Upcoming Anime Shows

Rumors that these two new and upcoming anime shows will air on Philippine TV this or next year. Ladies and gentlemen, here are the upcoming shows that will soon (or not?) air in the Philippines.

Death Note

This series centers a young high school student named Light Yagami (or "L" as his nickname) who accidentally discovers a supernatural notebook known as "Death Note"dropped on Earth by Ryuk. L is able to use the "Death Note" in order to kill anyone by writing the victim's name. The story follows L's attempt to create and rule the new world where no evil can enter with the help of the notebook, and also complications between himself and his opponents.

This anime was discussed by many Pinoy forums hoping that this anime will air in the Philippines someday. Many said that Death Note will air on GMA Network in the late quarter this year or next year.But sometimes, I doubt Death Note will air on the Philippines because of it's content are more blood-gruesome and murderous than Bleach (aired last year on GMA) which will ended up being censored. Another possibility is because the schedules of airing anime shows in afternoon needs to be fit to the GMA weekday afternoon shows....or in weekday morning schedules. But whatever statements that some Filipino people (and fans) who want to watch Death Note, at least someday hope this will air on the Philippines. If not, better screw up with fan-subbed Death Note episodes instead.

Jang Geum's Dream

After the success of the Koreanovela series Jewel in the Palace (or Jang Geum the Great), a Korean animation made dedicated to the historical drama. This animated series is a spin-off which tells about a young Jang Geum who dreams to becoming the palace cook. This series is intended to the younger viewers which the story doesn't include tragedies, corruption or murder. But with a mix of light comedy and good-moral delight (including some Korean dishes,mmm!), this show will generally appeal to the Filipino audiences just like they saw Jewel In The Palace again. Jang Geum's Dream will air on GMA Network this or next year.

Not sure when these two shows will air but just one thing- they're cool to watch.

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