Nestle's Chuckie

I did not drink this one,seriously.

Chuckie is an eponymous cartoon character from a chocolate milk drink from Nestle.He's a cow and the mascot of his own chocolate milk drink with the same name. I don't know when did that product exactly promoted here in the Philippines but I think before 2000 or to 2002.Before the product called Chuckie, it was first called "Chocolait" made by Magnolia company around 9o's and Chuckie appeared on that product during that time. That product promotes milk chocolate drinks in large-size bottles and small tetra packs sold in convenient stores.Chuckie in the Chocolait wore pants,rubber shoes,white gloves and a yellow cow bell only (yep, without his t-shirt in those days). Like many cows,he lives in a farm with a brown barn behind Chuckie according to it's background. Chuckie is no ordinary cow but a civilian. This made appeals to the children during that time. Around 2000 or 2002, Chocolait turns out to be called Chuckie after the mascot of the product and Nestle is now the manufacturer of this product until now.

Chuckie's first appearance on TV debuted around 2001-2002(?) as a mascot of the product here in the Philippines. He appeared as a cartoon character,jumping out from his home place (tetra pack,that is) and have fun with the kids from real world. Like in Nestle's Chuckie, in the first commercial he now also wears a blue t-shirt.After those years, Nestle also promotes their Chuckie products with some free merchandise after buying their chocolate drink. What cool about promoting their Chuckie products in their beginning was their beding yellow straw with brown stripes. Around 2005,Chuckie also appeared in his own comic strips and activity pages in public magazines such as Summit Media.He also became a mascot too in some public kiddie events. Chuckie's classic attire turns out into more cool sporty designs.In the year 2006, Chuckie had his own bus called "The Nestle Chuckie Roadster" that roamed in different private schools in Metro Manila in order to support the product more.At the same year, new Chuckie products made such as mini chocolate bars and chocolate ice cream but sometimes they consider it as limited edition.As of 2007 until this present time, Nestle Chuckie got their own official website here

If you're wondering why am I reviewing about this product,let's say it's because of Chuckie.After many years Chuckie appeared as a mascot in their own TV commercial,it is very unknown who created the animation and what media did they use in order to animated Chuckie or the voice actor of Chuckie.Many people said that they use digital animation in order to animate Chuckie,or mixed with traditional animation but it's on Nestle's consideration.With a mix of good live-action and animation, it does n't matter as long it's on audience's appeal. As of this year according to the official website of Chuckie, Chuckie has also few animated shorts that only on the internet can be available to watch. A Youtube user had uploaded the first episode of this short animated cartoon here about Chuckie and his fun adventures.

I heard in a new Chuckie commercial there is a "fun-o-meter" straw in that product available. It's pretty ironic to hear "Pull up,sip and raise the fun!" after the two previous straws they promoted in the past-the bending straw and a bending straw that said it can "burst chocolate" through your mouth (the straw has small holes,that is).


AM said...

I used the Chuckie screen cap above for a facebook group photo. I hope if it's okay. If not, I'll take it down :)


Food Handlers Permit said...

I love to drink Chuckie when I am craving for a chocolate drink in hot weather. I too don't remember when this famous mascot first promoted.