Insanigans (2006)

According to the creator of this trailer named Herbert Humprey(aka guru guru),Insanigans is an old animated project that would release in Net 25 back in the year 2006.Unfortunately,because he is the one that will be responsible for producing his animated series,the project rejected or canceled.Humprey once claimed that "Insanigans" would be the new Filipino-made animated series against the 80's Pinoy-animated series "Panday".The trailer once showed in Net 25's show "Tribe".

Insanigans tells about the two cousins who are also merely friends. Lead "Ulrich" Ovitar, 13-year-old boy who has incredible powers which can destroy the enemies.He is also good at art.Together with his probinsyanang cousin and tech-expert Bass "Pee Wee" Ovitar,they protect the citizens from the evil technology. With it's blend of digital animation and anime,Insanigans would be truly an "anti-old school" Pinoy cartoon.

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