Bananas In Pajamas

Premiered around 1992, Bananas in Pajamas is an Australian children's television. This show has been dubbed in many countries in many languages.

The main characters of this show are the two twin bananas named B1 and B2 who wear pajamas (hence they are called "bananas in pajamas"in the title). Other characters include the three teddy bears named Amy, Lulu and Morgan, and the Rat In the Hat. All of those characters are both living in the same street known as "Cuddles Avenue" at the end of the street. This show brings a lot of fun and values for the young audience. The two banana's catchphrase that often said in every episode are:" Are you thinking what I'm thinking,B1?" "I think I am,B2!" whenever they got both ideas. This show was performed by human actors who wears costumes and dubbed their own voices but later on the voices were performed by other artists because wearing a big costumes was quite hard and uncomfortable.

Here in the Philippines, Bananas In Pajamas aired around year 1998 in between the cartoon series probably around 10:25-10:30 A.M. and every weekday afternoons in ABS-CBN. The show was dubbed in Tagalog. This version has its Tagalog varieties such as the name of the rat named "Doding Daga" and hence our own Tagalog version of the opening theme song. When I was a kid during the time that show aired, I'm kinda like about the duo because not only they're twins, they help each other around. A Tagalog version of the two banana's catchphrase I quite remembered which made me laugh:

B2: naiisip mo ba ang naiisip ko B1?
B1: palagay ko nga B2!

...and then they put the word "Operation! [insert tagline]" after saying their own catchphrase to work their ideas. There was an episode that B1 and B2 act like doctors and they wear something round on their heads. Doding Daga, the owner of his own shop had it's own Tagalog catchphrase too- "Ako'y isang daga,matalinong daga!" whenever he gets his own ideas too. The three teddy bears- Amy, Lulu and Moragan are actually friends and living in the same house. I thought to those bears that they're more like siblings than friends. Anyway, this show gave educational values to the children who watched this show. All of the characters engage in light educational activities like singing,dancing and playing other characters. The show's got also available merchandises too in the past such as plushies, CD's, activity books,etc. which helped the show a success.

One Youtube user had already uploaded the Bananas In Pajamas opening theme so you can watch and remember them. Also, their catchy song is available to the theme. If you wanna know about the opening theme, the plot is not about the bananas are chasing the teddy bears but instead they were having fun (think about the game "hide and seek"). Some of it's episodes are available in Youtube too in order to see this nostalgic show you remembered. I'm not sure if this show is still being produce today but it's a part of nostalgic shows we remembered when we we're kids.The opening theme of the show is here.
An English version of the lyrics of the show is available here too so you can remember this catchy tune.
Bananas in pyjamas are coming down the stairs,
Bananas in pyjamas are coming down in pairs,
Bananas in pyjamas are chasing teddy bears,
'Cause on Tuesdays we all try to catch them unaware!

Here's our own Tagalog version as well for Filipinos who remembered this one:
Sina B1 at B2 laging magkasama
Sa lahat ng oras, sila ay masaya
Kaibigang oso ang kalaro nila
Sila ay sama-sama kahit na may problema!


Quattro Agito Bajeera said...

You know when we're still living in Manila back in 2003 and 2004, when i was little when my aunt came home from work, i always tell to tita "tita yan po yung "Nonodes in Dodomes" probably due to the fact that i'm so hype whenever the show starts i say the name in gibberish... Good times indeed

Sunburst Gerez said...

Kung may tagalog dubbed po kayo please share!! :( #sad