Typhoon Ondoy: A Dreadful, Stormy Weekend Experience

Sorry for delaying for not finishing my previous post everyone but I have to express something matter. Last Saturday, a typhoon Ondoy had just arrived in the Philippines with terrible non-stop rain fall and strong winds. Many people including me were stranded because of the flash flood came (I went to college in that day). I didn't expect that would be happen especially I forgot to bring cellphone and jacket in case it's raining. I'm not alone because I have also classmates who were stranded and then we stayed in the shopping mall in Cainta along with other people we don't know but have the same situation. We ate only bread with little water and waited for many hours to let rain stopped. I also experience homesickness and anxiety especially about my parents and my brothers, but I had no choice but to pray to God, wait for the rain and the news.

The next day, heavy traffic is a problem because flood is still heavy. We have no choice but to cross flood as soon as possible. Cainta is affected in flood but worse is in NCR especially Marikina. That city was close to river itself and many villages and subdivisions are really affected. I can't describe how Marikina was devastated with flood and mud. Thousands of houses there reached flood from first up to second floor, appliances and vehicles are washed with mud-water, and the worse part is many areas are almost impossible to cross. Even many people are trying to go on their homes to see their relatives and their things all right.

The next day, news already arrived and reported how much damage that typhoon Ondoy made. Also in the same day, I reached home in case the flood will increase it's level. My parents are very worried about my condition. In every news, seen a huge flood that swallowed many houses and streets especially near in rivers. Thousands of families - rich or poor lost their homes and hundreds of people killed because of the onslaught. At first, I can't believe that we expected that kind of typhoon. I heard the news that the Philippines expected a strongest typhoon again in the last four decades especially if you mention about "climate change". In the end, we realized it's a part of Mother Nature's doing. Many organizations and governments still helping people who are victims of the typhoon, while many residents cleaning and picking up things that can be use.

In this day, typhoon Ondoy left the Philippines and now moved up to Vietnam. In the meantime, we cannot celebrate ourselves because of the trauma and stress we experience. On the other hand, PAG-ASA announced that there's going to be a new typhoon that will hit in our country and still observing that whether it will hit again especially if it crosses to NCR. Be safe everyone and don't forget to pray to God.


Ranma 1/2

Ranma 1/2 Volume 1 © Viz Media

One of the most popular anime in the early 90's and it's still love by many fans. I mean to say it's Ranma 1/2. It was created by Rumiko Takahashi, who is also known for her InuYasha series and currently one of the richest mangaka in Japan . The manga was published in Shokagukan's Shonen Sunday from year 1987 to 1996 in 38 volumes (although in US published 36 volumes). According to Rumiko in an interview, she wanted to make a story that aimed for younger children but as a twist her creation was targeted by many teenage boys and girls.

The story revolves a teenage boy named Ranma Saotome who was trained martial arts since childhood under his father, Genma. Until one day (in early few chapters and episodes, that is), while in the middle of training Ranma and Genma fall into cursed springs in Jusenkyo which located in Qinghai, China. When splashed in cold water, Ranma turns into a girl while his father turns into a panda. The only way to reverse their form is to douse hot water on them, but unfortunately it lasts temporarily. Post soon.


Mojacko (Chu-Chu-Chu!)

The orange, fluffy alien was another popular anime character in the Philippines. Mojacko was manga back in 90's in Bokura magazine then followed as an anime in year 1995 to 1997. Created by Doraemon manga-ka Fujiko Fujio, Mojacko is an alien from planet Moja-Moja who along with his robot assistant Donmo went to planet Earth due to spaceship crash. The Japanese title is called Chu-Chu-Chu! and also based on it's opening song.

In early episodes,Mojacko met an elementary student named Sorao Amana and stayed to his place until their spaceship is fixed. The anime series was perhaps divided by two seasons with additional characters. In almost half of the season (that is from episode 1 to 30) Mojacko and his friends met Sorao's friend Miki who later involve the secret that there are aliens in earth and Wutan, Surao's enemy and a bully (I think Wutan is very similar to Takeshi/Damulag from Doraemon). They also met Mojacko's siblings who followed them in search of their brother. Mojari, is a pink alien ball with pigtails while Mojaro a small, green and youngest sibling who has an ability to manipulate supersonic waves when crying or being disturbed from his sleep. In another season, Momonja - a ninja-like alien ball follows them in order to get the "greatest treasure in the universe" and then later stays at Wutan's place. As a sci-fi genre, Mojacko and his friends travel different planets up to another universe for their adventures and excitement plus their friendship.

I'd say Mojacko was one of the high-rated anime series in the Philippines since it started aired locally around 1998 or 1999 every weekday afternoons. The show was featured in GMA commercial with Doraemon as anime-crossover lineup entitled "We Are Family". Mojacko merhandises were popular back then like plushies (as seen on this picture here). In Youtube, you can also see the opening song here in Japanese plus few old episodes dubbed in Tagalog. For now, Mojacko seems to be on the old cabinet in GMA ever since they wouldn't decided not to air it anymore until further notice.