...and The Gang Jumps to University

Did you watch the last episode where the wacky student friends from Lokomoko High went to vacation after their graduation in high school? Yes, it really means they are going to university and enroll Lokomoko University. The title of the show will be call Lokomoko U. According to this Pep.ph website here, TV5 (the station where the original Lokomoko and Lokomoko High aired) announced that they will soon present their new entertainment - oriented shows including Lokomoko U. Not to worry, the original cast of Lokomoko High like Alex Gonzaga, Empoy Marquez, JC De Vera, Valerie Montenegro, their classmates and the teachers will return with their funny gags and jokes that make sure we will laugh of.

Hope they don't add too much toilet humor....

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masterpiece said...

>_< . . e di masaya, sana madagdagan sila..