Monster Buster Club

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Seriously, I didn't realize why I got hooked in this show on Q. I also started liking this series so I wanted to find more about it through internet. Sadly, most of the articles related to have non-English languages so I decided to review about this one. Monster Buster Club or MBC is a CGI cartoon series produced by Marathon Production (the studio where Martin Mystery and Totally Spies! came from) and it's also the first CG-animation made by that studio. Few years ago, this show was aired in Jetix Europe and later on Toon Disney.

Monster Buster Club follows the three 10-year old kids along with Cathy who is an alien. Together with Cathy's grandfather, they formed the secret organization called the Monster Buster Club where their mission is to protect Single Town from alien invaders. Unlike Cartoon Network's Kids-Next-Door, MBC has advanced technology gadgets to capture alien enemies from different galaxies. Like most of the young heroes, the MBC members deal everyday lives like school, bullying, and crushes while balancing their time to bust monsters. Just like your friends, every person has different personalities. There goes Cathy Smith - a happy-go-lucky alien girl who always smile (which I'd say she's my favorite because of her character), Danny - a sporty guy with a sense of humor, Sam - a tough but rational girl, and Chris - smart and a technology expert.

While that show aimed for kids, Monster Buster Club doesn't contain blood or gore but slime is at least okay. It's also a show which contains comedy and a lot of action. Many kinds of weapon are used like laser beams and alien trappers are present. Sometimes, the main characters do their efforts defeating enemies like punching or throwing objects lighter their own. Also, there goes colorful backgrounds and character designs are great. Even the aliens are looking tough. While the story is all about busting aliens, the four kids deal problems like popular people, teachers or bullies. With the gang's positive attitude (and Cathy's optimism), they solve a lot of mysteries and their problems.

To know more about Monster Buster Club, you can visit their official site here. You can also watch that show on Q 11 weekday afternoons at 4:30 PM.

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Ghost Zone Radio said...

Searching for Monster Buster Club on Google led me here, but anyway, I got hooked to this series when it aired on Disney Channel about 2 years ago. Actually I was addicted to the show that was replaced by Monster Buster Club on the weekend 2:30PM slot, Monster Allergy. Watching the first plugs about MBC, I decided to give the show a chance. I watched Monster Buster Club and I instantly liked it. I also noticed that there are similarities to Monster Buster Club and Monster Allergy (aside from having Monster on their title). Both shows aim on capturing extraordinary creatures and the thing I most noticed is having a gadget that sucks the creature they're about to capture (on Monster Allergy, it was called 'DomBox' and on MBC, it was called 'Vaccuvator'). Though at first, the show wasn't that popular, it became popular when it aired on other countries such as US and some parts of Europe. The animation, graphic design, and backgrounds are certainly eye-catching. I also happen to love the English voices behind Sam, Cathy, Danny, and Chris. Sadly, Disney Channel Asia decided to put the show off air at the middle of its second season on March 2009. I was glad that QTV picked up the show (I didn't knew that MBC was going to be aired on Q until a friend of mine, not actually an MBC fan but he knew that I am an MBC fan, told me that MBC was being shown on Q every weekdays at 4:30 PM. I just don't like the Filipino voices of the characters (maybe because I got used to hearing the English voices). I just felt happy that Q aired Monster Buster Club episodes in order and I think they are going to finish the series. QTV aired 45 episodes out of the total 52 episodes (as of November 13, 2010).