It's Duke The Java Mascot!

I have my own rant which is random but related.This time in my college days, I'm in programming lesson now which includes this cool but complicated computer programming software known as JAVA. Yep, even that JAVA stuff has an official mascot. Mascot you say?

While finding some random stuff in the internet, I accidentally found and snatched pics featured the JAVA programming software mascot named Duke. With Duke's big and bulky costume, I wouldn't even imagine to someone who wear that one and getting sweaty. But fondly, isn't Duke so cute being a JAVA mascot? :)

Duke the JAVA mascot in illustration.

Duke the JAVA mascot on left, with the two guys on the right

Duke usually appears in every Sun Microsystem's promotions (the JAVA developer).

"What the heck happened to you?", that's my first reaction when I found out Duke is actually...taking a break.

Duke (behind) and a mug from one of the Javapolis promotions.

Even other mascots like Duke wants to hang out and be cool (Guitar Hero?).

Duke's solo appearance.

(Credits to people from Flickr and Sun Microsystem's blog who originally own the pics)

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