Before making some mixed reception about this picture,why not try to take a break for a moment.This show wasn't really my first show I watched when it comes to children's television programs but I assure this one's a memorable TV show that aimed for kids in the past.

Teletubbies was another children's television shows in PBS Kids and primarily aimed for pre-school children.
Produced by Ragdoll Productions around year 1997 to 2001,this show tells about the four colorful main characters known as the Teletubbies. I first saw this show in GMA Network around 1999 and aired 10:00 to 10:30 A.M. every weekdays and probably competed the ABS-CBN's Bananas In Pajamas (see the previous post). When the first time I saw this program,it made me hooked to watch the show. I was too young during that time I only remembered the opening theme song. Since I really remembered this show,I found out a lot of it's details. Like in Bananas In Pajamas, the actors wore bulky costumes as Teletubbies.

The overview about this show tells about the four colorful Teletubbies namely Tinky Winky,Dipsy,Laa-laa and Po.The main characters live in a futuristic Earth dome along with their robot vacuum cleaner named Noo-noo. Each of the Teletubbies has their own personality and characteristics as the series ran:Tinky Winky- a male and purple-colored Teletubby has a triangle antenna on his head as symbol. He is the eldest of all Teletubbies and known for having a small,red bag he carries.Dipsy- a male and a green-colored Teletubby with a stick on his head as his symbol. His favorite thing he carries is his beloved black and white hat. He is the only Teletubby who has a darker tone on his face. Laa-laa,female and yellow-colored Teletubby with a curly antenna on her head. Her big, orange ball is her favorite thing. She likes to sing and dance. Po-female and a red-colored Teletubby with a small antenna with circle on top. She is the youngest of all Teletubbies and the owner of her scooter. These four Teletubbies has screens on their bellies. Their screens are used to show short-films from young audiences in the real world during the scene that the magical windmill makes a roll call.
The Teletubbies also has their behavior and way of talk like toddlers.Some of their notable sayings in every episode are "Eh-oh!" which means "hello" or if they're in trouble and "Big hug" which represents as group hug.Their diet seems to have only Tubby Custard and Tubby Toast(I'm kinda thinking what does those foods taste like).

The setting and the environment is just around the green plains and the weather mostly sunny (or in some occasions, having rainy days in some episodes or winter during Christmas special).
There are some surreal things about the show. The radiant sun with a real image of a baby face and laughs is one.Then, the technologies in the world of Teletubbies such as Noo-noo,talking tubes appearing on every gardens, and a windmill are the examples. Many real-life rabbits inhabit in the green plains and also the sound of birds (but no birds,just their sounds).It is very unknown where is the actual place for making the show but assure it is real.

Due to it's popularity, Teletubbies has been aired in many countries and has it's own name varieties.Merchandises from that show became hit also to many children.
The production of this show stopped around 2001 because of the mixed criticisms from the viewers especially from adults. Many claimed that Teletubbies contain few inappropriate scenes which they think of especially TinkyWinky. The show is still considered as cult show by many adults and college students. But there still a lot of viewers who watched the show and become fans. There are few Teletubbies fan sites are still promoted like these websites here and here.
.....and don't forget the Teletubbies official websites from PBS Kids and Teletubbies UK.
If you wanna know or remember about the show,a Youtube user had uploaded the Teletubbies opening theme with some few sample scenes. Their song lyrics are quite easy to remember just like in any children's shows.I'm so tired to review this stuff but at least Teletubbies was one of the good shows that everyone watched.

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Quattro Agito Bajeera said...

Teletubbies... i remember watching that in GMA back when we are still living in Manila in 2002...