Dalawang Bayani Illustration

Brought to you by the publishers of Adarna House, a Filipino history and children's book entitled Dalawang Bayani ng Bansa ("Two Heroes of the Country") features the stories of Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio's life, side-by side. Every page shows the different illustrations about them. It also have both Filipino and English translation as well.

I saw Dalawang Bayani book in Expressions in Cainta Branch last December. Too bad I didn't bought them up but looking few pages especially illustrations truly remarkable. The illustrations of the children's book created by Joel Chua, while the writer by Rene Villanueva.

For more details of the painting click here.

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Dalawang Bayani wallpaper / illustration © Joel Chua and Adarna House.

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Thanks for featuring 2Bayani on your blog!

Btw... Merry Christmas!