Manga Beginners: How to Read Manga

Manga is known as comics in Japan and is still popular as ever for many audiences. It is also a reference for producing many anime shows. If you have a manga already and new to them, there are few steps how to read in a proper way.

Sample manga page from one-nmanga.blogspot.com

1.) Start at the back page of the manga.
- many manga titles advise us to read the manga starting at the back first. I've seen the warning of a volume of Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge that's something like this: "Warning, the manga is read from right to left!".

2.) In Western comics (especially our own version komiks in the Philippines), the comics read from left to right. But in Japanese manga, it reads from right to left. Speech bubbles and sound effects of manga also read from right to left.

3.) Repeat the process in the panel to the immediate left

4.) After the final panel, turn the next page and start from the next first right panel.

- There are manga titles that are read from left to right especially if they are doujinshi (fan-made comics in anime style).

- Footnotes can be quite confusing, but don't worry they help you to know the Japanese definition mentioned in few pages.

Now, you can enjoy reading manga in these few simple steps. You can also read manga from the internet. So, happy reading!