Ragnarok: The Animation

An anime really couldn't escape video games as well."Ragnarok: The Animation" premiered around the first quarter of 2004 in Japan with it's 26 episodes. Around 2005,Korea and Philippines also premiered this episode in order to promote the MMORPG that called "Ragnarok". Like I said before,this animation was based on an online video game.Ragnarok is an MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) created in Korea.In the game,it's a series of massive online game for multiplayers where you could level-up your sprite by defeating monsters from Rune-Midgard,customization of your own character and get higher job rank.A buff of merchandises of this game spread around in Korea including the "manhwa" (manga in Korea).

I would say at least I don't play much MMORPG's like the Ragnarok but the anime series at least,pleased me.The story started in the Rune-Midgard when the Dark Lord is planning to create a world of chaos with the help of the seven crystals known as Seven Strenghts that trapped him many years ago. Meanwhile,Yuufa the acolyte and her childhood friend Roan the swordsman set off in the journey across Rune-Midgard after saying goodbye to the grave of Yuufa's older brother Keough . They are both joined with Takius-a blindfolded woman who is a magician,Maya the merchant along with her Poring companion Poypoy,the hunter Judia and her companion Iruga the assassin.While they encounter dangerous set of adventures in the world Keough who believes he's dead returns...

I don't know why the producers chose the class randomly on each of the main characters .For the second though, they're more like doing task based on the game-defeating monsters,journey to different places,partying,etc.The story is much related to the manhwa version created by Lee Myung-jin. As the anime series goes on,there are parts that each of the characters develop their characterization such as getting a higher-rank jobs. There are also comedy and few running gags which can be at least made the story be good. Their fighting scenes can be plain at the first few episodes but later on at least they develop better movements in later episodes.Their clothing design can be limited .The voice acting seems to be fine but there are parts that can be quite horrible.

Just like in the game,this series also put up many merchandises available on the market-from CD's,clothes,posters to the DVD's in Japan and Korea.Last 2007,FUNanimtion release the Ragnarok : The Animation DVD's in it's complete set of episodes.In the Philippines last 2005, Level-Up Games Inc. and ABS-CBN Broadcasting Company got the rights in promoting merchandises and game promo of the series. An opening theme and closing theme of the series sang by Yamazaki Maimi are really good to hear and also available in Youtube. Various episode subs of Ragnarok: The Animation are also available so you can see what the series looks like.In the Philippines,the Tagalog-dub of this series are also available in a Youtube user's videos recorded from ABS-CBN. There is also a Tagalog version of Ragnarok opening sung by the 1st batch of Star Circle Quest entitled "We Are The Stars" (the same title of the series' Japanese opening).

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