it's success. Animega is also different because every 6:00 PM up to 8:00 PM is the time where news from other stations air while viewers will enjoy anime (especially while they're eating dinner). Best of all, TV5 Animega is the home of requested popular anime shows like Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Code Geass and Lucky Star. From 2008 starting with Yamato Nadeshiko: The Wallflower and Shakugan no Shana, viwers are following the anime timeslot and supported that TV5 should air more anime shows.

While the school time is near, I can't imagine what will happen if the kids will not enjoy watching adult primetime shows like news and dramas and have no time for anime slot. It will be very dull and boring! We also wonder what will happen if many stations especially ABS-CBN, GMA 7, Studio 23 or even TV5 itself place full of Koreanovelas and other dramas over shows for young ones like anime.


Yatterman Remake

Just after TV5's Masked Rider Hibiki ended, another new anime replaced called Yatterman. Suprisingly, when I search about this anime it was indeed a remake of the original Yatterman which was created in year 1977 up to 1979 by Tatsunoko Productions. Before the 2008 remake, the 1970's Yatterman was the 2nd longest show created by Tatsunoko Productions after Time Bokan. It was also the part of Time Bokan series.

Up: (from left to right) Gan-chan and Ai-chan .Down: Yatta-wan the Robot Dog, Dice and the Yatterman

Yatterman 2008 remake

Yatterman tells about the two young mechanic heroes who are trying to stop the Dorombo Gang from searching their boss' Dokuro Stones which it has an ability to grant wishes whoever gets it.From the original series, Gan-chan and Ai-chan transforms into Yatterman with the help of their mechanic robot dog named Yatter-Wan and travel diffrent parts of the world in order to search the Dokuro Stones. But everything is not on their direct way if there are Dorondo Gang, lead by Queen Doronjo and her wacky troublesome henchmen Boyacki and Tonzra trying to stop the heroes and get what they wanted. In the end, the Yatterman always win the battle and found the stones.

Since am I talking about the remake, Yatterman was created in year 2008 with it's new changes but still the original character design are still there. One of the changes about the anime is that instead of Dokuro Stones, both teams are searching Dokurobei Rings that is scattered all around the world. Gan-chan is also given a personality for him as a slacker and not quite serious unlike his friend Ai-chan.

In the first episode, a genius but slacker mechanic Gan-chan tries to repair his old Yatter-Wan which is meant as a promised gift from her friend Ai-chan. In return, when the Dorondo Gang appeared to create trouble, Ai-chan displays her appeal in order to convince Yatter-Wan to awake from his sleep. The rest of the episode plots got the similar format - the Dorondo Gang creates a scam to earn money, summoned by their boss Dokurobei and tell where to get the next Dokurobei Ring; the Yatterman found about the plot and call their Yatter-Wan to follow the evil gang, Ai-chan feeds Yatter-Wan with "Mechatonic" which helps summon mini-mechas. At the last scene, the Dorondo Gang flew away from the explosion of their mechas (like the ones in Pokemon's Team Rocket) and being punished by Dokurobei.

Hmm, does this remind me of a Super Sentai show especially the original Yatterman was created during the time Himitsu Sentai Goranger was produced?


Voters Education Animation - Tagalog Version

A short Philippine animation project created by Bouncingball Inc. If you want to see the English version, click here.


Batibot Will Be Back!

One of the reasons why I'm so happy on TV5 is that according to this Pep.ph website here, TV5 will pick up the Philippines's oldest popular children's show Batibot. For people who grew up in 80's up to 90's will also glad about this. For those who want to know about the show, you can look my blog entry here which I posted last year.

I'm sure nobody will forget the memorable chacaters in Batibot like Pong Pagong, Kiko Matsing and the storyteller Kuya Bodgie. I also hope that original puppet chacters and the original song will return :)


Lucky Star

I first heard this kind of anime which is called Lucky Star around 2008 and I was so curious about it aside from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. I also heard that many (or let's say millions) of anime fans that they are excited to see that anime because of comedy and a mix of slice-of-life genre. In the opening theme of the series which I first found it in Youtube, the characters are cute and cartoony plus showing their funny facial expressions. Now when I first saw it in TV5 for real, I realize that their looks can be really deceiving....

