Siopawman based on a Filipino comic strip.

Watch it's own animated series here.

When the first time I saw that short-animated trailer,I just dropped my jaw and say "Wow!".Another Philippine-made animation appeared on the Youtube this time and it's called "Siopawman".

I did research about this "Siopawman" series on this short article here. "Siopawman" was actually started as a comic strip series created by Larry Alcara back in the year 1946. Siopawman known as an over-sized superhero in the city of the Philippines.Like any other superheroes,Siopawman protects the citizens from the criminals and evil villains roaming around the city. His power source is his favorite food-Siopao and it gives strength to him(just like Popeye his power source is spinach) and thus give his own superhero name "Siopawman".Another thing was,many Filipino comic critics said that "Siopawman" may be the first Pinoy superhero created before Mars' Ravelos "Captain Barbell" and "Darna".The story of this classic comic series have action-packed,adventure and comedy that Filipino comic readers would like to read during those times.An existing site about the comic series is available so you can read about Siopawman's adventures.

In honor of this classical comic series, "Siopawman" had an animated version of it based on the comics. A Youtube user uploaded a short-trailer of "Siopawman" last year. I was surprised that animated series was created back in the year 2003-4 years in the past. A short-cartoon trailer created by the staff from Unitel and ToonManila. As I watched the trailer,I notice that the character movements were incredible as if like you're watching foreign cartoons.With also a mix of setting and flavor from the Philippines,you can really tell that Filipinos made that one(Yes,even Larry Alcara's signature included).But sadly, the animated series didn't appeared on Philippine TV or in events. Well, at least they got some huge effort in making this series.I was thinking this will be good series if they ever continue this one at least a short run.Believe it or not, they revived one of the superhero characters on TV based on classical comics.

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