Libingan (2007)

I don't know why is this short movie didn't air on TV.Well, Libingan is a 20-minute animated movie created by Tuldok Animation Inc. (one of the existing animation company in the Philippines).It was first shown on CCP or Cultural Center of The Philippines as a part of indie movie.The trailer once showed on Kapuso Mo,Jessica Soho or Kids on Q last year.

Sypnosis from GMANews.tv:
"Libingan"revolves around a 7-year-old city girl named Anna who goes to the province with her mom and pet dog, Rambo, to meet her relatives. The visit is going well until Anna is bullied by three boys and accidentally toss her cellphone into a haunted forest.

Determined to recover her mobile phone and undaunted by stories of kapres said to be residing in the jungle, Anna and Rambo traverse the spooky forest and indeed prove that kapres do exist. But their startling discovery also debunks ancient misconceptions surrounding these feared mythical creatures popular in Philippine folklore.

Judging about the animation style from the trailer,it's really good to see their movements although sometimes they just float or move jerky.Yeah,even the story and really targeted for kids to adults because of the characters and scenes.The voice acting is very well too. After showing this animated-movie to CCP, Tuldok Animation still have plans in order to produce more future animated-movies.It's a very good start to see Filipino-made animation really touching.

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