The Lucky Star manga was created by Kagami Yoshimizu back in 2004 and published in Kadokawa Shoten's Compiq. It later published in other magazines like Shonen Ace. The anime version was created in the year 2006 by Kyoto Animation. The story tells about the daily life of four girl friends who are both in high school - Konata Izumi, Miyuki Takara and the twin girls Kagami and Tsukasa Hiiragi.

When I saw Lucky Star in on Philippine TV , it seems that they fell apart when it comes to storyline especially the show was dubbed in Tagalog. It doesn't mean that the dub is horrible than the original Japanese. If you ever watched few episodes of Azumanga Daioh, you'll know what I mean. Of all of the twenty-four episodes in anime, all you can see is that the main chacters meet in school, talk to each other about certain things, making jokes and do hang-out. In other words, they are just a bunch of vignettes. Plus before the ending credit of an anime, there goes a mini segment called the Lucky Channel which adds the taste of comedy and squeaking the fans.

The problem of the many viewers who watch Lucky Star (especially if the a viewer is a manga of anime first-timer) is that they must be familiar in Japanese video games, anime, and other Japanese pop culture stuff so they will understand the conversation of the characters. Else,the comedy will be terrible to them. Aside from less comedy slices and humor, I also think that the main character's personality doesn't change or develop as the episode goes on. Konata Izumi , is a smart and sporty gal who has blue hair and green eyes. Sometimes she can be lazy in school work and instead she likes to play video games every day which is the reason why she's not good at school. Kagami Hiiragi, one of the Hiiragi twins with a long purple hair is a smart, stubborn one but not good at household chores. Tsukasa Hiiragi, twin sister of Kagami who has a short purple hair is the opposite of her sister - nice but an airhead. Miyuki Takara, a girl with pink hair and glasses is intelligent but sometimes she can be clumsy.

As I watch the few episodes of them on TV5, I felt like I've wasted every 30-minutes and I'd rather switch the channel to watch the news like 24 Oras or TV Patrol. There are few things I really impressed about Lucky Star are the music like the opening theme here and the clean artwork design. I also the like the show's impression of making cameo appearances of other anime shows and characters like Sgt. Frog and Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

In the end, I'm quite enjoyed watching the series. It may have a weak plot but I'm interested as well because of their modern culture like anime and manga. Lucky Star is just like the junior version of Azumanga Daioh where a bunch of random high school girls are present and experience situations, either can be fun or frustrating as long as they're friends. It can be a good comedy series, only if you understand the Japan's entertainment culture.


...and The Gang Jumps to University

Did you watch the last episode where the wacky student friends from Lokomoko High went to vacation after their graduation in high school? Yes, it really means they are going to university and enroll Lokomoko University. The title of the show will be call Lokomoko U. According to this Pep.ph website here, TV5 (the station where the original Lokomoko and Lokomoko High aired) announced that they will soon present their new entertainment - oriented shows including Lokomoko U. Not to worry, the original cast of Lokomoko High like Alex Gonzaga, Empoy Marquez, JC De Vera, Valerie Montenegro, their classmates and the teachers will return with their funny gags and jokes that make sure we will laugh of.

Hope they don't add too much toilet humor....


2009 Cover of New Funny Komiks

I guess I'm too late, huh? Infinito Publishing once again released the fourth cover of Funny Komiks last year. Like in the previous issues, inside you will find titles like Tropang Kulit, Kapitan Tog, Dambiboy and his Saydkik Ibok and the return of Superdog. My question is, where am I suppose to buy that issue now that the store I bought the previous issue doesn't have one? I didn't know that just once a year a Funny Komiks issue comes out.

