Super Inggo at Ang Super Tropa

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Walden Sadiri
Manila Bulletin

After the success of the superserye "Super Inggo" comes the first Pinoy-Anime series from ABS-CBN TV Production and ABS-CBN Animation entitled "Super Inggo at ang Super Tropa." ("Super Inggo and the Super Troup")

And if it’s called a Pinoy Anime it’s because it’s done and stylized from the popular Japanese animation format called anime, but is very Pinoy in content, story and drama.

We were privileged to watch an episode from the said Pinoy Anime series. "Super Inggo at ang Super Tropa" looked like a Tagalized imported anime series. But it is not. It is not only very Pinoy in terms of story but the background itself contains Pinoy culture like "fiesta and the food served during fiestas" in the said episode. Problems that Super Inggo would have to face were also situations that young televiewers could relate to. Like problems about the environment, toxic wastes and corruption. Balancing such dilemmas were the Pinoy drama in terms of father and daughter relationships and dream of leaving poverty for greener pastures.

"When international viewers watch ‘Super Inggo’ they would know it’s from the Philippines and made in the Philippines because of what they will see in it like the fiestas, butiki and more. This is a groundbreaking project from ABS-CBN which all of us Filipinos can be proud of," exclaimed Enrico Santos, Business Unit Head and Vice President for TV Production.

The "Super Inggo and the Super Tropa" project started after the finale of "Super Inggo" series. But the ABS-CBN Animation Department was put up in 2005 according to Guia Jose, the ABS-CBN Animation Department Business Unit Head. She shared that ABS-CBN already dreamed of an animated series way back in 1995 when they formed Star Animation but didn’t push through because of the Asian Economic Crisis.

Leading 85 people in her animation department, their target is to produce 26 weeks worth of episodes which would also be sold to ready markets abroad. But for the Philippines, they would have episodes ready for one season or 13 weeks. And making a 22-minute episode costs more than a million pesos according to both business unit heads.

Hmm, as far as I could think about this planned project "Super Inggo at ang Super Tropa" will provide the voices based on the live-action series such as Makisig Morales as Budong, Jarius Aquino as Jomar,Kathryn Barnardo as Maya, Joshua Dionisio as Ken and Andrew Muhlach as Teg. For the contrary "Super Inggo at ang Super Tropa" is'nt the first Pinoy Anime ever produced but being the first Pinoy Anime produced by ABS-CBN. But the question is, will this upcoming Pinoy Anime series will produce at least 20+ episodes than BIDA- Batang Iwas Droga? Super Inggo at ang Super Tropa will air on ABS-CBN soon. For the meantime, the characters for the upcoming cartoon take as a part of ABS-CBN Funtaserye Day last October 19th in SM San Lazaro and October 26 on SM North Edsa.

To view the teaser trailer of "Super Inggo at ang Super Tropa", check out here.

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