Yatterman Remake

Just after TV5's Masked Rider Hibiki ended, another new anime replaced called Yatterman. Suprisingly, when I search about this anime it was indeed a remake of the original Yatterman which was created in year 1977 up to 1979 by Tatsunoko Productions. Before the 2008 remake, the 1970's Yatterman was the 2nd longest show created by Tatsunoko Productions after Time Bokan. It was also the part of Time Bokan series.

Up: (from left to right) Gan-chan and Ai-chan .Down: Yatta-wan the Robot Dog, Dice and the Yatterman

Yatterman 2008 remake

Yatterman tells about the two young mechanic heroes who are trying to stop the Dorombo Gang from searching their boss' Dokuro Stones which it has an ability to grant wishes whoever gets it.From the original series, Gan-chan and Ai-chan transforms into Yatterman with the help of their mechanic robot dog named Yatter-Wan and travel diffrent parts of the world in order to search the Dokuro Stones. But everything is not on their direct way if there are Dorondo Gang, lead by Queen Doronjo and her wacky troublesome henchmen Boyacki and Tonzra trying to stop the heroes and get what they wanted. In the end, the Yatterman always win the battle and found the stones.

Since am I talking about the remake, Yatterman was created in year 2008 with it's new changes but still the original character design are still there. One of the changes about the anime is that instead of Dokuro Stones, both teams are searching Dokurobei Rings that is scattered all around the world. Gan-chan is also given a personality for him as a slacker and not quite serious unlike his friend Ai-chan.

In the first episode, a genius but slacker mechanic Gan-chan tries to repair his old Yatter-Wan which is meant as a promised gift from her friend Ai-chan. In return, when the Dorondo Gang appeared to create trouble, Ai-chan displays her appeal in order to convince Yatter-Wan to awake from his sleep. The rest of the episode plots got the similar format - the Dorondo Gang creates a scam to earn money, summoned by their boss Dokurobei and tell where to get the next Dokurobei Ring; the Yatterman found about the plot and call their Yatter-Wan to follow the evil gang, Ai-chan feeds Yatter-Wan with "Mechatonic" which helps summon mini-mechas. At the last scene, the Dorondo Gang flew away from the explosion of their mechas (like the ones in Pokemon's Team Rocket) and being punished by Dokurobei.

Hmm, does this remind me of a Super Sentai show especially the original Yatterman was created during the time Himitsu Sentai Goranger was produced?

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