Ka-Blog is a new show on GMA that features and contains about adolescent life.The show aired last August 9th this year.Every week, Ka-Blog will serve it's latest updates and trends,and information that are relevant to them-cool gadgets,interview of stars,hippest hangouts and of course solving problems that concern teens such as peer pressure and relationship.

Ka-Blog is hosted by new and teenage reporters of GMA Network.Andrea Torres,the show's official styler tells about the latest trends about fashion and lifestyle.Mico Aytona,the cool reporters and tech enthusiast will show you what's new about gaming and gadget stuff.Lucky Mark Mercado, an athletic guy will show about how to be active and be move with sports and exercise.Monica Verallo, is the go-girl reporter helps you how to solve teenage dilemmas such as relationship,peer pressure,family, or any other miscellaneous questions just for personal matters.Together,the four main hosts will guide the teenage viewers as they deal about adolescent life and also hang-outs to be discover.

Ka-Blog airs every 10:00 A.M. Saturdays on GMA.You can check out about the show's recent and past episode updates at this website from GMANews.TV.Also, Ka-Blog has also it's own official website here.Their official site serves as "blog" just like the show's title theme.

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