Transportmers: Pinoy Transformers


I first laughed then amazed when I saw these robot characters in the Internet. Sure, they're look like Transformers in the 2007 movie version but what amuses me is that they're the Pinoy version which they are called Transportmers. While we're waiting for the upcoming Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen in June this year, let's us see what's behind these cool robots.

So, how these Transportmers guys appeared on the Internet? It all began during the appearance of the 2007 movie of Transformers, the creator konserns (a college student in the Philippines) came out the idea creating the spoof of Transformers movie characters based on the vehicles in the Philippines called Transportmers. Soon, konsern's Transportmer characters posted in his DeviantArt account and became wildly popular among Transformer fans especially Filipinos who have DA accounts. Unfortunately, Transportmers was flagged from copyright infringement and konserns' creations suddenly deleted but the account still active. Few moments later, even though konserns' Transportmers were gone on DeviantArt, many blogs and websites from the Philippines (including mine) posted images of Transportmers from receiving their friend's e-mail messages and spread to another e-mail. And thus, the Transportmers became an Internet meme for Filipinos and still popular. Konserns, meanwhile, post a journal entry in his DA account announcing that he will no longer make any spoofs of Transformers or parodies in other movies. He leave his account around late 2007 after posting his first and last journal entry.

Auto-Toda and Decepti-Toda.

In the Transportmers world, they're basically the parody/spoof of Transformers 2007 movie version and they're modeled after vehicles that can be found in the Philippines. Like in Transformers, Transportmers have two sides battling each other for the universe - the Auto-Toda and Dicepti-Toda. Auto-Toda (based on Autobots) are, well we know they're good guys while Dicepti-Toda (based on Dicepticons) are the evil guys.

Let's introduce these guys from Transportmers universe. I admit konserns' creations are fantastically great and very artistic. Let's clap hands for his creation....okay, that's enough.

The Auto-Toda Association

If you look closely to the utility jeepney, there's a signboard in front "U.P. IKOT" which the jeepney drives around the campus. My guess is that konserns went or studied in University of the Philippines.

I wouldn't be surprised that Miriam College was mentioned.

The Dicepti-Toda Association

There's no more. After Transportmers creations disappeared in DeviantArt, there are few (or many) Transformers spoofs similar to Transportmers. This another user's blog entry here showed some few another creations but not from the original Transportmers. If it wasn't enough,there's a Youtube video about a jeepney actually transformed in camera motion. You can view that video here.Whatever intention why Transportmers made, well at least Filipinos have artistic sides too.


konserns said...

Konserns here. Thanks for the article. Quite flattered actually. Btw, technically, I did not leave DA, as my account there is still active. I'm just not updating my gallery there anymore. And i have transferred the hi-res Transportmers to my multiply account. http://konserns.multiply.com

And yes, I did go to UP. Diliman to be exact. And just curious, why did you say you weren't surprise that Miriam College was mentioned? :)

sketchpride said...

I noticed on a picture of Sembreaker before looking it closely. Reminds me of visiting Miriam College once before.

Thank you for the visit and the link. :)