An Old Pokemon Commercial From The Philippines

And also another here.
Ladies and gent's, I present to you this old but cool Pokemon commercial found in Youtube.
Actually, this is one of the old commercial archieves appeared on GMA 7 back in the year 2000 as a part of "We Are Anime" series. This commercial was the first time promote Pokemon in the Philippines (Yay!). The first appearance of this show in our local TV used English-dubbed until it's cancellation around 2001,but then returned around 2007 which now uses Tagalog-dubbed version we've seen today. At least I'd say, I first met Pokemon series by it's own anime version and this commercial before buying it's video games and TCG's. Then, I really miss the evening schedule for showing anime shows on GMA. I even think GMA Telebabad shows should fix it's schedule and replace old anime shows instead.

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