Atashin'chi is an anime produced around 2002 and was based on the manga with the same title created by Eiko Kiera around 1994. The word Atashin'chi (short for "atashi no uchi") means "my home" or "my family" in Japanese. Both of the manga and anime focuses about the family known as Tachibana family with their daily experiences.

The main characters of Tachibana family are four namely- Otosan (father),Midori Imagi (mother), Mikan(sister) and Yuzihiko (brother). Every episode, the Tachibana family encounters situations with some sitcom based problems but no matter what situation does they still a good family. Each of the members of Tachibana family has their own different personality. Otosan-a silent yet hardworking is the only member of the family who works in the office in order to raise his families support. Midori Imagi (or known as Midori), the father's wife is just like any ordinary mother. Sometimes, she gets paranoid or strict when it comes to weird escapade or sometimes, getting culture shocked to other things she doesn't know such as how to handle utensils in a Fench restaurant. She and her husband were both grew up in a province. Mikan- an eldest sister of Tachibana family and an elementary student. Mikan sometimes complain to such other things in the house which makes her mother become angry. Mikan is also responsible in helping her family. Yuzihiko- Mikan's younger brother and the Tachibana families' youngest son who is also an elementary student.However, like his father Yuzihiko is silent and sometimes he acts like he doesn't care in other situations in the house.

So far, I only watched some of the few episodes of it on GMA 7 last few months ago and it got only a short run.I even heck remembered it aired 8:30 A.M. every weekdays only. As I've watched the series, I notice that the Tachibana family is an example of a healthy and good family. Having a good family is like you're living in a happy normal life. The Tachibana family doesn't argue too much in order to make things solved. The story of Atashin'chi is like any other real-life experiences but with a mix comedy situations. It also shows children about what's life being a normal family in normal situation which give them glimpse of having good moral family values especially when they grow up. So does the older viewers who watch the series as if they're finding inspiration for having such a normal family like Tachibana family. The character designs appeal very well too as if they made for younger viewers or sometimes look comical. Many episodes of Atashin'chi were uploaded in Youtube but only Japanese subs available. Of course, the opening theme of the show is available too. In Japan, Atashin'chi is still active and produce more episodes.

Atashin'chi is one of the good children shows to watch. If you wanna see characters as family members, then this show is way good to you.

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