Prince Mackaroo

Pince Mackaroo is another anime and children show aired around year 1993 or 1998. This anime show was based on a manga entitled"Ojarumaru" created by Rin Inumaru around 1993 an later adapted to anime series. Prince Mackaroo focuses about the adventures of a 5-year-old prince who is a son of a nobleman together with his assistant firefly, and the trio of oni (meaning "demon") who chases the prince.

The series began for about 1,000 years ago in Fairyland where the prince named Mackaroo lived there. For him, being a prince is too boring but with no excitement. As a son of a nobleman, his parents wants to study and study a lot in order to become an "intellectual aristocrat".But as a kid, Mackaroo wants more fun and adventure outside. Meanwhile, the "Three Scamps"... Scarlet,Blue Joe and Khaky (or known as "Tatlong Pasaway" in the Philippine version) took the scepter from the Great Demon King ("Haring Enma" in Philippine version) without his permission. While playing in the garden, the scamps lost the scepter and prince Mackaroo found it. Whoever holds the magical scepter can time-warp anytime in the past and in the future. As Mackaroo see the effect of holding the scepter, he jumps to the portal to the present world. The three scamps follow the prince in order to get back the Great Demon King's scepter.
Upon landing to the present time, Prince Mackaroo and the three scamps are struck in the place called "Moonlight Town". Prince Mackaroo meets a 7-year-old boy named Cozmo who they quickly become friends. Cozmo's parents invited the prince to their house. Therefore, Prince Mackaroo experience life full of adventures,mishaps and fun in the present world.

I guess it's pretty hard to review this one. There are a lot of characters in the show- aside from human characters, talking animals and friendly mythical creatures are included. Prince Mackaroo's life become fine ever since he arrived in the present day unlike in Fairyland.Sometimes, he even ask questions to his friends because of his curiosity. He learns everything about "Moonlight Town" and the world in present day.The setting of the show contains fantasies an imagination and that's the reason why "Moonlight Town" is a place contains "full of myths and fantasies". Every episode of Prince Mackaroo contains two segments where you can watch their adventures. The story even gives you laugh and excitement as the series goes on with the help of Prince Mackaroo's whimsical personality so does the other characters. It also contains moral values that fit for kids. You can even tell being a young, rich kid always find fun too. Prince Mackaroo is one of the good anime children shows for kids and the show is still being produce in Japan. Can you say Prince Mackaroo's catchphrase-"Woju?"

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Wojuh! Fan ako ni Prince Mackaroo!