Source: http://komiklopedia.wordpress.com/2007/12/27/gallery-pilipino-funny-komiks/funny1408/

Probably this is suppose to be the next cover of new Funny Komiks from this website http://mengoloid.deviantart.com/art/Funny-Komiks-Cover-142573275. I wonder when the publisher will release future issues.?


Gerry Garcia (1953 - 2010)

photo from Tuldok Animation on Multiply

While I was checking on the internet especially my blog, I recently found out in another Blogger website Usapang Komiks here. I'm really sad about the news. Why? Because the man behind Isko: Adventures in Animasia (1995), Ibong Adarna (1997) and the Panday animated-series passed away due to a heart ailment last February 12.

I don't know if I'm sure about saying this but we lost the greatest Filipino animator who first introduced Philippine animation to the theaters. Up until now, only Filipino animators know that Gerry Garcia is a legendary animator in our country. He even tried to defend his legacy (Ibong Adarna) after he found out in Rated K that Urduja is a first-ever full-length Filipino animated feature film in year 2008. But in the end, it is still in dispute and Gerry Garcia believes that "History is on his side".

For more information, click this article here. Don't forget to check out Tuldok Animation's Multiply website here which contain photos of Gerry Garcia and his last animation exhibit in the Philippines.

Condolence to the families of Gerry Garcia...


Manga Beginners: How to Read Manga

Manga is known as comics in Japan and is still popular as ever for many audiences. It is also a reference for producing many anime shows. If you have a manga already and new to them, there are few steps how to read in a proper way.

Sample manga page from one-nmanga.blogspot.com

1.) Start at the back page of the manga.
- many manga titles advise us to read the manga starting at the back first. I've seen the warning of a volume of Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge that's something like this: "Warning, the manga is read from right to left!".

2.) In Western comics (especially our own version komiks in the Philippines), the comics read from left to right. But in Japanese manga, it reads from right to left. Speech bubbles and sound effects of manga also read from right to left.

3.) Repeat the process in the panel to the immediate left

4.) After the final panel, turn the next page and start from the next first right panel.

- There are manga titles that are read from left to right especially if they are doujinshi (fan-made comics in anime style).

- Footnotes can be quite confusing, but don't worry they help you to know the Japanese definition mentioned in few pages.

Now, you can enjoy reading manga in these few simple steps. You can also read manga from the internet. So, happy reading!


The Basics of Anime - Expressions

Drawing by naruto224.deviantart.com

One of the good reasons why Japanese anime and manga is so popular because of their expressions. In order to portray emotions we must have actions, gestures, movements and reactions. Without it, we're neutral and we cannot guess what do we meant of our actions. In Western and Japanese animation, the most obvious way to tell a cartoon character's feeling is that by looking their face.

Blushing displays the redness on the face and usually you can find in the person's cheek. It also results to emotional response like embarrassment, shame or being in love. In anime and manga especially if their genre contains romance, a character who shows blushing indicates he/she likes another person of the opposite sex although he or she cannot admit his/her feelings for a moment. Blushing can also add the cuteness effect.


Sweatdrop indicates that they are worried on a particular situation. Sometimes, it also indicates confusion. Mostly, the sweatdrop can be located at the side of their head.

The Red Vain / Popped Vain

Can you see a red cross on a character's head? It's called the red vain or sometimes, referred as a popped vein. It indicates that the character is angry (sometimes being annoyed or frustrated).

Funny Eyes

If you watch any modern anime especially if the genre has comedy, you may see these character's reaction like this. The eyes of the characters show in the picture above has squiggly eyes with white pupils. This kind of expression is used to determine confusion, happiness, anger or hopelessness.

It's also optional for creators to make puppy dog eyes huge and cute like in this example.

The XD

If you tried using Yahoo! Messenger or Facebook and posted the word 'XD,' it means extreme happiness (or sometimes frustration). The 'X' means squiggly eyes and the 'D' is the mouth.

and lastly...

