An interesting storyboard animation found in the Youtube by this user entitled "Combatron". If you don't know what Combatron is, Combatron was a superhero character that first appeared on the Funny Komiks series during the 90's created by Berlin Manalaysay. It's comic series started when the young orphan named Empoy found a crashed spaceship and inside he saw an armored alien from the planet Omnicron.Thus,the alien handed down it's Combatron armor to Empoy to continue the task saving the universe against governing cyborgs...and Empoy became the new Combatron. Someone pointed out some of it's summary here.

I don't much familiarize this early Filipino-made comic series but I really admire to this creation and also Funny Komiks.I even reach Funny Komiks since early 2000 but I don't know if I read any Combatron series. Many people said during the time Funny Komiks characters including Combatron appeared since it's distribution around 80's, it went to a massive hit to Filipino's imagination especially kids. Although Combatron was considered as a rip-off of Megaman/Rockman, it's stories were very original packed with long action, adventures, and also many supporting characters.Those were the times that there were no computer games,MP3's or anime.

There was a project video in Youtube about making short Combatron animation (see above) but only they got stuck in storyboards and went to cliffhanger. Many Filipino people who were fans of Funny Komiks wanted to see Combatron or other of the comic's characters in TV either in animation or live-action. We're not pretty sure if this planned animated project of Combatron will appear on the internet or in TV someday, but at least they're trying to revive one of the superheroes that many Filipino people who admired Funny Komiks in the past. Buhayin si Combatron!

You can view about Combatron's profile here.

EDIT: Click for the missing scanlations of Combatron in a forum here.

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