Batibot Will Be Back!

One of the reasons why I'm so happy on TV5 is that according to this Pep.ph website here, TV5 will pick up the Philippines's oldest popular children's show Batibot. For people who grew up in 80's up to 90's will also glad about this. For those who want to know about the show, you can look my blog entry here which I posted last year.

I'm sure nobody will forget the memorable chacaters in Batibot like Pong Pagong, Kiko Matsing and the storyteller Kuya Bodgie. I also hope that original puppet chacters and the original song will return :)

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80's Pinas said...

hi! I am so happy to see that you made a blog entry about my fave show Batibot. I also maintain a blog of my own and if you have time, check it out if you will. It is dedicated to everything Filipino, especially pinoy movies, tv commercials and tv programs. Hope you'll enjoy browsing the entries just like I do when I read yours. =))