I cannot even tell this kind of emotion if it is angry because of pain or what (I think Lelouch seems quite freaky especially he has two Geass in his eyes). Oh yeah, this kind of emotion shows anger in serious way and commonly you can see that if the anime contains action or drama.

Well, these are the basic facial expression you see in many anime. There are lot of varieties of expressions that I cannot explain,though. It's up to you if you want to discover more like in this website at http://www.mangatutorials.com/tut/expressions.php

* Anime Character Expressions: The Roundup.(July 14,2006). http://www.basugasubakuhatsu.com/blog/2006/07/

Draw Anime Expressions/ Manga Expressions: How to Draw Manga /Anime Facial Expressioms with Drawing Lessons. http://www.drawinghowtodraw.com/drawing-lessons/

* Some screencaps found in the internet.


Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge...Live Action!

Yup-yup! If you love Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (or in case, The Wallflower) on TV 5 this is for you. Last November 30, 2009 the Japanese magazine Bessatsu Friend announced that there will be a live-action of The Wallflower and finally announced who will be the cast. This manga-serye series already started in Japan last month. We're not sure when this will air in the Philippines (either on Hero or TV 5)...

More info at http://www.tokyograph.com/news/id-5516


If you can't wait to watch the live-action, here's the first episode. English-subbed. :D


The Last Airbender Movie Poster

Image from Avatar Aang the Last Airbender on Friendster


Kirby: Right Back At Ya!

If you think Nintendo's Pokemon is the only anime based on video game you know, then think again. One of the popular video game characters from Nintendo appeared in anime. Kirby: Right Back at Ya! or known as Kirby of the Stars in Japanese appeared in the year 2001 up to 2003 with 100 episodes.

If you play any games from Nintendo, you might heard or tried any Kirby games which was first appeared in ol' Game Boy days. The anime tells about the adventures of Kirby in the planet Earth. Kirby falls from the space due to his spaceship broke then fell to PuPuPu village (Cabby Town in English dub-version). Meanwhile, the mean, fat and greedy ruler King DeDeDe the penguin plots evil plans to get rid of Kirby by sending out monsters he bought from Holy Nightmare Corporation (NightMare Enterprises). As usual, the monsters cause problems and mayhem but with Kirby, along with his friends saves the day.

Like any tokukatsu shows you seen on TV (let's say Super Sentai or Kamen Rider series), every episode appear every different monster sent by the antagonist but then they're destroyed by the hero. It's just like it was meant for kids. Not only adventures, but there are few moral values from real-life that are light-hearted. There are some characters that are actually based on the video game counterpart like Meta Knight, Chef Kawasaki, Waddle Doo and the main villain Nightmare. But there are some characters that are added for the anime only - like the siblings Fumu and Bun (Tiff and Tuff) and King DeDeDe's right hand Escargoon. They even appeared as computer animation then switch back to hand-drawn animation which is worth good.

The anime was aired in North America's 4Kids Entertainment almost a year ago after it aired in Japan. There are a lot of name changes from the original Japanese dub-version. After it was aired in America, Funimation Entertainment released the DVD of Kirby: Right Back At Ya! in 3 volumes and a 90-minute movie entitled Kirby: Fright to the Finish-Movie.

In the Philippines, the Kirby anime was used as original Japanese version which first aired on GMA 7 last year. It was re-aired in QTV 11 in weekday mornings this year. In conclusion, Kirby: Right Back at Ya! is good anime for kids and not as much terrible to watch.


Urduja Now in GMA 7

For those who didn't watch Urduja in cinemas last 2008 or haven't watched on GMA 7's SNBO last September 27, 2009 you can now watch this movie in GMA 7 again . This time, it will show on Fridays this week (January 8,2010) around 10:15 AM Philippine time. This is a great opportunity to let viewers watch this one-of-a-kind Philippine animation.

P.S: Too bad I didn't watch Dayo: Sa Mundo ng Elementalya last Sunday. Where am I suppose to find a DVD copy of it?