Anime Reruns: The Good and the Bad Side

Being a kid, teen or adult Filipino most of us like to turn on our TV's to check out good programs. Also, most of us are aware that we also like watching anime these days. We know that we watch and like anime so much. Many networks promotes many anime shows every week in free-TV's or 24/7 in cables. Some (or mostly) of us remember the story and the title of that anime until we get sick of it every time goes back on TV. That's a problem in networks these days....reruns of anime in the Philippines. Before you get a negative reaction after you read this, first we'll have to understand behind "Why most networks replay the anime shows they air before?".

If your a teenager or an adult, think of it, do you remember the anime shows aired in that station? Do you know/what the title, characters or plot on that show? Do you want them to return back on TV? If you say yes, you definitely understood the reminiscence in your childhood - classic anime shows that needs to come back on TV stations. But sometimes, some anime shows we think of tend us to get sick or grudge hoping they will never air again. You're not the only one who tends to believe that way, in fact many Filipino people do or even Filipino anime fans known as "otakus".

I'm not much being an "otaku" as myself, but I see the way of how they re-air or appear on television either by local or cable networks. I notice some of the popular local networks like GMA 7 and ABS-CBN 2 got a habit of returning of old anime shows they air before since few years ago. As I got the internet, I found out the buzz that ABS-CBN and GMA had planned to release new anime shows. In reality, as time goes on ABS-CBN and GMA tend to delay releasing new shows and instead put spaces for the foreign and live-action programs. But they at least air new shows but unfortunately they only ran in short episodes. Many Filipino people especially youth tend to get frustrated for those two big stations especially they compete for the higher ratings.

Many said especially in news that competition of two large networks is the reason. According to this user's blog here, ABS-CBN accused GMA 7 for cheating in higher ratings to AGB Nielsen Ratings and while GMA 7 accuse ABS-CBN vice versa (sigh). Sure it all happened around 2007 but the two station's ratings is the main problem. Of course, when it comes to competition we almost get sick of them and deciding to quit watching their programs. Thanks to the internet, I never watch too much shows from ABS-CBN or GMA because I'm too busy to work. But not at all people who tend to do that as much as I did, many of us still have an interest watching their programs to see and hear the latest scoop.

Anyway, back to the anime topic. We know that both stations have a habit of reruns of old anime shows but ever wonder why they always do that? No, it's not because the higher ratings but sometimes yes. In fact, many adults especially middle-age isn't familiar into anime. Ever wonder when you're a kid or teen before and your parent saw you watching anime, he or she'll tell you like "Nanonood ka nanaman ng cartoons?" or "Puro cartoons!" or even change the channel without knowing it. It's kinda disappointing but it hurts too. I guess it's on the time gap - adults tend to watch shows that fits for them rather than shows for young audience but that's normal.
When we were in childhood, we're fascinated to the anime shows that are popular because of their great characters, plot and scenes but as time goes on they were gone on TV's. Sometimes, we suffer nostalgia a bit and then if there's a chance your favorite show returned on TV screen.

But what if your favorite anime show turns out to be a bore because it replays more than two times? I guess you're feeling like your listening to your favorite music all and all over again but suddenly you get bored because you knew the lyrics. That's the problem in many stations when it comes to schedules. I have seen anime shows which mostly replays many times. Here's the verdict:

One of the anime shows I knew that re-airs most is that Dragon Ball Z. Who could forget the adventures that Son Goku made together with his allies and also defeating enemies from faraway planets? Almost, most of us knows that show even for middle-aged adults. Dragon Ball Z was first aired on RPN9 back in the late 90's in English-dub and became popular among Pinoys. When it moved to GMA back around 1999 or 2000, it turned out to be in Tagalog-dub. It was usually aired every weekend afternoons then around 2008, aired in weekend afternoons. Yeah right, we tend to knew the characters and the story because GMA responsible for replays until we get bored. Some instances that DBZ reached in short episodes which make us think "Bitin!" (remember the Cell-saga?). Thank goodness it went gone this year.

Anybody knows Eugene, Alfred, Dennis, Vincent and other characters in Ghost Fighter series? If you remember the plot then you really knew it. Ghost Fighter was first aired in the Philippines around mid-90's in IBC13 in Tagalog-dub. Then, thanks to GMA Ghost Fighter was borrowed from IBC13 and made reruns every weekday evenings or afternoons. Not much replayed but the last time Ghost Fighter aired was January 2009.

Flame of Recca seem to have a similar battling competition scenes as Ghost Fighter except when it comes to ghost. It all about ninjas and good and evil. Flame of Recca first aired on GMA around 2000 in weekday afternoons.

Slamdunk seem makes you think you rather not to watch that show because you knew it before. It was first aired in ABC 5 (now TV5) every weekdays around 90's then took by GMA Network around early 2000. It tells about the adventures of Hanamichi Sakuragi and his basketball career. At first and second season, Sakuragi usually misunderstood the rules of the game until later on he was accepted with Team Shohoku as tough team member and later steepped-up to win Haruko's heart.

Daimos and Voltes V were popular among Filipino kids back in 1975. The two titles were both part as "Robot Romance Trilogy" in mid-70's. Who could forget the giant robots battling enemies that are giant too while battling in a wide field faraway from the city? Both robot titles were aired in IBC13, NBN 4, RPN 9 and GMA 7 which dubbed in Tagalog and Cebuano. Merchandises were famed to many people. Thou, as of this time I put them on a list of re-aired anime shows, but thanks to their popularity, many Filipino people still like those characters.

Naruto and it's continuing sequel Naruto Shipuuden both aired in ABS-CBN since 2004. They're also one of the greatest anime ans manga this time and considered favorites among anime fans and otakus. In the Philippines, Naruto is really exciting show but unfortunately it ran in short episodes and disappears. Later on, it reappears again for new season and episodes....then disappears and reappears again (whew). Same does the Naruto Shipuuden ep's. As of now, the season 2 of Naruto and replays of Naruto Shipuuden still ongoing.

The popular video game turned out to be an anime. Pokemon first aired in the Philippines around 1999 in English-dub until around 2001 which covers Ash Ketchum together with his friends in whole Kanto region. The in 2007, Pokemon turned in Tagalog-dub with new episodes.Even if there's currently Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl series, how come GMA is too slow for airing new episodes especially fans are waiting for airing Advanced Generation saga?

....and more anime series that I can't remember.

See? Have you wonder these titles can be actually familiar to you. Some instances they just pop-up then disappears, then return. This anime reruns tradition still continues today in both ABS-CBN and GMA. As a viewer like me and you, we would rather suggest these major networks to air new anime shows and release new episodes instead of re-airing old anime shows the aired many times (Why not even try to re-air shows that rarely appear like Lupin III, Mojacko,Trigun or Hunter x Hunter?). Let's hope both stations realize their needs of their viewers attention especially when it comes to anime. If you can't help being annoyed to reruns, why not try to watch anime shows from TV5. Many people especially fans, TV5 become a top-notch show when it comes to anime because of new anime shows and they also release classic anime that longer never air until this time.

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