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What if a Gothic girl encounters handsome boys who are looking for a free rent but suddenly a mix of chaos, comedy and horror comes out inside the landlady's mansion? Then you have "Yamato Nadeshiko:The Wallflower". The title also known as "Yamato Nadeshiko:Shichi Henge", "The Wallflower" and "Perfect Girl Evolution" in manga/anime version.The manga series was created by Tomoko Hayakawa from year 2000 until present.The anime version was produced from late 2006 until early 2007 with it's 25 episodes.

The story focuses around the girl named Sunako Nakahara who is obsessed with horror stuff because her first crush rejected her saying he "hates ugly girls". After that painful and traumatic incident,Sunako starting to like and befriended horror and scary things as her interest and her scary anatomical figures are her friends. She also avoid and hate "radiant creatures" who are happy,normal people.Times had changed when the landlady of the mansion and Sunako's aunt hire four handsome and charming boys to her mansion. Here goes Takano Kyohei, a loud and a bossy person when he want to.He likes to eat and sleep a lot. It is said in the manga that Kyohei is the most handsome guy of four. Takenaga Oda, the brainy of the group often strategist things in order to make Sunako become a lady.He also likes to read books a lot as a bookworm. Takenaga also a love interest on Naie "Noi" Kasahara,but sometimes he hesitate to admit his feelings from her. Ranmaru Morii, a rich boy has a good charm on every girls he often date with them. Last is Yukinojo "Yuki" Toyama, the shy and most innocent of the group and also good-natured guy. The four boys were hired by Sunako's aunt is because in order to grant them a free rent, they must manage Sunako to become a beautiful lady or known as "Yamato Nadeshiko".But when the manga series goes on, the boys convince Sunako's aunt to let them stay in the mansion as their home because of their personal problems especially when they encounter other girls in the city.In reality,Sunako doesn't mind about the things to become a lady.

As a read this manga and also watched the anime on TV, I couldn't help it but to laugh the crazy antics with the mix of horror of the story. I got almost kilig about the four boy's character designs which are unique and each of them got mixed personality.Yeah, I notice the boy's characteristics look similar to Hana Yori Dango or the F4 from Meteor Garden.The female protagonist of the show is more like Sadako of the Ring series. When the characters react when they encounter something scary and gore,they turn out to be crazy drawing like most anime shows do. Like the boys whenever they react when seeing Sunako in horror mode,they turned to be like humorous deformed figures. It's very interesting to see the details of main characters as the chapter goes on who knows.The minor characters as well which makes Sunako and the boys get into wacky and dark experiences in their daily lives-weird relatives,chasing fangirls, bullies, scary things and a lot more.Plus, both in the manga and anime romance with a comedy couldn't escape as well. In later chapters/episodes of this series,there will be chances that there is a relationship between Sunako and Kyohei and Sunako will ditch her Gotchic look. But unfortunately, Sunako's shooting nosebleeds makes no good whenever she sees "dazzling creatures" especially Kyohei.

Overall, both manga and anime appeals to be very well.Yamato Nadeshiko:The Wallflower is a good to read and watch for teenagers where it contains touching hilarious scenes and crazy moments. The music in the show is very cool because the creator is a fan of alternative rock and pop band.I have to read more chapters of the manga version and watch of it's anime version.Although the anime series ended with it's unsatisfying ending, the manga version is still publish in Japan.

You gotta watch Yamato Nadeshiko:The Wallflower of TV 5 Philippines every 6:30-7:00 P.M. weekdays then in 4:00-5:00 P.M. on weekends as replays.Some Youtube users uploaded the first and second opening theme in the series. The first season is here and the second one is here.
You can check also a fan site here.

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